Completed Projects

As projects are completed, the resolution will be posted here.

003-Review of departmental TouchNet payment process. 

Background: The TouchNet payment process will be tailored to the individual needs of departments, depending on the capabilities of TouchNet to parse out revenue streams. When this request was submitted, a uPay site was used to collect revenue, but TouchNet was unable to create an automated feed since the department had multiple products utilizing multiple funds. Since then, TouchNet has expanded their product offerings to a more robust uStore situation. Further documentation on these product offerings is being developed by Financial Systems.
Resolution: The requesting department was removed from automated revenue feeding and directed to a report in TouchNet to allow for manual review and depositing. This allowed for greater control and reconciliation of revenue.

004-Update the Cashier Deposit Form to include all required information.

Background: The Cashier Deposit Form is a simple form designed to capture and summarize sometimes complex information. While the format of the form is changed infrequently, it is nothing more than a locked/restricted Excel workbook managed by the Bursar’s Office. The form can be unlocked and manipulated with the Bursar’s Office input and approval.
Resolution: The Cashier Deposit Form was unlocked for the requesting department and altered to meet their needs. A more detailed sheet tailored to their situation was built, with formulas used to automatically summarize data on the Cashier Deposit Form. Both the summary form and detailed sheet are supplied to the cashier with their daily deposits.