Student Spotlight: Violinist Wei Lin

Wei Lin began to play the violin at the age of 8 in China’s Zhejiang province, where he was born. His parents didn’t have much experience with western classical music, but they told him to that if he liked the violin he should go ahead and give it a try. He quickly realized that he loved the instrument; after a few years of study at home, he was accepted into the Middle School of the China Conservatory in Beijing, 900 miles away. As Wei is an only child, his parents missed him when he left home at this early age! 

Wei continued his violin study in college with Professor Hui Jin of the China Conservatory. During his undergraduate years he was a member of the China Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, which performed at the China Conservatory National Music Hall, the National Centre and Zhongshan Concert Hall, and he toured Italy with the group in 2015. He won the China Conservatory Scholarship Award, the National Endeavor Fellowship and the Student Excellence Award of Beijing. In 2016, he was awarded a full scholarship to attend the Asian Youth Orchestra, with whom he toured Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Wei played his first quartet—Mozart “Hunt”—at the age of 14. While a student at the China Conservatory he joined the Echo Quartet, which was invited to perform in the German and Austrian embassies. 

Last January, after playing for Kevin Lawrence at a master class in Beijing, Wei inquired about the possibility of studying for a masters degree at UNCSA. When Professor Lawrence asked immediately about his English skills, Wei laughed. He had started learning English from the time he was in primary school, but he found the language very difficult and usually tended to avoid working on his English assignments. He had only became serious about English study over the past year, but this was enough time to pass the UNC language requirement. “When Wei is serious about something, he makes it happen,” Lawrence says. 

When Wei is serious about something, he makes it happen!" 

Kevin Lawrence 

In August 2017, Wei enrolled at UNCSA for graduate study with Lawrence, and as a member of the Chrysalis Chamber Music Program. Asked about his UNCSA experience so far, Wei says is very appreciative of the commitment of time and energy his teacher has shown him; he feels that he has already learned more about playing the violin in three months here than in the four years of his undergraduate work. Wei has been happy to hear the many interesting ideas about music that his colleagues have shared, and he appreciates the friendliness of all the students he’s met.

When asked what music he’d especially like to play, he mentions the first Shostakovich Concerto, which he’s enjoying hearing played by another student of Professor Lawrence during the weekly studio master classes. Meanwhile, Lawrence reports that Wei is sounding terrific with the Glazunov Concerto, and in the Dohnanyi Quartet Op. 7, which his quartet will play in a master class given by the distinguished members of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center on November 11.

Violin Studio

November 17, 2017