Faculty Credentials & Qualifications

UNCSA subscribes to the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools guidelines for faculty credentialing. All UNCSA faculty who teach college-level courses are required to meet the guidelines established by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). UNCSA is responsible for determining acceptable qualifications and documenting and justifying the qualifications of its faculty to teach assigned courses. More information about SACS faculty credential guidelines can be found on the SACSCOC website.

UNCSA conducts a two-part credential review process using the Certification of Credentials and Qualification to Teach. The initial evaluation is done at the campus level by the dean or his/her designee, the specific content expert. Upon the dean's recommendation, final approval rests with the provost/vice provost.


Submission Guidelines: The Certification of Credentials and Qualification to Teach and supporting documentation must be submitted to Faculty Affairs prior to the first day of class. It is important to communicate credentialing requirements to incoming faculty early in the recruitment/hiring process. In exceptional circumstances, an extension may be granted upon approval of the provost/vice provost. Requests for extension should be forwarded to the director of Faculty Affairs for provost/vice provost review.