UNCSA alumnus and composer Tyson Davis returns to share his artistic evolution

Composer Tyson Gholston Davis (H.S. Music, '19) has forged a path that is uniquely his own. Fueled by a profound love for music, his journey has taken him across the globe, opening doors to unimaginable opportunities.

Currently, entering graduate school at the revered Juilliard School, Davis has embraced the challenge of composition since the early age of eleven. Recognizing his exceptional talent, he embarked on an accelerated path, entering the UNCSA School of Music as a high school freshman. 

From those early beginnings, Davis's compositions have transcended boundaries, captivating audiences worldwide and earning the attention of esteemed ensembles. His music has found a home in the repertoire of renowned groups such as the Albany Symphony, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, New York New Music Ensemble, Metropolis Ensemble and the American Embassy in Berlin.

Despite his remarkable success, Davis remains grounded and deeply connected to his roots. His unwavering passion for music led him back to UNCSA, where he now shares his invaluable insights into his creative process, the evolution of his career and the profound impact UNCSA has had on shaping his musical journey.

July 26, 2023