Faculty Leadership Grants

The Kenan Institute for the Arts awards Faculty Leadership Grants to provide UNCSA faculty an opportunity to develop and implement innovative ideas that advance creative learning on campus and beyond. The Institute seeks proposals that:

  • Have support from the faculty's Dean
  • Explore new approaches to creative learning challenges
  • Impact student learning outcomes by bringing learning back to classroom teaching
  • Foster the capacity of faculty to lead
  • Engage diverse stakeholders on campus and beyond
  • Produce ideas, analysis, strategies and/or initiatives or curricular innovations for further study or implementation
  • Align with the Kenan Institute’s strategic directions in Artist Leadership, Arts and Society and/or Career Pathways.

Apply Now

Application Process

Step 1

Meet with your Dean to ensure he or she supports your proposal.

Step 2 Meet with Kenan Institute staff to review proposal idea.
Step 3 Prepare online application and budget.
Step 4 Applications will be reviewed by a Grant Review Committee and may be returned for further edits.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are applications accepted? 

Applications accepted twice a year: October 1 and February 1.

How much can I apply for? 

Grant awards range from $300 -$5000.

Do you require a match for this grant? 

No matching funds are necessary.

Are there any funding restrictions? 

Individuals may only receive funding once per academic year.

When will I be notified whether my grant has been funded?

Notification takes place within 30 days after the deadline 

If my grant is approved, when will I receive funding? 

Generally, funding is available within 30 days of approval of grants. 

What can NOT be funded by a Faculty Leadership Grant? 

Faculty Leadership Grants cannot be used for operational expenses of UNCSA or other institutions and partners; expenses that are normally funded through state or federal appropriations; or scholarship support for students



For more information, contact Susan Brittain at brittains@uncsa.edu or 336-770-1441.


Before filling out the following application, you must meet with the Dean of your School and the Kenan Institute staff. 

All fields with asterisks (*) must be filled out, and all fields on the first page must be completed before you can continue. 

Project Narrative

The Project Narrative must include the following elements (click each heading for details): 

Executive Summary

No more than 100 words that concisely explains the purpose of your proposed project and its significance to UNCSA, a department and/or an organization.

Kenan Institute Priorities

How does your project align with the Kenan Institute’s mission and at least one of its programmatic themes?


Clearly state the goals, planned activities and timeline for implementation of the proposed project, including any academic rationale.


Leverage refers to finding ways to make actions create bigger results. Your project may be able to leverage assets including money, knowledge, networks, partnerships and influence.

List 2-3 examples of the leverage produced by this project and its estimated value.

Example:  Partnering with Cirque Du Soleil produces increased opportunities for students to gain employment there and provides them with specialized knowledge or skills. The estimated value of full employment is $XX,XXX per student and the value of gaining the special skill is $XXXX.

In-Kind/ Direct Support

What in-kind and direct support will you use for this project? 

  • In-Kind support might include the pro-rata cost of the Project Director’s time, faculty release time, office or rehearsal space, production costs, volunteer hours, administrative support, any overhead including printing, postage, equipment, supplies, etc. paid for by University funds. 
  • Direct support includes project-specific costs or fees, donations or grants received,  ticket income, promoted equipment, etc.


In the Project Budget, you must show at least 1:1 combined LEVERAGE support.

Please note that Kenan Funds do not support the following costs of any project: 

  • On-going operational expenses of UNCSA or other institutions and partners
  • Expenses that are normally funded through state or federal appropriations
  • Student scholarship support

Download the budget template below, complete, and upload below.