Salary increases; $1 million for high school

Dear UNCSA Employees,

As you may have seen in the news, the North Carolina General Assembly recently met to discuss revisions to the current state budget to consider the $6 billion surplus. The new budget was signed into law this week.

There is some good news in the budget for UNCSA employees. The legislature has increased this fiscal year’s raise for state employees to 3.5% (from the previously announced 2.5%). Together, the 2.5% increase awarded last fiscal year and this increase bring the total raises to 6% over 2 years. I hope our state legislature will continue to prioritize annual compensation benefits like this in the future.

Please note: All UNC schools are awaiting formal instructions from the Office of State Human Resources and the Office of State Budget and Management to implement this salary increase. We anticipate that the salary increases will be processed in August and retroactive to July 1. More information will be shared as it's confirmed.

In other good news for UNCSA, the legislature has granted our request for a $1 million recurring allocation for our high school.

These substantial recurring funds will help fill a gap in what is required to provide free high school tuition for in-state students. With this funding, we will be able to strengthen student support staff and resources and increase high school faculty salaries to retain existing talent and stay competitive in today’s job market. 

We are gratified by the continued support of UNCSA at the state level, which is a testament to the fine work achieved by our students, faculty and staff. I know all of you will join me in thanking our elected officials, the UNC Board of Governors, and the UNC System leadership in recognizing our university’s significant contribution to the culture and economy of North Carolina.


Brian Cole 

July 14, 2022