Updates from the UNC Board of Governors

Dear UNCSA Community, 

Yesterday I returned from the monthly meeting of the UNC Board of Governors in Chapel Hill. Much of the important work of the UNC System takes place at these meetings. And each month, policies impacting all UNC System campuses are decided. As chancellor, I then communicate these decisions to our campus through my reports to Faculty and Staff councils, as well as to our Board of Trustees. It is my goal to share this information consistently and thoroughly with all of you to keep everyone engaged and up to speed.  

To communicate the various important UNC System initiatives and decisions going forward, I will send a campus update following each Board of Governors meeting. Materials from each meeting are published on the web and the meetings are livestreamed and archived on PBS North Carolina.

In these monthly updates, I will highlight specific items that I feel will be of particular interest and importance to the UNCSA community and give you quick access to further information. It is my hope that these updates will help create more understanding of the work going on at the UNC System, and its impact on our institution. 


Brian Cole 

General meeting of the UNC Board of Governors 

Sept. 22, 2022 - full agenda and meeting materials 

Budget and Finance Committee 

Sept. 21, 2022 – full agenda and meeting materials 

  • Performance-based funding model for UNC institutions. On April 7, the Board of Governors approved a new funding model for UNC institutions that moves away from enrollment growth and focuses on performance and student success metrics. The report from this meeting details the metrics for the performance-weighted system. It is important to note that this new formula does not yet apply to UNCSA due to our special institutional classification.  (See pg. 9) 
  • 2023-24 Campus Tuition and Fees Instructions. The Board of Governors approved this year’s guidance for the consideration of tuition and fee increases. It mandates that there be no increases to resident undergraduate tuition, but that campuses may propose increases to nonresident undergraduate tuition as well as both resident and nonresident graduate tuition. The guidance also outlines the instructions for any proposed fee increases. (See pg. 19) 
  • Proposal to repeal the campus security fee. As described in the above section from the general meeting, this motion was not approved by the Board of Governors. (See pg. 24) 

Strategic Initiatives Committee 

Sept. 21, 2022 – full agenda and meetings materials; additional presentation materials 

  • Panel discussion: The changing landscape of public university leadership. There is a new yearlong project that will investigate and discuss the changing landscape of public university leadership in the United States. Based on a series of discussions during the fall, as well as feedback collected from university stakeholders, the committee will identify the skills, attributes, experience and supports that are most important to effective campus leadership today and in the future, as well as any recommended changes to policy, process and practice. This month’s meeting included a presentation by Deloitte Consulting Services about the evolving pathways to university leadership and the search processes involved. (See "additional materials") 

University Governance Committee 

Sept. 21, 2022 – full meeting agenda and materials 

  • Report on Free Speech and Free Expression in the university system. Following a yearlong study on free speech on UNC System campuses by faculty at several institutions, this report was presented to summarize the outcomes (See pg. 19).  

Educational Planning, Policies and Programs Committee  

Sept. 21, 2022 – full meeting agenda and materials 

  • Update on the UNC System Educational Career Alignment study (ROI - Return on Investment). Last year, the General Assembly directed the Board of Governors to contract with an independent research organization to conduct an evaluation of its current programs at each constituent institution of the UNC System related to its operational costs, student outcomes, and return on investment (ROI) of each program. A final report is due to the General Assembly by Sept. 1, 2023. (See pg. 12) 

University Personnel Committee 

Sept. 21, 2022 – full agenda and materials 

  • Report on the faculty recruitment and retention fund. A report was presented summarizing the current use of the System’s faculty recruitment and retention fund, itemizing the actions approved at each institution. (See pg. 5) 
  • SHRA Annual Labor Market Compensation Survey. A report was presented containing a review of the overall average market index data by each institution. (See pg. 13) 

September 23, 2022