Mark Dowell teaches Animation courses at UNCSA. Also an alumni of the school, Dowell holds the distinction of being in the first graduating class of the School of Filmmaking's Animation discipline. Dowell has worked for Bento Box Entertainment, Oni Studios and Newscape Studios, with work including animation, 2D rigging, clean-up and prop design.


I try to teach through learning. As I'm faced with topics and facets of animation production that I'm responsible for teaching, inevitably I will end up needing to learn more about the subjects at hand myself. This new information tends to reinvigorate my passion for animation and provide a powerful motivation to communicate the knowledge, approach, and techniques learned to others.

Mark Dowell

Career Highlights

  • Character Rig Artist on an animated pilot, Yenor, with Matt Maiellaro, a Co-Creator of various Adult Swim shows
  • Worked on various Bento Box Entertainment projects such as "Rumor" – A Best Fiends Animation (credited as Character Set-Up Artist) (2022), "Saturday Morning All Star Hits!" (2021) and "The Demon of Sweet Street" – A Best Fiends Animation (2021)


B.F.A. FilmmakingUNCSA