Media Guidelines

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts is a public university and welcomes media as well as the public to campus. However, our classes and rehearsals and teaching and learning spaces are expressly for our faculty to conduct the training of our students. Of special consideration is the fact that UNCSA counts underage high school students among its student body.

Therefore, any news media who wish to access specific facilities and/or employees and students must seek permission of the Office of Strategic Communications to conduct reportage on campus or in one of the school’s facilities off-campus, such as the Stevens Center. Generally, permission will be granted as long as the reporting activities do not disrupt university activities, interfere with the privacy of employees or students, or jeopardize the safety of university personnel. Media must also park in designated areas, since their vehicles may interfere with traffic or University activities.

Specific public information requests as allowed by state statute by the news media or the public should be directed to the Director of Media Relations and Communications.


Usually, a member of the office will accompany a member of the media to an interview in order to ensure appropriate access to facilities and employees. The goal of the office is for students and employees to be able to carry out their activities with a reasonable expectation of privacy and normalcy while remaining free to speak openly to the press if they choose to do so.

News Photography/Videography

Because there are underage high school students on campus, it is essential that members of the press contact the Office of Strategic Communications for permission before any photography or filming is conducted.

Commercial Photography/Videography

Any commercial, non-news photography or videography must also be approved in advance. Commercial, non-news requests should be directed to the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Communications, Claire Machamer.