Newly adopted state budget has funds for UNCSA

Dear Campus Community,

For the first time in over two years, the state of North Carolina has a new budget. The implications of that for UNCSA are many. We are most pleased that this new budget means our employees can expect salary increases and bonuses, and our university will receive funds for critical repairs and renovations, building reserves for operations, and our No. 1 capital project, the Stevens Center, plus funds for enrollment growth and a new scholarship for in-state high school graduates.

I am delighted that the state legislature and the governor have worked collaboratively to ensure that our hardworking state employees are recognized, and that our state’s university system — which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year — remains one of the finest in the nation.

Highlights of the biennial budget are below.


  • State employees — including UNCSA faculty and staff, both SHRA and EHRA — will receive 5% raises over two years, with 2.5% raises each year. The 2.5% increase for the current fiscal year will be retroactive to July 1, 2021, and will most likely be in your January paycheck.
  • Full-time state employees will also receive a $1,000 bonus, with an additional $500 going to employees with an annual salary of less than $75,000 and law enforcement officers. The bonus will most likely be in your January paycheck.
  • Additionally, the budget provides $10 million to the UNC System faculty recruitment and retention fund over the next two years. 


  • The state budget provides funds to the UNC Board of Governors to fully fund enrollment growth at UNC schools. Despite the pandemic, enrollment at UNCSA grew from 1,348 students in fall 2020 to an all-time high of 1,371 students in fall 2021. The enrollment growth model recognizes program costs and degree level differences to allocate funding for enrollment changes. 


  • The budget will establish a four-year tuition scholarship for in-state students graduating from UNCSA who enroll full time at a constituent UNC institution, beginning with the Class of 2021. UNCSA high school grads could attend college at UNCSA (or any other UNC System university) tuition-free.
  • The state budget will cover the costs of AP exams for UNCSA high school students, as it does for all other public N.C. high school students currently.
  • UNCSA will receive an additional $364,253 of nonrecurring funds this year for the High School Academic Program for COVID-19 expenses.  


  • The current budget allocates $25 million for the first phase of the Stevens Center renovation project, as well as $4.8 million for repairs to the roof and water damage in the balcony. Phase 1 of the Stevens Center project will include establishing the final scope of work and the budget, as well as design development and the beginning of the multiyear renovation process. We’re thrilled that state legislative leaders and Gov. Cooper share our vision for the historic Stevens Center, which serves as our largest learning laboratory, an economic driver for downtown Winston-Salem and a cultural destination for both residents and visitors. The Stevens Center remains our top capital priority, and we are grateful for the support of our Forsyth County delegation who recognize the importance and potential for the landmark property. We expect the state funding will be received over multiple years and we’re hopeful for the continued support of the legislature and the community as this important project moves forward.
  • An additional $10.1 million in one-time repair and renovation funding (to be awarded over multiple years) to support numerous projects including:
    • Gray Building: roof, HVAC, fire suppression, $3.4 million; new electrical service, main, $256,000; remove boilers, $123,000.
    • Alex Ewing Performance Place/Workplace/Workplace West V: roof replacements, $2.4 million.
    • Administration Building/Aquarius Building/Facilities Management/Design & Production/Storage/Workplace West V/de Mille: install exit/egress lighting, $115,000.
    • Workplace: renovate Drama studios, $448,000, and administrative offices, $323,000.
    • Design & Production: renovate administrative/faculty offices, $162,000; mechanical system retro-commissioning, $134,000.
    • Moore & Sanford: common area-drainage and landscape improvements, $397,000.
    • Hanes Student Commons: motor control center, $150,000; upgrade air distribution & controls, $93,000; partial interior renovation, $75,000.
    • Film School, Buildings 1 and 2: repair and replace windows, $202,000; Film Archives: A/C & controls, $485,000; Film Building 3: theater dimmers, $232,000; paint rooftop components, $81,000.
    • Performance Place/Film Building 2: provide heating/cooling to control booth and Foley booth, $87,000.
    • Facilities Management: install shop exhaust & heating system, $95,000; resurface drives/vehicle staging, $75,000.
    • Police Building: modifications to heating/ventilation/AC system, $101,000. 

These funds are indicative of the statewide support for UNCSA and the work achieved by our students, faculty and staff, and they will help us to make great progress in the years to come. I know all of you join with me in thanking our elected officials, the UNC Board of Governors, and the UNC System leadership in recognizing our university’s important contribution to the culture and economy of North Carolina.


Brian Cole 

November 19, 2021