UNCSA Forward: Results of Survey about Proposed Strategic Plan

Dear UNCSA Community,

In addition to the important work of educating and training our talented students that is taking place every day at UNCSA, we’ve also been planning the course for our institution’s future and the initiatives that will need to occur to accomplish our goals.

Toward that effort, on Oct. 1 we shared a draft of a new five-year strategic plan that we have been working on over the past 10 months, which is entitled: UNCSA Forward. Dozens of people across campus, including academic and staff leaders, workshopped this plan and created the draft that was shared. Also on that date, I promised to communicate about the plan through a series of campus messages around each of the proposed core strategies.

Over the course of this semester we have been in the most important phase of the project, which is engaging the stakeholders of our community, including meetings with faculty, staff and students. On Oct. 18, we sent an online survey to solicit anonymous feedback and ideas from all stakeholder groups in the UNCSA community, asking everyone to provide input on where they feel UNCSA should be in the next five years and how best to get there. Today, I’d like to share those results.

Over the past few weeks, we decided to allow for more time for the UNCSA Leadership Council to process and incorporate the feedback and ideas. The final plan will now be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval at its March meeting. From the feedback we received this semester, the set of proposed actions may be revised, some might be added, and others may be eliminated. 

I look forward to bringing you more information about UNCSA Forward in coming months.

Best Regards,

Brian Cole 

December 9, 2021