Prepping students for their first performance

By: Quashawn Chadwick, Old Town Elementary

The Salvation Army and Old Town Elementary students performed together for the first time on November 6. I am so proud of them. I can only imagine how the parents of the students must feel; I myself feeling quasi-parental and proud. I had to miss the performance for the sake of rehearsal, but I have gotten to see this video of them performing and I am amazed by how great everything turned out.

The groups were separated: the students who played for the Salvation Army and the students who we teach at Old Town Elementary. The Old Town students' eyes lit up when they saw the other group with their real violins. That is to say, they cannot wait to get their hands on violins as well, and I am excited for them. They were to perform their Five Steps to holding the violin as well as their Pussy Willow song, which they worked out very well in class. These students really have a world of potential. I cannot wait to keep working with them.  

It is not until you see the culmination of all the hard work you put into a task that you really gain appreciation for it. They have actually all learned something! Teaching someone a skill is an unending, rewarding feeling.

February 18, 2016