Workshops for Teachers and Directors

Workshops for Teachers and Directors

Ballet training for the young dancer 

Lead by Susan Brooker, director of UNCSA's Preparatory Program and examiner of the ABT National Training Curriculum 

The proper training of younger dancers is crucial in establishing their foundation for future development. In this special workshop, Ms. Brooker will be addressing the essential elements of movement necessary for training healthy, strong and artistically sensitive dancers. Taking examples from the UNCSA Preparatory Program curriculum, she will discuss how that vocabulary can be developed in an age appropriate manner.

Pointe Work; beginning to advanced

Lead by Eva Draw and Jennet Zerbe, UNCSA ballet faculty

This workshop will discuss the important steps of teaching pointe work, which begins with finding the proper pointe shoe and fit for each level of training, and how to break in the shoe for the individual dancer. The workshop continues with focus on optimal use of the feet when wearing the shoes and performing the basic ballet exercises, with a gradual build up of all elements including proper tempi and attention to core strength. As pointe work becomes more advanced, with more complicated coordination, we will focus on helping dancers achieve desirable articulation and the ability to press up or rise onto pointe with full control and finesse.

Concepts of Choreography and Composition

Lead by Trish Casey, UNCSA contemporary faculty

This is an experiential workshop in creative process. Through a session of “serious play”, the participants will discover movement responses through simple improvisational prompts. Using basic elements of composition, the “students” are then led through a process of connecting these responses into making phrases, and then manipulating the phrases into a miniature study. Play makes for study, study makes for work, all powered by the imagination and trust!

Note: This is not a lecture class. Those wishing to attend this workshop will need to participate.