Guitar Alumni & Guest Artists

Alumni & Guest Artists

Below are a selection of UNCSA guitar alumni with brief descriptions of some of their career activities since graduating. We have a vast number of notable alumni-but these individuals were chosen not for their name recognition, but to give a perspective on the kinds of career profiles and paths that guitar students take. These are all full-time working musicians who studied at UNCSA during my time here (Joseph Pecoraro)-so they are all sill in the early and mid-stages of their careers.

Joe Hundertmark

joe hundertmark

Joe Hundertmark has used his performing and creating skills to create a dizzying variety of music enjoyed by millions of fans.  He has performed in and directed groups for the renowned Cirque du Soleil in cities around the world (such as New York Cities Radio Music Hall, Los Vegas, Cancun, and Moscow), and performed in numerous bands and projects in New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere.

Steve Newbrough

Steve Newbrough

Steve Newbrough has been highly active and successful as both a performer and teacher.  He performs regularly as a guitar soloist and chamber musician and played for years with the renowned Minneapolis Guitar Quartet.  He directs the Summit Music Academy in Asheville, NC and teaches guitar at Clemson and Furman Universities.

Becca Stevens

Becca Stevens

Becca Stevens used her guitar training as a platform to go on to achieve international success as a major label recording and touring artist.   She has led her own award-winning bands and contributed as a vocalist and player of a variety of plucked string instruments to recordings and tours by many of the top name artists in the field.

Necati Emirzade

Becca Stevens

Necati Emirzade has enjoyed success both as a teacher and performing/recording artist.  He makes his home in London where he teaches for the London Youth Conservatory.  He tours internationally with his guitar duo, Duo Tandem, who have recorded for the Naxos Label and others.

Gillian Omalyev

Gillian Omalyev

Gillian Omalyev is an active performing artist based in Germany.  She has appeared and recorded with notable ensembles such as Trio Amaterasu and America’s Guitar Duo and is a highly motivated teacher specializing in young artists at the Musik und Kunstschule Lippetal.

John Rosal

John RosalJohn Rosal took his guitar playing talents to serve the armed forces as a member of the U.S Marines touring band.

Marty Edwards

Marty Edwards

Marty Edwards teaches full time as leader of an independent Suzuki guitar program (Young Guitarists).  He performs locally, builds sound equipment and is also an active visual artist.

Billie Feather

billie feather

Billie Feather has a highly eclectic career as an active perfuming multi-instrumentalist and teacher. She is a member of numerous touring bands ranging from punk rock to progressive bluegrass and jazz. Her teaching combines a local studio with an area college as well as a musical mentor position at a major children’s medical center.

Mike Chamis

mike chamis

Mike Chamis founded and leads a guitar program as a full time faculty member at Reynolds high school.  He also performs avidly as member of a classic rock tribute band, among others.

Daniel Seriff

daniel seriff

Daniel Seriff is an exceptionally active performer and teacher, leading rock and jazz fusion band projects, working as a session musician and sideman for artists locally and nationally as well as as a producer, and engineer. He runs a thriving online-only teaching studio and is engaged in developing digital education materials.


Guest Artists

UNCSA guitar students regularly experience the artistic work and individual personalities of accomplished guest artists through in-person performances, workshops and collaborations. Some notable guests include:

  • Badi Assad
  • Derek Gripper
  • Julian Lage
  • Jiji
  • Sergio Assad
  • Scott Sawyer
  • Jason Vieaux
  • Jonathan Kreisberg
  • Andrew York
  • JoAnn Falletta
  • Carlos Castilla
  • William Kanengiser
  • Marc Seigel
  • Paul Galbraith
  • Aniello Desiderio
  • Judicael Perroy
  • Manuel Barrueco
  • Carlos Perez
  • Ricardo Iznaola
  • Douglas Ching
  • Jonathan Leathwood