Happy Birthday to Sally

Author: Domantas Karalius

Last week, my friends and I were serving at the Williams Adult Day Center and at the end of our performance we were notified that one of our audience members, Sally*, had her birthday a day before. We always sing a Happy Birthday song on these occasions, so we invited Sally to come and stand in front of the room with us. We performed the song for her and it was clear that she was moved by it; her eyes were a little bit teary and she was smiling. We all have her a hug and sang the goodbye song with Sally in our group.

The most amazing part of this story is that it was Sally's 95th birthday! It was a very moving moment for me as well because Sally is one of the most active participants in our little concerts - she is always singing and never misses a chance to dance. Seeing Sally's enthusiasm and positivity inspired me a lot. I can confidently say that she is my new idol!

*names have been changed

June 01, 2023