Strategic Action Plan 2015–2020

Office of the Chancellor
Strategic Action Plan 2015–2020

This plan is designed to propel the University of North Carolina School of the Arts to the forefront of performing arts and media education in the United States by building on the institution’s extraordinary accomplishments, to prepare generations of dedicated and talented students to excel in all of their chosen fields.

Strategic Plan, 5 and 10 Years

Strategic Plan Update, Spring 2016

Strategic Plan 2016-17

The plan captures long-range thinking, in the form of a ten-year vision for the School of the Arts; medium-range aspirations, with five-year goals to be accomplished in each of five strategic initiatives; and objectives for the first year of implementation. Designated leaders for the strategic initiatives will decide how to achieve first-year objectives, working closely with staff and faculty to choose actionable, realistic, and measurable strategies and tactics that will result in a vital institution of higher learning in the arts.

The Mission

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts provides gifted emerging artists with the experience, knowledge, and skills needed to excel in their disciplines and in their lives, and it serves and enriches the cultural and economic prosperity of the people of North Carolina and the nation. UNCSA is the state’s unique professional school for the performing, visual, and moving image arts, training students at the high school, undergraduate, and master’s levels for professional careers in the arts. (Approved by the UNC Board of Governors 2/2014)

The Vision

Realizing its vision of being a leading cultural institution in the South, in 10 years UNCSA will:

  • Leverage its conservatory approach to teaching and learning, to be a leader in how artists build and hone their craft
  • Re-imagine the relationships among artists, faculty, partners, audiences, spaces, and technology to generate transformative experiences
  • Be stewards of a world-class, contemporary, and dynamic campus whose buildings engage, provoke, and inspire, and whose culture evokes pride and loyalty
  • Increase, diversify, and expand its financial resources to ensure the excellence and integrity of teaching, learning, and performance
  • Be at the leading edge of performance production through its innovative and interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Be an international role model operating at the intersection of sustainable communities, economic vibrancy, and creative development
  • Host an extensive and enviable alumni network with curated programs that engage artists at all levels over their lifetime