Student Crew Guidelines

  1. The Stevens Center is available to schedule calls between the hours of 8AM and 12AM, with the possible exception of load-outs. Due to subsequent events, load-outs may have to be completed regardless how long it may take to finish the load-out.

  2. The complete published production/cast schedule must be sent to the Production Office at the Stevens Center (fax 770-1448) at least 1 week prior to the first load-in date. For example, if electrics are hung early, this would be considered the first load-in day. This schedule should include crew as well as cast arrival times , as security must be provided for all cast calls. Any changes to the published production schedule must be received in the Production Office at the Stevens Center twenty-four hours in advance. Deviations from the above procedure must be approved by the production Faculty Advisor and the Stevens Center Staff at a minimum of 2 hours before the end of that call. This change must be communicated to the Stevens Center Staff by the Faculty Advisor.

  3. Please make every attempt to deliver a reasonably accurate schedule. We would appreciate it if the entire schedule was not filled with TBAs.

  4. Please include any classes or critiques on the schedule.

  5. There must be a minimum of 2 people working at the Stevens Center on any crew call.

  6. If the crew is more than 15 minutes late for any crew call, the Stevens Center will be closed and shut down. (1 or 2 people coming to the theater to reserve the space is not acceptable and they will be asked to leave.)