Acting Out Policies & FAQ

Acting Out Policies & FAQ


Please read the instructions below very carefully and refer to the attached map for reference.

Dropping off students
Please use the Chapel Street entrance following signs that say “Acting Out/Prep Dance drop off/pick up”. Students may be dropped off at the doors adjacent to the Chapel Street Lot G. There will be someone at the door to greet your child for each class.

Picking up students
ALL students must be picked up at the upper door of the Workplace Building adjacent to Lot G off of Chapel Street (noted on the campus map). Instructors, Program Director, or designated volunteer will walk students to the door to wait for their parents. Parents are to enter the gate at Lot D, drive down the hill, turn left and form a line behind the dormitories (black arrows on map). Please pull forward by the doors so we can accommodate 3 vehicles at a time.

Please do not park in Lot G (reserved parking) and call your child to walk across the service road to your car. Students will wait by the door until they see their parent’s car pull up. Please be prompt in picking up your children. The faculty will not leave any child alone but request that you respect their time by arriving on time. We appreciate your cooperation and support of this policy and ask that you please share it with anyone who will be dropping off or picking up your child. If you know that you will be late, make sure to let the instructor know.

If you choose to wait on your child to finish class, you may park in the visitor lot off of Ehle Drive (Lot B) where you can wait until your child’s class is ready for pick-up. Please take note of reserved faculty parking spots. There is limited parking on campus, and it is important that we are respectful of those with priority.


Please bring a 3-ring binder or notebook/journal and a pencil to every class.

Musical Theatre and Private Voice Lessons
Everyone will need to bring a recording device to record vocal exercises and assigned music; this can be a phone, iPod, or other digital recorder. Please bring a 3-ring binder and a pencil to every class.

NO food or drinks other than water are allowed in the studios. Students must eat or drink in the student lounge or outside of the building. Students may bring water bottles into the classroom. Please do not bring valuables to class as we cannot be responsible for them.

Attendance Policy
We ask that you contact Fayth Caruso or the instructor in advance if you need to miss a class so that the instructor may be informed.

Inclement Weather Policy
There will be NO Acting Out classes when the Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools are closed due to bad weather. In case of inclement weather, please listen to your local radio or television stations for school closings. If public schools are closed for morning ice and the day warms up, we may decide to hold classes that evening if conditions are safe. Our first concern is the safety of our students, parents and instructors. If we miss classes, we will do our utmost to make them up. We will also inform you by email as soon as possible if an instructor becomes ill or has some sort of emergency that effects your class. If you ever have a question concerning cancellation of classes, please call or email the Program Director.

Accomodations for Students with Disabilities
In compliance with the UNC School of the Arts policy and equal access laws, the Program Coordinator is available to discuss appropriate accommodations that may be required for students with disabilities. Requests for accommodations are to be made during the first three weeks of the semester, except for unusual circumstances, so arrangements can be made. All notifications are strictly confidential and will only be shared with the instructor with student/parent approval.

Dress Code

Everyone should wear clothing that they can easily move in and close-toed shoes to each class. No short shorts or skirts unless worn with leggings or tights.

Musical Theatre
Please dress comfortably to move. There may be some floor work so no short skirts without leggings or tights please. No caps or hats are to be worn in class.