UNCSA Campus Calendar

UNCSA Campus Calendar

The UNCSA Campus Calendar portal is the central source for viewing event information and coordinating your event and space needs. The Campus Calendar portal uses 25Live Pro, an event management system. Using the Campus Calendar portal you can:

  • reserve campus spaces where approval is required,
  • schedule complex events and performances

Active students, staff and faculty can access the Campus Calendar portal by logging in using your single-sign-on UNCSA credentials. Please don't advertise your event until you receive a notice that your event has been approved through the Campus Calendar portal.

  Campus Calendar Web Portal

Features of the Campus Calendar portal

  • Robust search features. You can search for available times in your favorite spaces or you can search for spaces that are available at the time you need to meet.
  • First-time and seasoned event coordinators will complete the event form that steps you through requesting a space.
  • Each bookable space on campus has a Scheduler assigned to that space who will approve or deny a space request. The Campus Calendar portal will automatically notify the Scheduler of a request for action. The requester will receive an email notifying them of the request confirmation and later notifying them if the request was approved or denied.

Upcoming enhancement features

Once fully implemented, the workflow will be enhanced to included completing forms (i.e. the Alcohol permit) and routing information to various departments relating to the event such a Police and Public Safety, Housekeeping, One Card for access control, and audiovisual personnel support.) Events also will be published on the website and on digital signage throughout campus.

Adverse Weather Regulation and Event Cancellation:

Please go to www.uncsa.edu for campus closure information. Review our adverse weather regulation to determine the status of your event on campus. Classrooms operate on the same schedule as the general campus: if campus is open, classrooms are open.

To see if a performance is canceled, see the Performance Calendar on the UNCSA website. If you have purchased a ticket and the performance is canceled, you will be notified using the email you provided when the tickets were purchased.