Relive the magic: Celebrating nearly 60 years of “The Nutcracker” at UNCSA

Since its debut in 1966, the UNCSA production of “The Nutcracker” has been a beloved and time-honored tradition. In the almost 60 years since its first performance, the ballet has grown from being pieced together with Halloween costumes, borrowed furniture and rented sets into a state-of-the-art production in which thousands of students have danced.

The ingredients required for such a production are immense – over 177 handmade costumes; 2,000 feet of lumber; 9,000 linear feet of aluminum and steel; 5,000 yards of fabric, 80 pounds of dry ice; $7,000 worth of pointe shoes. Less quantifiable is the dedication and passion that UNCSA students, faculty and staff, volunteers, and guest artists have brought to “The Nutcracker” over the years, transforming raw materials into the magical ballet that has captivated audiences across the Triad.

In the almost 60 years of its production, “The Nutcracker” has seen many phases and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It’s grown, moved venues, toured, was a film, and is now being performed for the first time ever at the Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts.

Celebrate the history of "The Nutcracker" at UNCSA in the timeline below.

November 21, 2023