Sound Information and Equipment

The Stevens Center's sound system is a basic theatrical sound reinforcement system. This system has a Yamaha M7CL-32 V3 Mixing console, 1/4" balanced patch panel, two 400 watt power amplifiers, third octave equalizer, main proscenium speaker cluster, two cassette decks, one dual CD player, two channel stage monitors, and assorted microphones and cables.

The theater also is equipped with a cross connect panel located downstage left on the proscenium wall. This panel will allow a production that wishes to use its own sound equipment to tie into the house speaker cluster and also to access the microphone inputs which are mounted in the stage floor. This panel is 3 pin XLR type.

There also is an in-house, self-contained infrared broadcast system for the hearing-impaired. This is a two channel system. Infrared headset receivers are available for use through the Stevens Center box office prior to each performance.

  • Microphones:
    (2) Neumann KMi 83
    (2) Neumann KMi 84
    (7) Shure SM58
    (13) Shure SM57
    (3) Shure SM58 w/ Switch
    (4) Shure Microflex MX202 Overhead Microphone
    (5) Crown PCC 160 Floor Mic
    (5) Sennheiser MD421 II
    (8) Shure ULX1 G3 Beltpacks with Black WL185 Lavs
    (8) Spare Black WL185 Lavs
    (6) Shure SM93 Lavalier Microphone (4 are Black)
    (9) Countryman E6 Flex Omni Earset Mic (1 is Black)
    (8) Shure ULX2 G3 SM58 Handheld Wireless
  • CD Player:
    Denon DN-1800F Dual CD player
  • Mixer:
    1 Yamaha M7CL-32 V3 Mixing console
  • House Center Cluster:
    2 d&b Qi7 loudspeakers
    1 d&b Qu10 loudspeaker
    2 d&b Vi-SUB
    Powered by a d&b D80 4 Channel Amplifier
  • Movable Speakers:
    4 JBL EON 10G2 Powered Speakers
    2 JBL EON 15G2 Powered Speakers