November Playlist: Wonder what a guitar teacher secretly listens to?

Guitar faculty Luke Payne grew up listing to Neil Young, The Beatles and the Pixies. While he says he appreciates those people who find one thing they love enough to devote to study and to master, he thinks the culture now promotes more of an eclectic type of artist. This is reflected in his playlist and in the types of music he plays. 

“I love how my versatility has keeps me active,” Payne says. “I play contra dances, then I play a jazz gig, then a wedding where I do Bach. I find there is so much to learn. Guitar is such a versatile instrument and that’s why I love it. Guitar really has a role in every genre of music.”

Payne's playlist launches the UNCSA Spotify channel. Each month we'll feature a School of Music faculty's playlist:


Here are a few reasons why some songs made Payne’s playlist:

Blows me away. “Monk’s Dream – Take 8” by Thelonious Monk. “It just blows me away how great those musicians play together and how the music is so simple and complicated at the same time.”

What my students should listen to. “Etude No. 5” by Roland Dyens, Quatuor Arthur-Le Blanc. “This is an interesting new arrangement of a very familiar work from the student guitar etude repertoire. Dyens is always inspiring in his commitment to forging a new path in the world of classical guitar.”

Greatest guitar solo. “I'll See You In My Dreams” by Django Reinhardt. “This is one of my all-time favorite guitar solos.”

Simple but perfect. “My Babe” by Little Walter. “I love the feel of this tune. Great arrangement, great vocals, it's simple but perfect.”

Beautifully played. “Bill Malley’s Barndance/Kilnamona Barndance” by Martin Hayes. “Beautifully laid back and lyrical playing by Martin Hayes and understated, artful accompaniment from Steve Cooney.”

Luke Payne

This month's playlist is by Luke Payne, Visiting Faculty of Guitar

by Elizabeth White

Nov. 9, 2016