Design & Construction Projects

Design & Construction Projects

To learn more about these and other UNC design and construction projects, refer to the UNC System Capital & Construction website.

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Ongoing Design & Construction Projects

Solicitation of Bids for the Stevens Center Renovation

Stevens center renovation

A renovation to the existing 1920s Stevens Center, a historic performing arts center. Work includes exterior improvements to the skin (roofing, masonry/terra cotta, windows and entrances); Interior work includes demo & reno of existing Lobby areas and back-of-house spaces (including structural, finishes and FP/PM&E modifications).

The multi-phase, comprehensive renovation of the Stevens Center will improve the patron and artistic experience for all the venue’s constituents—making critical upgrades to modernize the student learning experience and completing the necessary roof and building envelope repair.

Current Status: Phase 1 Construction

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Kudzu Valley Bridge Abutment

Kudzu bridge

Current Status: Ad for Design Services

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Campus Entrance Stream Restoration


Current Status: Ad for Design Services

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Kenan Drive Utilities and Resurfacing

kenan drive

Current Status: Ad for Design Services

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Design & Production BAS Upgrade/HVAC/Boiler/Fire Alarm

UNCSA design and production logo

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Upcoming Projects

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Replacing HVAC equipment. Designer selected. After successful bid, schedule will be coordinated with end users. Bids in summer 2022.


Recently Completed Projects

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An open pre-bid meeting was held for all interested bidders on Feb. 21, 2023, at 10 a.m. at the Facilities Management Building. Electronic copies of complete plans and specifications for this project were available from Fleming & Associates, PA. The deadline for sealed proposals was March 21, 2023, at 10 a.m. At this time and place bids will be opened and read.

Current Status: Completed.

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UNCSA is requesting bids for the Gray Building Roof Replacement, Building Envelope, HVAC and Fire Suppression project. The Scope of Work for the project will include the replacement and recovery of the roof, replacement of existing cooling towers, condenser water and 4-pipe air-handling units, an upgrade of the existing fire alarm system and the refurbishment of the three-story elevator lobby including a new storefront glazing system, lighting and paint.

Sealed Bids will be due on or before June 13, 2023, at 10 a.m., at the Facilities Management Department Conference Room located at 303 Waughtown Street Winston-Salem, NC 27127.

Interested Bidders shall direct all questions to Brad Felts, P.E. with Atlantect Engineers, PA. Phone number 919-855-2040 Email address

Current Status: Completed.

Replacement of windows in Gray Building. Successfully bid. Will be completed summer 2022 if windows arrive in a timely manner.

Summer 2022 project. Repaving of Kenan Drive that will start near the Campus Police Department and will continue past Hanes Commons. Will address numerous below-grade issues. Sewer line replacement and repaving.

Replacing dated electrical equipment.

Renovating a building used for prop storage and converting into classroom space.

Project will address studio needs and concerns. Scope varies in each studio. After successful bid, schedule will be coordinated with the School of Drama. Bids in summer 2022.

Much-needed renovation of Administration office areas. After successful bid, schedule will be coordinated with the School of Drama. Project planned to bid and start summer 2022.

Fix leaking windows and replace exterior rotten wood. Repair EFIS and repaint the building. Designer selected. Project scheduled for summer 2022.

Replacement of two dimmers in ACE Exhibition Complex; replacing existing incandescent can lights with LED can lights that dim to zero.