Rewards of student teaching

By: Brent Lawrence, Ken Carlson Boys and Girls Club

This my second entry as a ArtistCorps member. I have finally found a service site and have began teaching ukulele to elementary and middle schoolers at the Ken Carlson Boys and Girls Club in Winston-Salem, NC. This has been an overall rewarding experience.

The students seem naturally curious about the instrument, although, some are more interested on a surface level. The middle schoolers are doing very well. In fact, they are almost ready to start learning real songs, as opposed to arbitrary chord exercises.

On a more personally level, I've gained more knowledge and experience on the instrument as well. Not to say I had no experience with the instrument when I began to teach it, but now I am more conscious of how the instrument works. This is fulfilling on a personal level, and additionally, helps me to teach the instrument effectively.

February 26, 2016