Stefanie Hamlet

Stefanie Hamlet is a beloved and seasoned educator and administrator boasting an illustrious career spanning over 23 years within the North Carolina Public School system. With 13 years dedicated to Davie County and an additional decade to Forsyth County, Stefanie has exemplified excellence in both teaching and leadership roles. Twice honored as Teaching Assistant of the Year, her accolades underscore her unwavering commitment to educational excellence.

A native of North Carolina, Stefanie Hamlet's roots run deep within the cultural fabric of the state, instilling in her a profound passion for the local heritage. This fervor extends into her role as an invaluable guide within the UNCSA Community, where her wealth of experience serves as a compass for both students and staff. Through her academic journey, Stefanie embodies a commitment to fostering not only educational prowess but also a deep appreciation for the cultural nuances that shape the local community.

In a testament to her genuine investment in the student experience, Stefanie's presence extends beyond the Connector Building. Attending nearly all performances, she not only supports her students' artistic endeavors but also actively participates in the celebration of their achievements. This commitment is not limited to the present; Stefanie remains engaged with alumni, maintaining a lasting connection that transcends the confines of the academic calendar.
Stefanie Hamlet's joy lies in witnessing the transformative journey of her students. She takes immense pride in observing their artistic excellence flourish throughout their high school careers, cherishing the moments of success and growth. Her teaching style goes beyond imparting knowledge; it is a holistic approach that values the individual, appreciates their achievements, and nurtures a lifelong connection with the arts and each student's unique journey.


Awards, Recognitions and Honors

  • Two-Time Winner of the Teaching Assistant of the Year - Davie County Public School System