Quality Workplace Committee

Quality Workplace Committee

UNCSA seeks to attract, develop, and retain an exemplary faculty and staff inspired by a sense of mission, meaning, and purpose. The Quality Workplace Committee (QWC) is currently undertaking the following initiatives and will continue to seek input and feedback from the UNCSA campus community on ways to improve working at UNCSA.

A cross-departmental team forms the Quality Workplace Committee charged with strive to foster a quality workplace environment as part of the 2015-20 strategic plan and will continue in an enhanced way as part of UNCSA Forward, the 2022-27 strategic plan.

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Staff Enrichment Time

The QWC will be offering skills training and wellness activities in two-hour blocks twice a month for eight months. Staff can also use the designated time for personal and  professional development and for teams or departments can use this time for training as well.

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Employee Engagement Survey

The UNC System surveys employees every two years. Before the systemwide initiative, the Quality Workplace conducted a similar survey.  Following every survey the results are reviewed to see where we are doing well and where we need to improve.

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