Bassoon Studio

Bassoon Studio

The bassoon studio at UNCSA has a long, rich history. Its alumni occupy positions throughout the United States and abroad as performers, educators, studio players, arts administrators and more. Located in the beautiful Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina, the conservatory atmosphere of UNCSA allows for a program of study that is intensive yet intimate, tailored for the goals of each individual, and perfect for the aspiring performer.

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Saxton Rose

Guest Artists
2016-17 Guest Artists Recent Guest Artists at UNCSA
  • The Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet
  • Marion Reinhard
  • The New York Woodwind Quintet
  • Z├ęphyros Winds
  • William Ludwig
  • Kristin Wolfe Jensen
  • John Miller
  • Peter Kolkay
  • Leonardo Dean
  • Keith Sweger
  • Jefferson Campbell
  • Charles McCracken
  • Lecolion Washington
  • Lynn Hileman
  • Christin Schillinger
  • Rachael Elliott