Tyson Morrow

Tyson Morrow has taught guitar extensively using methods from his education at the Boston’s famous Berklee College of Music, where he earned a B.A. in Composition in 1992. Prior teaching experience includes 11 years at the Meridian School of Music in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tyson’s performance credentials span a wide variety of styles including Top 40 Country, Pop, R&B, Progressive Folk/Bluegrass and performances with the Winston-Salem Symphony. He currently performs with several groups in the Piedmont area, and has used his composition background to pen guitar parts for the musicals “Eating Raoul” and Steven Soundheim’s “Assassins” with the Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance. 

My teaching style balances music fundamentals with the interests of individual students to create a comprehensive and engaging lesson experience.


B.A.Berklee College of Music