"Sonata" and "Suga Brown" earn top honors at Real to Reel Film Festival

Older woman helps young pregnant woman in a large black tubSix UNCSA short films; “Green Thumb,” “Processing Magic,” “Suga Brown,” “Sonata” “Tessellations,” and “Treasure Hunt” screened at the 23rd Annual, Real to Reel Film Festival in Kings Mountain, NC, July 27- July 30, 2022.
At the wrap/awards party on Saturday night, July 30, “Sonata” won Best Student/Amateur Animation and “Suga Brown” won the Audience Choice award!
Animated short, “Sonata” is written, directed and with lead animation by Madison Crisp, Abby Davenport, Fern Singleton, and Vic Sosa; with story by Hailey Hudson and Ava Tennis; produced by Robert Mageau and Hailey Hudson; edited by Lyric Abbott; sound design by Lyric Abbott; and music by Ryan Mulder.
Narrative short, “Suga Brown” is directed by Clarke Phillips; written by Pat LaGue and Clarke Phillips; produced by Blaine McIndoe and Cherise Honoré; cinematography by Jack Mohler; production design by Rin Rlayang; edited by Shane Gaber; sound design by Shane Gaber; special effects supervision by Brianna Lanzen and Jonny Weaver; music by Isaac Silva; costume design by Whitney Fabre; and hair & makeup design by Rose Eubanks.
“Green Thumb” is written and directed by Beau Sheil; produced by Robert Mageau; with lead animators Beau Sheil, Spencer Dowdy, and Max Skinner; backgrounds design by Alaina Watkins; edited by Daniel Christie; sound design by Daniel Christie; and music by Michael Mckeithen, Jr.
“Processing Magic” is written and directed by Vale Stanley and Jo Knorpp; with lead animators Cameron Panone and Jo Knorpp; edited by Meg Fisher; sound design by Meg Fisher; and music by Kory Bailey.
“Treasure Hunt” is written and directed by Lauren White; with lead animation and backgrounds by Lauren White; edited by Conor Callahan; sound design by Conor Callahan; and music by Pierce Martin.
“Tesellations” is written by Priscilla Witt; directed by Eva Mckeon; produced by Aly Castillo and Priscilla Witt; cinematography by Stewart Jeffers; production design by Kaitlyn Day, edited by Aly Lee.
Animator May Bonner served the 23rd Annual, Real to Reel Film Festival and the Cleveland County Arts Council as a SECU Public Fellow Intern.

Contact: Kate Miller

Aug. 5, 2022

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