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Workshops for Teachers and Directors

Workshops for Teachers and Directors

2021 Workshops will be announced Fall 2020. 

2020 Workshop Descriptions

Progressing Ballet Technique

Lead by Alejandra Dore, UNCSA Preparatory Program faculty 

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT), created by Marie Walton-Mahon (Australian), is an innovative program scientifically designed to help students train the muscle memory required in each exercise for classical ballet. The effective exercises, organized by four levels, benefit the students to developed correct posture, correct breathing, weight -placement, strength, core-pelvis stability, muscle control, flexibility and balance. PBT teacher courses sell out around the globe and is being officially taught in thousands of schools across 40 countries.

Ballet Training for Young Dancers

Lead by Susan Brooker, director of UNCSA's Preparatory Program and examiner of the ABT National Training Curriculum

The proper training of younger dancers is crucial in establishing their foundation for future development. At this year’s Festival, Ms. Brooker will be addressing ways of teaching proper coordination and use of port de bra for young dancers. Taking examples from the UNCSA Preparatory Program curriculum, she will discuss how that vocabulary can be developed in an age appropriate manner.

Pointe Work; Beginning to Advanced

Lead by Eva Draw and Jennet Zerbe, UNCSA ballet faculty

This workshop will discuss the important steps of teaching pointe work, which begins with finding the proper pointe shoe and fit for each level of training, and how to break in the shoe for the individual dancer. The workshop continues with focus on optimal use of the feet when wearing the shoes and performing the basic ballet exercises, with a gradual build up of all elements including proper tempi and attention to core strength. As pointe work becomes more advanced, with more complicated coordination, we will focus on helping dancers achieve desirable articulation and the ability to press up or rise onto pointe with full control and finesse.

Elements of Ballet Partnering

Lead by Jared Redick, UNCSA assistant dean and ballet faculty

Whether your school has young men or not, understanding the principles of ballet partnering are crucial for both men and ladies as part of their training. Partnering must be taught with a systematic approach to avoid injury. Join us to learn more about conditioning and age appropriate exercises for both men and ladies. 

Workshop Information

The Professional Development Workshops will run for an hour and a half and be held on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Please head to the Festival page to sign up, and note that the deadline for registration is December 1st. We must have a minimum of 10 people per workshop. Once we assess our enrollment, we will be sending you instructions on how and where to pay.

Fees for Workshops

One workshop $75
Two workshops $100 
Three workshops $125
Four workshops $150