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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Review the following Rules & Regulations before registering for and/or attending the Festival of North Carolina Dance at UNCSA.

  1. Deadline for submission is December 15, 2019.

  2. A "company" must consist of three or more dancers.

  3. All performers must be at least 11 years of age.

  4. Company works should be presented in the following dance genres - ballet (classical or neo-classical), contemporary, or demi character.

  5. Male dancers may be brought in to appear as guest performers.

  6. All dancers, including guest performers, must be participating in the adjudication video.

  7. Works to be adjudicated for this Festival must be between 3-8 minutes in length. Works over 8 minutes will not be considered.

  8. Choreography, or excerpts of choreography, from ballets now considered to be "standard" repertoire within the major international companies may not be used (for example, Petipa, Fokine, Kylian, Ashton, Robbins, Tetley, Balanchine).

  9. A paraphrase or reworking of a ballet such as "Swan Lake", "Le Corsaire", "Les Sylphide" or others is not acceptable.

  10. Choreography may be by anyone the company chooses.  It can be an original work done for the company or a work re-set onto the company.

  11. Only one piece from each company/school will be allowed to perform.

  12. All adjudicated works must be completed.  No unfinished works will be considered.

  13. All dancers must attend their assigned Festival classes unless illness, injury or theater rehearsals intervene.

  14. The cast of dancers appearing in the adjudication must be the cast of dancers in the Festival performance.

  15. The decisions of the adjudicators regarding the content of the Festival performance will be final.

  16. Each director or head of a company must agree to abide by the decisions of the adjudicators regarding choreography, costuming, make-up, and casting of dancers, etc.

  17. Each work shown to the adjudicators must be in costume. The company director must ensure video is of good quality.  

  18. The adjudicators may choose not to include that company in the Festival Gala performance.  However, the company and the students of the school are encouraged to attend the Festival and participate all classes and other activities.

  19. Directors must agree to abide by the theater rules regarding tech time, placement on the program, and stage lighting limitations.

  20. The adjudicators will be in charge of the tech rehearsals and will oversee all aspects of these rehearsals.  Any changes the adjudicator’s request regarding a dance work must be implemented by tech time.