E-Z Arts Upgrade Project

E-Z Arts Upgrade Project

UNCSA is upgrading E-Z Arts to Banner 9 Self-Service (SSB9). This page contains an overview of the rollout process including a timeline, some frequently asked questions, training and other resources. 

E-Z Arts is SSB


The university is upgrading E-Z Arts to provide an enhanced overall experience. In addition to a new and up-to-date look, it is mobile-friendly and improves capabilities across banner for students, faculty and staff. The IT department is working with representatives from departments that routinely work in E-Z Arts/SSB: Registrar's Office, Financial Aid, Admissions and Human Resources. Together, they form the Implementation Team.


Below is a timeline of the E-Z Arts/SSB9 rollout.

Kickoff SSB9 Upgrade project.
Summer 2021
IT internally tests in Test environment.
Oct. 2021
Implementation Team test in Test environment.
May 2022
Implementation Team tests in Production and sets Go Live date for Oct/Nov 2022.
Nov. 2022
Go live date set for Nov. 15.


Frequently asked questions

Why are we upgrading E-Z Arts to version 9?

  • Ellucian Banner 8 will no longer be supported by Ellucian.
  • Reduce security risk by using single-sign-on login credentials on any device in any web browser.
  • Improve accessibility

What's new in E-Z Arts version 9?

  • Will use single-sign-on (SSO)
  • Enable mobile capability for
    • Registration. A mobile-friendly design to make registration easier for students, advisors and administrators to use.
    • Faculty Grade Entry. Faculty can us a mobile device for entering assignment grades, posting midterm, final and incomplete grades. The application can automatically compute a final grade.
  • Advising Student Profile will combine the student's profile, education and career path on a single page. It is accessible to advisers and students to enable personalized advice to help students make better academic decisions
  • The Application Navigator provides a single web page to access both forms (now pages) and self-service menus.
    • Reorganization of Banner Self-Service Administrative menu.

Will there be training and demonstrations?

Yes. The departments such as Finance Services, Registrar, Human Resources will be providing training and demonstrations.

Trainings Schedule

Will I use my same the E-Z Arts credentials?

No. You no longer need to have a separate E-Z Arts login. You will use your single-sign-on username and password.