Robin Christian-McNair

Experienced acting instructor Robin Christian-McNair knows that the stories being told, casting, characters are all becoming more diverse in modern theater, television and film. Her teaching embraces diversity, acknowledges the students' accent and background and then begins to expand the flexibility of their accent. All the while, she stresses the importance of allowing freedom of breath, body and self expression.

My interest lies in training actors in intelligible eloquence. Actors that speak from their heart and honor their cultural heritage and the cultural heritage of their play and character.

Robin Christian-McNair

Career Highlights

  • Taught in the Actors Studio M.F.A. program and trained many actors that have gone on to have successful careers
  • Chair of Voice and Speech program at Herbert Bergof Studio
  • Assistant Professor at Purchase College Conservatory in the B.F.A. Acting Training Program
  • Assistant Professor in the Tepper Program at Syracuse University, New York City
  • Linklater Designation, Joy of Phonetics Certification, Feldenkrais Certification
  • Ongoing private coaching of NY and LA actors


  • Actors Equity
  • Screen Actors Guild


M.F.A. ActingRutgers University