Farewell Fighting Pickles: Introducing UNCSA's new mascot

There is much debate about how UNCSA’s Fighting Pickles got their name, but one thing is clear: pickles have served the campus well for more than 40 years. From Peter the Pickle greeting new students during orientation to lunches in the Pickle Jar and strolls along Pickles Way, the pickle is a part of the UNCSA experience.

Pickles have maintained popularity around campus for decades, but we relish the opportunity to re-energize the UNCSA mascot with something new. We are proud to introduce you to...


charlie the cucumberCucumbers (or pre-pickles, if you will) have been lauded as the world’s healthiest food. They are a refreshing addition to salads and water, make a great tzatziki sauce and are happily included in tearoom sandwiches. Unlike pickles, they can also be used to soothe dark circles around your eyes. Cucumbers are free of preservatives and are not saturated in vinegar or brine. Like pickles, cucumbers do not have a direct connection to the performing arts. They are random, yet beautiful.

I am looking forward to leading the charge at UNCSA and to having the costume shop design an outfit for me. I'm thinking something harvest chic.

Charlie the Cucumber

There are more than 100 types of cucumbers. Charlie’s cousin Crawley, for example, is an English cucumber, and will be making visits to campus on occasion.

We invite you to celebrate a new era with Charlie the Cucumber, who will lead UNCSA to the forefront of mascot fame. And remember, while we'll miss Peter the Pickle and his sweet gherkin face, all pickles are cucumbers at heart. Go Fighting Cucumbers!

by Hannah Callaway

April 1, 2016 (April Fools' Day)