Ombuds Services for Graduate Students

We have reached the halfway point of the fall term. If you are a graduate student, I invite you to include me, the UNCSA Ombuds, on your list of people to connect with between now and the end of the semester.
UNCSA extended ombuds services to graduate students beginning in August. As Ombuds, I am eager to support your educational and professional endeavors.
How does the Ombuds provide support?
Here are some conversation topics that have found their way to my office:
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Professional Dreams and Goals
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Healthy Communication Strategies
  • Dealing with Tense Situations
  • And more. . .
Let's talk! You can reach me by phone 336-972-9182 or through this private email address:
All ombuds conversations are confidential, informal, independent and impartial.

Contact: Jill Crainshaw

Oct. 12, 2023