Wyatt Gibson

Wyatt Gibson has been playing music for nearly 20 years. Gibson's passion has always been in the arts and music has been their outlet to demonstrate that. Gibson have a bachelors from Western Carolina University, where they studied many skills including french horn, teaching, music technology and audio production. They are currently pursuing a masters in french horn performance, and look to continue their study for a doctorate degree as well. While Gibson enjoys playing, they see themselves as a teacher at heart, and will continue to mentor students for the rest of their life.

Over the course of their career, they have studied violin, saxophone, piano, guitar and french horn. Gibson's passion has been in the french horn, though they feel it is important to understand the needs of every instrument in an ensemble. Along with playing instruments, they have been a teacher and a mentor throughout their life. Whether as an Eagle Scout, as a section leader, as a course tutor, or as a school music teacher, Gibson has always found ways to help others learn. As a teacher, their focus is on fundamentals. Gibson believes that if the fundamentals are solid, anyone can play anything.


B.M.Western Carolina University