Update on incident at UNC Pembroke

UNC Pembroke signGood morning UNCSA community,

As you may know, UNC Pembroke dealt with an unfortunate incident involving one of their current students and at least one former student. The incident transpired at an off-campus location during a social gathering that UNC Pembroke students opted to attend.

At the off-campus event, a disturbance erupted that involved at least one firearm. Subsequently, the UNC Pembroke student was injured when shots were fired. Thankfully, the student has been treated for what appear to be non-life-threatening injuries. Still, regrettably, there was one confirmed fatality at the scene.

UNCSA and the Department of Police and Public Safety prioritize the well-being and safety of all students, faculty and staff. We desire to continue the excellent partnership we have established here at UNCSA to reinforce our support of this community. The UNCSA campus should be a place of solace for all students, faculty, and staff.

While we sympathize with our sister institution during this time of healing and re-evaluation, let’s also take a moment to remind ourselves to remain vigilant and use our best judgment when attending external functions. Most importantly, take care of one another and always have each other’s back.

I have spoken with UNC Pembroke Interim Chief Major George Earl Johnson and offered any law enforcement support he may need in the coming days. Chief Johnson indicates he and the UNC Pembroke community appear to be moving in a positive trajectory after this tragic event.

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March 4, 2024