Resources for News Media

Resources for News Media

The Strategic Communications staff is available to assist media representatives as needed, and we will respond to calls and messages as quickly as possible.

Members of the press are asked to direct inquiries regarding UNCSA to the communications office, and before contacting administrators and faculty directly.

Katherine Johnson(opens in new tab)
Director of Media Relations and Communications
Office: 336-770-1402(opens in new tab)
Mobile: 646-428-4516(opens in new tab)


Katherine Johnson
Director of Media Relations and Communications
Office: 336-770-1402
Mobile: 646-428-4516

Marla Carpenter
Senior Communications Manager
Office: 336-770-3337
Mobile: 336-414-9289

Pree Nayak
Media Relations Manager
Office: 336-734-2891

Claire Machamer
Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications
Office: 336-770-3374