How Do I Find the Address of a Campus User? (Global Address List)

After opening a new message in Outlook, push the 'To...' button in the top left corner of the message.

outlook global

A global address dialog box will appear that has a list of all the NCSA staff/faculty email addresses. Select the recipient's name on the left and click the 'to' button to add them to the email. You may select more than one recipient if you wish. Alternately, you may select to CC (carbon copy) people or BCC (blind carbon copy) by selecting the 'cc' or 'bcc' button instead of the 'to' button.

At the very top of the grey name selection box you will see the text 'Show names from the:' and a drop down text box on the right. Make sure the words 'Global Address List' appear in the text box.

global list