Express Scheduling

Express Scheduling

The Express Scheduling widget in the Campus Calendar portal is an easy way to schedule a campus space designated as being able be booked immediately. Examples of designated Express Scheduling spaces are certain practice rooms and studio spaces.

Reserving a space with Express Scheduling

  1. Locate the Express Scheduling widget on your Campus Calendar portal dashboard.
  2. Choose the date you want to reserve the space. Express Scheduling can only be used to reserve a space during a time that begins and ends on the same date. If you need to reserve a space for multiple days, use the Event Form in the Campus Calendar web portal.
  3. Complete the time. Length of time you can reserve a space is unique to each space and can vary from an hour to longer.
  4. Enter the Event name. This is a required field.
  5. Select the SAVE button.

Why don't see the space I want?

If you do not see the space you want to book in Express Scheduling it is because it is:

  • already booked for that date and time. Try another time or date.
  • the space requires prior approval and is not listed in Express Scheduling. You can schedule the space from your Campus Calendar portal dashboard, by using:
    • the Event Form link or
    • I Know When my event should take place link or
    • I know Where my event should take place.
      Your request is sent automatically to the space Scheduler to deny or approve your space request.