UNCSA High School Student Government

High School Student Government

The UNCSA High School Student Government (S.G.) is a high school student led organization that benefits the UNCSA High School Student Body. We communicating between the students, faculty, staff, and administration on campus in order to create a supportive, professional, educational, and social environment.

Geer Gage

Greer Gage
High School Student Body President

Hello, my name is Greer Gage and I will be your Student Body President for this upcoming school year. This year one of my biggest goals for UNCSA is to become much more involved with our community and to reach out more to the local elementary schools to educate them in our respective art forms. I plan to bring much more recognition to the High School program and form a stronger voice on campus and throughout our Winston-Salem community. On that note though, our job as Student Government is to listen to your concerns, ideas, and thoughts about improvements throughout the campus to better your experience here at UNCSA.

Johanna Di Norcia

Johanna Di Norcia
High School Student Body Vice-President

As the Vice President of your High School Student Government, I will work to make certain every high schooler’s voice is heard. To do this, I need to be able to hear your opinions, ideas, and concerns about any aspect of UNCSA. Feel free to contact me so Student Government can make the campus experience better!
Student Government Officers