Receiving the Money

Once you are enrolled:

  • Grants, scholarships from UNCSA and federal loans will be credited directly to your student account to offset your semester school bill
  • Private scholarships may send a check to the school or to you.  You may need to endorse the check before it can be credited.
  • Federal Work Study wages are earned from submitting biweekly time sheets and directly deposited into your bank account.

Credit balance refunds are made available to you when your total aid exceeds your semester school bill.  If your aid was ready to disburse 10 days before the first day of school each semester, your credit balance refunds should be available by the seventh day of school each semester. 

If not, plan to arrive at school prepared to pay for your books and if you live off-campus, your first month’s bills for rent, utilities and food. You may pay your tuition and fees in installments over the course of a term by enrolling in a Tuition Payment Plan. More information about payment options is available from Student Accounts Office.