Stage Management Console & Communications Equipment

The stage manager’s console is located down stage right. The console has an eight channel Clear-Com, video monitoring, and a cue system. It also has paging capability to the lower dressing room areas.

The Clear-Com system is wired throughout the theater with either biscuit or headset jacks. Headsets and belt packs are available. There are two stations located in the house with two channel capability.

The Closed Circuit Video System consists of two cameras, and 12 video outlets. One camera is located on the front of the balcony looking at the stage, the other camera is set to look at the conductor when the lift is in the orchestra position.

The video outlets are located: two each DSR, one each USR, USL, DSL, one each in Green Room, one each in box office, one each balcony lobby (house right), four each fourth floor offices.

There are telephones located DSR, lighting booth, projection booth, fourth floor offices, box office, and basement offices