Message from the Class of 2021

From the inaugural class of 2021:

Not only have we learned about our changemakers, but they have inspired us to be changemakers in our own ways. It is important for us to not only know about the change, but also to be it. Doing this project gave us a better sense of what our changemakers are trying to do. Working with these changemakers made us more aware of the injustices many people face and also how members of local communities are working to solve them. As students, we’re also playing a small, yet crucial part in communicating a bigger message about the importance of educating ourselves and changemaking.

I’ve learned that being a changemaker is so much more challenging than it seems. There are so many opportunities in which they could give up but the passion they have keeps them going. Once you get a group that supports you and can be with you on the journey, things get easier. — Alicia B.

It was inspiring to see someone that is not actually part of a certain oppressed group making a change. Anyone can be a changemaker. — Mei I.

I have learned that with the passion and drive to help others and fix something, people are often willing to turn their whole lives around. — Anthony C.

I have experienced the true essence of what it means to be a changemaker from my inspiring individual, Christy Robinson. I have learned with the support and help from a community any change can be made. — Lindsey J.

I have learned that it truly can come in many forms and from anywhere. It simply takes a will to make the jump and some help along the way. — Isabel C.

From this project, I have gained first hand experience on what it’s like to undergo an interview process. I’ve learned that our capability to be open, accepting, and understanding is endless. In our communities, we must work together to help one another and create change. — Grace R.

This project not only taught me about the work of my individual, Tramaine Grey, but also inspired me to pursue changemaking through my own art. Maybe someday, someone will be interviewing our class on what it’s like to be a changemaker! — Aron Stornaiuolo

I had the opportunity to immerse myself in someone else’s life, someone else’s passions and experiences, and I was able to use that information to educate myself and others, which I found very inspiring. — Luisa W.

It has been inspiring to learn about how much work goes into addressing and solving an issue, such as poverty. My changemakers have shown me that passion and teamwork are key ingredients to create change. — Sasha S.

As a huge advocate for mental health change, I had the opportunity to work with a like-minded individual and learn about ways I too could make change. — Mary Poole

I have learned that everyone and anyone has the chance to make change in society. I got the opportunity to learn from someone who has more experience of being an African American male in America. — Will Meeks

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