Workshops & School Break Camps

Workshops & School Break Camps

UNCSA Acting Out Workshops and School Break Camps provide safe, interactive experiences with our professional faculty on weekends or during school closures such as spring break and teacher workdays.  Students build the foundational skills of acting while meeting new friends and building essential life skills such as confidence, public speaking, discipline, collaboration, and creativity.

Workshops are designed as introductory experiences for young students and offered as convenient ways for your child to discover the world of theatre while providing families with invaluable opportunities to fill gaps in the WSFC school schedule with meaningful activities. Sibling discounts available.

Theatre Games: Saturday, Feb. 10

Does your child love to act? Register your student in grades 1-3 for this fun workshop covering many facets of stagecraft including acting and singing while you use the time to run errands or treat yourself to some time spent at one or your favorite endeavors!

Musical Theatre - Awaken Your Voice: Saturday, Mar. 16

Do you have a curiosity or love of musical theatre? Get a glimpse into the fundamentals of singing technique for musical theatre and activate your voice! Students in grades 5-8 will receive tutorials on vocal and acting technique within a solo or group song and apply simple dance movements. This skills class is designed to build confidence in both the novice and experienced singer and have fun while doing it!

Spring Break Film Camp! -  Action!: April 1 - 3

This three-day camp is sure to make spring break creative and fun! Students will learn the basics of acting in front of the camera but also the work that goes into being behind the lens of the camera. Students in grades 5-8 will create a short film by the end of the camp using a green screen, their own script and storyboard, props, and of course acting.   


Spring Break camp Details and Registration

Workshop Details and Registration