Capturing memories: Relive the excitement of UNCSA Homecoming

This year, UNCSA was thrilled to welcome our alumni, Pickle Parents and families, to our inaugural Homecoming and Family weekend. Alumni, students, faculty and staff celebrated Homecoming weekend with a myriad of events and activities. 

Relive and rejoice in the inaugural Homecoming weekend below.

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Golden Pickles Opening Ceremony

The Homecoming Opening Ceremony was the official weekend kickoff. The ceremony was an opportunity for all those returning to campus to gather and hear from Chancellor Brian Cole and Dean of the School of Filmmaking Deborah LaVine. It was also a chance to recognize our Golden Pickles, who returned home after 50 years.

To celebrate 30 years of the School of Filmmaking, Shawn Harwell (UNCSA Filmmaking faculty and class of 1999 alumnus) presented a keynote address. With humor and sincerity, he shed light on his experiences as a film student when the program was brand new, what it’s like to now teach in the same department and his pride for our school and the students who dedicate so much to their passions. 

Following the keynote address, our Golden Pickles, the class of 1973, were honored for their 50th reunion.

Following the keynote address, our Golden Pickles, the class of 1973, were honored for their 50th reunion. The 2023 Golden Pickles include School of Dance alumna Dr. Katherine Immerman, School of Design and Production alumni Tom Eaton and Daniel Liebman, School of Drama alumni Joyce Actor, David Parker, Annie Margaret Holtz and School of Music alumni Martha Chapman, Susan Hunt, Sharon and Jim LaRocco and Kathryn McManus. The ceremony was completed with a champagne toast in the Performance Place lobby.

Golden Pickles Welcome Dinner

Golden Pickles Opening Ceremony photographed by Wayne Reich

Homecoming Block Party

The Homecoming Block Party served as a gathering space for alumni, Pickle Parents, families, faculty and staff to gather and enjoy games, food trucks and more on a beautiful Saturday morning.

The alumni-led group, DOSE Artist Collective, guided the creation of props and adornments in Eisenberg Hall while current students read tarot cards, drew caricatures and painted faces. Trish Casey graced the crowd with a brief movement practice to warm everyone up to walk in the campus parade.

Homecoming Block Party

Homecoming Block Party photographed by Wayne Reich

Homecoming Parade

The campus parade — the centerpiece of UNCSA Homecoming — was a hit across campus. Attendees were able to choose to parade together or watch from the sidelines. Props and school spirit were encouraged. 

The parade was led by the Fighting Pickles’ mascot and a rowdy golf cart filled with campus leaders. It was followed by student groups, alumni, Pickle Parents, faculty, staff and families.

This is a tradition we cannot wait to see evolve and grow! The procession was supported by School of Music artists at Artist Village and met in Daniels Plaza as we wrapped up with the campus Jazz Band and an ice cream bar.

Homecoming Parade

Homecoming Parade photographed by Wayne Reich

Alumni Beaux Arts Ball 

The Alumni Beaux Arts Ball was held in downtown Winston-Salem at the Millennium Center. Open to alumni and campus leadership, the Beaux Arts was a dance party to celebrate alumni returning home to UNCSA and dedicated to celebrating the 30th anniversary of the School of Filmmaking.

Alumni Beaux Arts Ball

Beaux Arts Ball photographed by (Julian Eubank, D&P '72)

Homecoming weekend performances

Over the homecoming weekend, alumni, students, faculty, staff and patrons were invited to attend the School of Dance’s Fall Dance program and the School of Drama’s production of Lydia by Octavio Solis.

Homecoming Performances

Fall Dance photographed by Taylor Jones. Lydia photographed by Wayne Reich.

by Natalie Shrader and Sarah Kelly

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October 20, 2023