Impact Report

Impact Report

This year, our artists—students, alumni, and faculty—shared their talents in countless ways, from Grammy-winning recordings and Tony-winning musicals to music lessons for elementary-school students. We saw the establishment of cutting-edge initiatives that will propel each of our arts conservatories forwar, and embarked on crucial renovations that will prepare our campus for the future.

We are grateful for every donor who chose to make UNCSA a philanthropic priority. A full list of donors who gave between July 1, 2017, and June 30, 2018, can be found below. We invite you to learn more about ways to support our extraordinary university as we work to power creative industry and provide world-class artistic training to our remarkable students.

Watch the economic impact of the arts featuring UNCSA.

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Individual Donors


Anonymous (1)
Estate of Jenny Lillian Koortbojian


Estate of Rebecca Barrow
Mrs. Patricia Brown, ’01 and Dr. Malcolm M. Brown
Mr. Alexander Cochran Ewing*
Estate of June M. Ficklen
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Glenn, Jr.
Mr. Thomas S. Kenan III
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Watson
Mr. Ralph H. Womble and
Mrs. Ashley Edwards


Mr. and Mrs. F. Hudnall Christopher, Jr.
Ms. Jean C. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Driscoll
Mrs. Adrian R. Tiemann
Mr. Michael D. Tiemann and Dr. Amy P. Tiemann


Mr. Robert Colby
Ms. Diane R. Berg
Mr. Michael S. David and Ms. Lauren C. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Eisenberg
Mr. Thomas M. Fort, Jr., ’97 and
Mrs. Valerie Fort
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Gunter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hauser
Mr. Joseph P. Logan
Mr. and Mrs. L. David Mounts
Mr. Paul G. Tazewell, ’86


Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Averill
Mr. Norman Gayford and
Ms. Mary Conable
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gehring
Mrs. Charlotte M. Hanes
Mr. Mark E. Land, ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Mathews
Mr. Stanley K. McAfee III, ’79 and
Mrs. Lisa L. McAfee
Col. (Ret.) Andrew M. Perkins and
Dr. Mary T. Perkins
Ms. Cynthia J. Skaar


Mr. and Mrs. Preston G. Athey
Dr. Leslie Banner
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Booke
Mr. Joseph M. Bryan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burress III
Ms. Mia Celano and Mr. Noel L. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Chaden
Mr. Paul N. Fulton, Jr. and Mrs. Nan V. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Daniels, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Flow
Mrs. Cynthia S. Graham, ’87 and The Honorable William T. Graham, Jr.
Ms. Deann S. Halper, ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Johnsrude
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic R. Kahl
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Karr
Mr. Joel M. Leander and Mr. Perry Patterson
Ms. Amy L. Leander
Mr. Dan W. Lufkin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Richter, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Sessions
Mr. John A. Sneden, Jr.
Mr. Robert L. Strickland* and Mrs. Elizabeth Strickland
Dr. Charles V. Taft
Mr. Howard Upchurch, Jr. and Mr. John Hoemann
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wigodsky
Ms. Patricia J. Wilmot


Mr. and Mrs. William T. Barnett
Ms. Suri Bieler, ’71 and Mr. Eliot Brodsky
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Booke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brenner
Dr. Charlotte Broughton and Mr. David Broughton
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Cawood
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Chapman
Mrs. Marilyn Cloutier
Mr. Albert R. Crawford III, ’97 and Mrs. Kerry A. Crawford
Mrs. Phyllis H. Dunning
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Egnatz
Mr. and Mrs. J. Henry Froelich III
Mr. and Mrs. John Giannuzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gorstein
Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. Gwyn
Mr. John E. Fitzgerald and Mr. Robert C. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Johe
Mrs. Catherine M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Kearns, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey J. Kierstead
Mr. Robert L. King III
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Kurtz
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Madden
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin
Professor and Mrs. Richard H. Miller
Dr. Jane M. Pfefferkorn and
Mr. William G. Pfefferkorn
Ms. Gina A. Phillips
Mr. Graydon Pleasants, Jr. and Ms. Margaret Scales
Professor Dale and Mrs. Susan Pollock
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Presson, Jr.
Ms. Lorraine A. Raphael, ’75 and Mr. John M. Hemmer
Mr. J.T. Rogers, ’90 and Ms. Rebecca Ashley, ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Scherl
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sellitti
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Shaw, Jr.
Mr. Joseph Sinsheimer and Ms. Toddi A. Steelman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slade
Ms. Jennifer B. Smith and Mr. Doug Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Van Doren, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wigodsky
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Willis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. Michael Wunder


Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Appel
Ms. Leigh M. Ayers
The Reverend and Mrs. Douglass M. Bailey
Mr. Frank L. Benedetti and Mr. Thomas G. Trowbridge
Mr. Robert M. Beseda
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Blumenthal
Dr. Haywood L. Brown
The Honorable and Mrs. James T. Broyhill
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Carroll
Mr. D. Elwood Clinard, Jr.
Mr. J. Scott Cramer* and Mrs. Selma C. Scott-Cramer
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Curlett, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Davis II
Mrs. Martha S. De Laurentiis
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Donahue
Mr. Geoffrey N. Edge, ’97 and Mrs. Erin E. Edge, ’97
Ms. Anna S. Folwell
Mrs. Gene G. Foster
Dean Emeritus Gerald A. Freedman
Mr. Joseph Frisina and Ms. Anne Herndon
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gates
Mr. Jeffrey Guillmette and Ms. Nicole Bazanac
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Henderson
Mrs. Josephine K. Hennelly
Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Holt
Mr. Robert P. Jansen, ’95 and Mrs. Ashley G. Jansen, ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Juran
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Kenan
Mr. Alan T. Kirby
Dr. and Mrs. Keith R. Kooken
Mr. and Mrs. J. Gilmour Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. LaVallee
Mr. Timothy R. Mackabee, ’03
Mr. William G. Magnussen, ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Major
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mann
Mr. Bryan R. Mason, ’92
Mr. and Mrs. John B. McKinnon
Mr. G. C. Windham and Ms. Drew H. McNeill
Ms. Sylvia L. Messick
Ms. Tamara Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Millhouse
Mrs. Chrystal Parnell
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Pleasants, Jr.
Mrs. Elaine D. Pruitt
Mr. Dalton D. Ruffin
Mr. Michael S. Ryden
Estate of M. Louise Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Tribby
Mr. and Mrs. William Womble, Jr.


Ms. Margaret W. Armfield
Mr. Diedrich Bader ’87 and Mrs. Dulcy Bader
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bain
Ms. Sarah B. Barnhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bates
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Baynard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Beach
Dr. and Mrs. Lee Beall
Mr. and Mrs. F. James Becher, Jr.
Dr. D. Paige Bentley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Berlin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Black, Jr.
Chancellor M. L. Bierman and Mr. Alan Henderson
Dr. Richard C. Blanks
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Block
Ms. Sheila B. Brame
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Brinegar
Dr. Jonathan H. Burdette and Dr. Shona E. Simpson
Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Burnette
Teresa C. Burrows
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Burrows
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Campbell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cardwell
Mr. M. Campbell Cawood
Ms. Pat Shore Clark
Mr. and Mrs. W. Mark Conger
Mr. and Mrs. Thorns Craven
Ms. Lila J. Cruikshank
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Daggett
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis III
Mr. and Mrs. James J. DeCristo
Mr. and Mrs. Drew M. Dixon
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Dudley
Dr. and Mrs. David J. English
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Falvo
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Farinsky
Ms. Ella Fawley
Ms. Carolyn D. Fisch
Mr. Roy B. Fitch, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. McDara P. Folan III
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Ford
Mr. Robert L. Francesconi and Ms. Mollie Murray
The Honorable Linda D. Garrou and Mr. John L. W. Garrou
Mr. John W. Googe
Mr. David G. Green, ’98
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Guenthner
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Gyves
Mr. and Mrs. F. Borden Hanes, Jr.
Mrs. Sarah Trent Harris
Drs. David and Deirdre Herrington
Mr. and Mrs. David Holden
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson H. House
Dr. Katherine L. Immerman, ’73 and Dr. Anthony Melaragno
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Irvin
Ms. Joia Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Jordan
Mr. Daniel Kirk-Foster, ’88
Mr. Isaac T. Klein, ’06
Mr. Matthew L. Lauria, ’07 and Mrs. Michelle Lauria
Mr. Edward J. Lewis III and Dr. Scott R. Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Lord III
Ms. Corey B. Madden, ’79 and Mr. Bruno Louchouarn*
Dr. Kimberly A. Marshall, ’77 and Mr. Adam Zweiback
Ms. Amanda McBride
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Merlo
Mr. Michael S. Meskill, ’96 and Mrs. Laurel H. Meskill, ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Milam
Ms. Susan L. Melville and Mr. Charles R. Monroe
Mr. George W. C. Mountcastle
Mr. Charles M. Mull*
Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. David P. Nelson
Dr. William N. Osborne
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Partin, Jr.
Mrs. Susan E. Price, ’66 and Mr. Walter M. Price
Ms. Michele K. Prosser, ’79
Mr. J. Timothy Prout
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pulitzer, Jr.
The Honorable William B. and Peggy Reingold
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Robertson, Jr.
Ms. Anne Rainey Rokahr
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Ross
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Roy
Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Rubin
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ruffin, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rugaber
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Schneider
Mr. James D. B. T. Semans and Ms. Margaret Rich
Sandra and Wayne Shugart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Sommerkamp
Mr. and Mrs. David Steiner
Mrs. Estella E. Surratt
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Tatter
Mr. and Mrs. Myles C. Thompson
Ms. Mary M. Tucker
Ms. Susan B. Wall
Mr. Brannon Wiles and Mrs. Suzanne Hilser-Wiles
Mr. Alan H. Davis and Dr. Kathryn B. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wilson III
Mr. and Mrs. H. Vernon Winters
Mrs. Carolyn A. Yokley


Mr. Stephen D. Arnold and Ms. Laurie Bauman
Mr. and Mrs. Zack H. Bacon, Jr.
Mr. Charles Ballish Regueiro, ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Winston E. Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Bettis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Blum
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Brenner
Dr. Meredith W. Carlone and Mr. Michael V. Carlone
Mr. Norman Coates and Mrs. Annie Bruskiewitz-Coates
Ms. Edith Conable
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cone, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis IV
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dodds
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Donahue
Estate of Elaine D. Dowdell
Dr. Elizabeth Dull
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ellis
Dr. Madeline B. Frank-Berger, ’71
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Frankel
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Gage
Mr. Boyd L. George
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gordon
Mr. Joshua Hatcher, ’95
Ms. Veronica X. Herbert, ’11
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Hickman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Hollinger
Mrs. Mary R. Hord
Mr. and Mrs. J. Phillip Horne
Ms. Leigh Ann Janjua
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher N. Jones
Mrs. Gretchen E. Leff, ’92 and Mr. Christopher Leff
Mr. Daniel A. Liebman, ’73
Dr. Anna E. Waller and Mr. Stephen Marshall
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Marsicano
Mr. and Mrs. Trent W. McCain, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Meade
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Mercer, Jr.
Mr. McLean Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Royden Ogden III
Ms. Patricia Pence-Sokoloff
Dr. Kara J. Pepper, ’95
Ms. Ann C. Pollard
Mr. Jim Ray, ’82 and Ms. Natalie M. Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Rowe
Dean Susan Ruskin and Mr. Tom H. Ramirez
Dr. Kenneth M. Sadler and Dr. Brenda A. Latham-Sadler
Professor and Mrs. Sidney A. Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Shaw, Jr.
Mr. John I. Shaw, Jr.* and Mrs. Annie Shaw
Ms. Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin
Ms. Lois Spritzer, ’86 and Mr. Craig M. Coopersmith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Turner
Mr. Cailen E. Waddell, ’04
Ms. Sally A. Wahrmann
Mr. Gregory C. Walter
Ms. Amy L. Werner and Dr. Michael K. Cundall, Jr.
Mr. Fredrick R. Wicker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Williams
Mr. Samm-Art Williams
Mrs. Martha H. Womble*
The Honorable Aldona Wos and Mr. Louis DeJoy


Mr. and Mrs. Russ Anderson
Mr. David A. Ball and Ms. Susan Pochapsky
Mr. Nicholas S. Barone
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Bettis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Bohnert
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Bouldin, Jr.
Mr. Michael M. Brake, '95 and Ms. Jennifer Judelle-Brake, '97
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Brand
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. Brett
Ms. Rebecca F. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Alton E. Bryant III
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent B. Burns
Dr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Chandler, Jr.
Mr. John D. Chapman, '74
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Cooper
Mr. Brandon Crouse
Mrs. Elaine P. Dana
Mrs. Nina Danilova-Maslennikova and Mr. Alexandr Maslennikov
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Dardes
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Day
Mr. Jeremy M. Day, '01
Mr. Dane W. DeHaan, '08 and Mrs. Anna A. DeHaan, '08
Mrs. Julia C. Denham
Ms. Mary J. Doornbos, '71 and Mr. Michael D. Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Earthman
Mr. Rob D. Eastman-Mullins, '05 and Mrs. Andrea Eastman-Mullins
Mr. James Econopouly and Ms. Joan East
Mr. Broadus J. Embler II
Dr. and Mrs. J. Murray Fadial
Dr. Lee K. Finklea
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Fowler
Mr. and Ms. Peter B. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Gage
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse F. Goins III
Mr. Theodore C. Goodspeed, '02
Dr. Louis N. Gottlieb
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Grosswald
Ms. Stephanie R. Hahn, '92
Mr. Gus D. Halper, '14
Mr. Paul Harper and Mrs. Virginia B. Von Haven
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hawkins
Mr. A. Alex Helsabeck
Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Hiersteiner
Ms. Barbara A. Hinnant
Mr. and Mrs. David Holden
Ms. Nancy Hopwood
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Hoyt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Franklin
Mr. Howard C. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Kay, Jr.
Mr. Jeffrey Kimball and Ms. Pamela Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Kimmel
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Laxton
Mr. Charles Leffler
Professor Kjersten J. Lester-Moratzka, '96 and Dr. James G. Lester
Ms. Cecile F. Lethem, '87 and Ms. Jennifer Groppe
Ms. Lynda S. Lotich
Mr. Ernest J. Lunsford
Mr. Kent Stephens and Ms. Patricia A. Lynch
Ms. Sandi Macdonald and Mr. Henry Grzes
Ms. Jeanne Doornbos and/ Mr. Michael D. Maher
Dr. Julia R. Fielding and Dr. Keith P. Mankin
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus R. McBride
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCluney
Mrs. Lynnette P. McCollum, '81 and Mr. Kevin McCollum
Ms. Patricia Mead
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Millones
Dr. and Mrs. Dixon M. Moody
Mr. Robert P. Moyer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Neal
Mr. Stuart C. Nelson, '02
Mr. and Mrs. David Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Otis B. Northington
Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Connor
Mr. Wayne Olson
Mr. Ken Palm
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Parrish
Ms. Linda I. Penney
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Petronzio
Mr. Bill Potter, '84 and Mrs. Deborah C. Potter
Ms. Emily Ragsdale
Mr. Milton Rhodes and Mrs. Mattie M. Rhodes '69
Mr. Joseph J. Rick
Ms. Ashley A. Rigg, '14 and Mr. Jeff Rigg
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Roberts
Mr. Gwilym N. Roddick, '01
The Honorable Selwa Roosevelt
Mr. and Mrs. Anders O. Rostlund
Mrs. Jeanne Ruddy Keen, '88 and Mr. Victor Keen
Mr. and Mrs. C. Guy Rudisill III
Ms. Alison L. Sawyer, '85
Mr. Davison D. Scandrett, '02
Mr. Gabriel Schwartz
Mr. Joshua R. Selander, '06
Mr. Tod D. Serfass and Ms. Margaret Couch
Mr. and Mrs. E. Taylor Shipley , Jr.
Mr. Richard W. Sickles
Mr. Paul Sorensen, Jr.
Mrs. Carol E. Strittmatter
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert G. Tolson
Mr. and Mrs. Roxie W. Towns
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Von Ahn
Mr. Paul Harper and Mrs. Virginia B. Von Haven
Dr. Martha W. Waller, '87
Mr. Robert E. Warner, '84
Ms. Lisa Weber
Ms. Virginia R. Weiler
Dr. Richard B. Weinberg
Mr. and Mrs. P. Everett Wells III
Mr. David Winslow, '76 and Mrs. Cynthia C. Winslow
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Wood
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wright III


Dr. Marilyn S. Taylor and Mr. James Allbritten
Ms. Lynn Baber, '81 and Mr. Jeffrey Parker
Mr. Kris J. Bain, '10 and Mrs. Lillian M. Dawson Bain, '10
Mrs. Alic B. Barsony, '99 and Mr. Alain D. Barsony
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bassett IV
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bennett
Mrs. Mary P. Block, '80
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bonsall
Mr. Kenneth A. Bower, Jr.
Mr. Nicholas B. Bragg
Ms. Wendy Brandes
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Brunjes III
Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Burt
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Byerly
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Calhoun
Ms. Jamie Call Blankinship, '81 and The Reverend Joseph J. Blankinship V
Mr. Mark Campbell
Mr. R. Larry Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Cannon
Mr. Greg Carnes
Ms. Marla K. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Nick D. Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Cawood
Mr. Leonard S. Clein
Mr. George Clutts
Mr. Stephen H. Coulter, '81 and Mrs. Dee Coulter
Mr. James C. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Culwell
Mr. Maurice B. Cupitt, '92
Ms. Brenda J. Daniels and Mr. Jefferson F. Dalby
Ms. Allison Davis
Ms. Diane De Cristo Miller
Mr. Thomas J. Donoghue, '98 and Mrs. Erin M. Donoghue, '99
Ms. Alejandra Dore
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Drozd
Mr. and Mrs. C. Stephen Dula
Ms. Katherine Dunn
Mr. Raymond E. Ebert, Jr.
Estate of Frank Borden Hanes, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Farrar
Dr. W. M. Ferrell and Ms. Leah Lavin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Finfgeld
Dr. and Mrs. Jack D. Fleer
Mr. Edward G. Fowler, Jr., '70
Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Fox
Mr. Leonard R. Gardner, Jr., '96
Mr. John Glynn, '92 and Mrs. Francesca Glynn
Mrs. Mary Anne P. Goldberg, '77 and Mr. Mark Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. E. Wilson Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Grosswald
Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. Gwyn
Mr. and Mrs. F. Borden Hanes, Jr.
Mr. Harry Heilig, Jr.
Mrs. Eunice S. Heilig
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Heise
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hensel
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hinton
Ms. Jackie Hoff
Mrs. Mary E. Hopeman Palafox, '80 and Mr. Mario Palafox
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hosey
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Howland
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Hoyt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Hunt
Mr. Randall T. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin N. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Halbert Jones, Jr.
Dr. Raymond C. Jones
Ms. Lee C. Jones
Ms. Jan Kenney
Ms. Penelope Kilpatrick
Mr. Andrew Kimball and Ms. Sarah Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar O. Kinnier III
Mrs. Mary Elen R. Knott
Mrs. Susan R. Knowlson, '98
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Krusch
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lail
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Lalevee, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Leckie III
Mr. Robert D. Lessor and Ms. Michele A. McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt K. Lohman
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Lubin
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Lubin
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Machamer
Mr. Charles A. Martin, '68 and Mrs. Laura J. Smith-Martin
Mr. Thomas Massella, Jr., '83 and Mrs. Elizabeth Massella
Dr. and Mrs. William McCall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. McClintock
Dr. and Mrs. David L. McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. Victor McMillan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. McNair
Mr. Robert Rudisin and Mrs. Carla J. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Palani Mohan
Mr. Richard D. Moore and Dr. Mary L. Moore
Mr. Michael B. Moran, '01 and Mrs. Patty Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Moreau
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Morrison
Mr. Andrew B. Motten, '09
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Mount
Dr. and Mrs. Eberhard Mueller-Heubach
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome F. Naradzay
Mr. Donald J. Oberpriller, '89
Mr. David L. Olson and Ms. Siobhan Olson
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Parsley
Drs. John D. and Dominique P. Patrick
Drs. John D. and Dominique P. Patrick
Mrs. Josephine W. Patton
Mr. Martin D. Penry
Col. (Ret.) Andrew M. Perkins and Dr. Mary T. Perkins
Mr. David Powell
Ms. Sheila S. Pulling
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Purves
Mrs. Maria R. Puschinsky
Mrs. June R. Putt
Mrs. Deborah L. Pyatt, '76 and Mr. Tim Pyatt
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ragland
Mr. Tareake D. Ramos, '17
Mr. Christopher L. Reavis, '84
Dr. Robert A. Riehle, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rivera
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk L. Romanchock
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Roselli
Mr. and Mrs. Mike R. Rouse
Mr. and Mrs. C. Guy Rudisill III
Mr. William B. Whitman and Ms. Paula J. Schwanenflugel
Ms. Victoria N. Scott
Ms. Faye W. Simmons
Ms. Lauren Sinclair
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Skinner
Ms. Elizabeth Skok Bunch
Professor Cydney S. Spohn, '85
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Steele, Jr.
Mr. Craig J. Stelzenmuller, '01
Ms. Gillian E. Murphy, '96 and Mr. Ethan Stiefel
Mr. Roscoe L. Strickland III
Mr. Michael B. Surratt, '67
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Sykes
Mr. Brett J. Thomas, '79
Thomas W. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Thorne
Mr. Scott T. Tilley, '79 and Mrs. Susan D. Tilley
Mr. Meng-Wen Tsai and Ms. Pei-Fan Chen
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Valentino, Sr.
Mr. Paul H. Valoris, '79 and Mrs. Chi-Yun F. Valoris
Mr. Dirk R. Van Pernis, '03
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie L. Vaughn
Mr. Andrew H. Veach
Mrs. Amy Vernon
Ms. Heather N. Walker, '15
Mr. and Mrs. Earl F. Wall
Ms. Celia W. Weston, '73
Mr. Thomas G. Wilson and Ms. Caroline Munroe
Mr. Jim Smith and Ms. Aimee Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Winikoff
Mr. Billy Woodall and Ms. Geitza Posada
Dr. and Mrs. Joe H. Woody
Dr. and Mrs. William O. Young


Ms. Emilie K. Abel, '05
Ms. Andrea Albright
Mr. John Alexander
Mr. Darrell Allison
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Alspach
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Alston
Mr. Mando E. Alvarado, '01 and Ms. Sarena Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Anders
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson III
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Andrews
Ms. Megan A. Andrews, '12
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Apple, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Arena
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Arnold
Mr. David S. Arnold and Mr. Robbie D. Paris
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Atteberry
Mrs. Jody Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. W. Timothy Ayres
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bach
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Bailey
Mr. Isaac J. Banks, '15
Mrs. Nancy J. Barber
Mr. Clifford Barber
Mr. Stacey Barger
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Barker, Jr.
Mr. Alpheus Bartholow
Mr. Nick J. Battiste, Jr., '97
Ms. Suzanne R. Baxtresser, '68 and Mr. Stephen Wangh
Henry Beck
Mr. and Mrs. George Bell
Mr. Adam Bell and Ms. Carol Reed
Mrs. Tatyana A. Belov
Ms. Sandra Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bernard
Mr. and Mrs. Danny G. Berrier
Mr. Rodd D. Berro, '80 and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Berro
Ms. Melanie Bhambri
Mr. Michael C. Bishop, '00
Ms. Jean T. Blackwood, '78
Ms. Ariel N. Blake, '17
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Bodek
Ms. Krista Bonetti
Professor and Mrs. Dennis G. Booth
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander F. Borys
Mr. Nicholas Bougis and Mrs. Catherine Donaldson
Ms. Frances E. Brenner
Mr. Paul Brintley
Mr. and Mrs. J. William Broadway
Mrs. Karen A. Bronson, '94 and Mr. Thomas A. Bronson
Mr. Robert Brooks
Mr. Hosea C. Brower, '68
Ms. Shryll Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brown
Mr. Peter S. Hedges, '84 and Ms. Susan Bruce
Ms. Brent A. Bruin, '12
Mr. Joseph O. Brunjes, '98 and Mrs. Johanna R. Brunjes
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Buell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buie
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bullock
Mr. Howard Burnett
Mr. and Ms. Joseph D. Burns
Ms. Nancy Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick K. Burt
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cain
Dean Ward W. Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Calhoun
Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. George Carson II
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Carter
Ms. Eugenia A. Carter
Mr. David Caudill
Mr. and Mrs. Todd H. Chase
Mr. John T. Cheek, '70 and Mrs. Lee Y. Cheek
Mr. Hong-Guang Chen, '90
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Chittick
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cipriano
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Cockrell
Dr. Tadeu Coelho
Mr. Jeffrey Cohn and Ms. Patricia Thornton
Mr. Michael A. Colina, '70 and Mrs. Robin Colina
Mr. Kevin S. Crandell and Ms. Margaret A. Conable
Mr. and Mrs. W. Mark Conger
Ms. Beth Connelly
Mrs. Pamela M. Connolly, '86 and Mr. Thomas K. Connolly, Jr.
Ms. Dona and Mr. Arthur Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Coppa
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cosgrove
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Cox III
Mr. Sean R. Cox, '98
Mr. Patrick E. Craig, '97
Ms. Jessica Cranford
Mr. Andrew G. Crawford, '04
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. O. Roane Cross, Jr.
Dr. J. Robin Crouse III
Ms. Donna B. Culbreth, '69
Mr. John R. Culwell, '16
Ms. and Mr. Lisa Cunningham
Mr. Kenneth S. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Curlett, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle L. Dallape
Mr. Ralph W. Daniel
Ms. Cynthia A. Darlow, '70 and Mr. Richard Ferrone
Ms. Sara L. Davis, '78
Mr. Bradley Davis
Ms. I. Davis
Mr. Keir Davis
Dr. Temple V. Day
Mr. Robert Daye
Mr. Dane W. DeHaan, '08 and Mrs. Anna A. DeHaan, '08
Ms. Laura D. Depta, '90 and Mr. Stan Peal
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. DeSimone
Mr. and Mrs. Santo J. DeStefano
Mr. and Mrs. John Devanney
Ms. Rebecca L. Nussbaum, '97 and Dr. Lawrence M. Dillon
Dr. Allison Divers
Ms. Celia Dixon
Mrs. Patricia A. Dixon, '80 and Mr. W. L. Dixon, Jr.
Ms. Natalia Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Doniphan
Mr. Matthew C. Donnell, '99 and Ms. Alana Niehoff
Mrs. Carolyn Dorff, '93 and Robin Dorff
Mr. Barry Dorsey
Mrs. Nadiyah S. Dorsey-Quander, '01 and Mr. James E. Quander, Jr.
Mr. Shayne T. Doty, '79
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Douglas
Mr. Robin R. Dreyer, '86 and Mrs. Tammy M. Hitchcock, '75
Mr. David A. Dugas, '86
Ms. Lisa Duke
Mr. and Mrs. Brian H. Dunkelberger
Ms. Alison Duvall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Edwards
Mrs. and Mrs. Daniela Egersdoerfer
The Reverend and Mrs. Stewart E. Ellis
Mrs. Jarrod V. Ellis, '96 and Mrs. Lilyan V. Ellis, '96
Mr. and Mrs. Gale Ellis III
Mrs. Suzan D. Elster
Mrs. Sally B. Emery and Mr. Horace Emery
Ms. Lucy C. Davis and Mr. Fred B. Emmerson
Dr. Jean C. Emond and Ms. M. J. Balanoff Emond
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Epperson
Mr. Julian E. Eubank III, '72 and Mrs. Annette Eubank
Mr. and Mrs. William Fairbanks
Mr. and Mrs. William Fairbanks
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest A. Ferrell
Dr. John P. Ferri
Ms. Jennifer L. Ferrin, '03
Mr. Monty Fetterolf and Ms. Cathy Cobb
Ms. Katherine M. Finklea, '00
Mr. and Mrs. James Finn
Ms. Jennifer F. Fitzpatrick
Mr. James Flatt
Mrs. Mary Kathryn K. Flynt, '04
Ms. Emily Foley
Ms. Knolveree V. Forney
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Franco III
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Frank
Ms. Laura L. Freeman, '86
Mr. John W. Freer, Jr., '83 and Mrs. Rhoda Griffis Freer, '83
Ms. Cheryl L. Fuller, '80
Mr. Brian S. Fuller, '95 and Dr. Angelique M. Fuller, '97
Mr. Peter L. Galison and Ms. Caroline A. Jones
Ms. Angela Gamble
Mr. James E. Gardner, '70 and Mrs. Susan W. Gardner, '72
Mrs. Angela Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garey
Mr. Harold R. Garrison
Mr. David George
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gephart
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Gillen
Mr. David A. Gilman, '98
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Gilmore
Christopher A. Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Glass
Ms. Suzanne Glassgow
Mr. Laurence W. Glazener, '68
Ms. Carolyn Gleason, '86
Dr. Dulaney Glen and Mrs. Wendy W. Glen
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Glover
Mr. and Mrs. Brant H. Godfrey
Mr. Milton A. Goetz
Ms. Anna Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Bryon J. Gordon
Mr. David Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Graham
Dr. Judy A. Greene
Ms. Sarah Greer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Griffin
Mr. John W. Freer, Jr., '83 and Mrs. Rhoda Griffis Freer, '83
Mr. and Mrs. Ross A. Griffith
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Griggs
Dr. Mary K. Grissett, M.D., '92 and Mr. Stephen Grissett
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Grissing, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Guidetti
Ms. Mariah A. Guillmette, '18
Mr. Robert H. Guinness and Ms. Sarah L. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Gunter
Mr. Rodney Hains
Mr. Peter Hairston
Dr. Simin Hall and Mr. Keith Hall
Mr. Brett D. Hall, '85
Ms. Jane L. Hallstrom, '68 and Mr. Frank Hallstrom
Mr. Jonathan D. Halsey, '01
Ms. Renee Hamilton
Ms. Sherrie Hamlin-Robinson
Ms. Linda Hamm
Mr. Michael K. Hanes
Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge C. Hanes
Ms. Nicole Hansen
Mrs. Carol H. Harding
Mr. Hugh M. Hardyman, '92 and Ms. Susan Shils
Mr. Shawn P. Harmon, '04
Mrs. Martha D. Harper
Mr. Karl A. Harris
Ms. Amy Harris
Mr. David L. Harrison
Mr. Arthur Hasher and Ms. Annette Wisznic
Mr. and Mrs. John Hashimoto
Mr. Wiley Hausam
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Hazzard
Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Heaney
Ms. Alexandra Heddinger, '86 and Mr. Marc Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Hedgpeth
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Hedgpeth
Ms. Pamela G. Hewitt, '69
Mr. Steven S. Hickman
Mr. C. Roger Hill
Ms. Jennifer R. Hinson
Mr. Michael D. Hodges
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Holdgrafer
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hollan, III
Ms. Janet S. Holland, '85 and Mr. John Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Holmes
Ms. Amanda Hoots
Mr. Christopher R. Hopkins, '05
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Horsley
Mr. Mathew T. Horvat, '12
Drs. David and Cristi Howe
Mr. Yu-Tsung Huang and Dr. Chinyu Wu
Mr. Jeffrey W. Hudgins, '85
Ms. Stephanie A. Hudson, '94
Mrs. Frances L. Huffman
Ms. Doreen Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hunter
Ms. Anjanette Hutson
Mr. and Ms. Robert Ihrie, Jr.
Ms. Elwanda D. Ingram
Ms. Carol Ingram
Ms. Kim Inman
Ms. Carin F. Ioannou
Dr. and Mrs. J. Ray Israel
Dr. Renata Jackson
Ms. Susan Jaffe
Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. James, IV
Mr. Matthew L. James, '92 and Mrs. Alison James
Mr. Matthew L. James, '92 and Mrs. Alison James
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome E. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Jeter
Mrs. Julie K. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson
Ms. Kathleen Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. J. Barry Johnson
Mr. Russ W. Jolly, '84
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Kantor
Mr. Thomas P. Tyrrell III and Dr. Laura A. Kaylor DVM
Mr. and Mrs. R. James Kaylor
Mr. Mark Kellenberger and Ms. Karen Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kelley
Mrs. Raquel Kelly
Dr. David L. Kelly, Jr.
Mr. Jack C. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kepley
Mrs. Andrea D. Kepple
Mr. Gregory Carroll and Mrs. Mary Kesel
Ms. Karen Kilby
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Kim
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon M. Kimbrell
Ms. Jennifer Kimbro
Ms. Natalie A. Kirk, '18
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kiss
Ms. Lori A. Klinger, '79
Lauren Knightly
Ms. Corynn N. Kolberg
Ms. Jooyoung Koo, '05
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald C. Koontz
Mrs. Pamela N. Kott
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kutcher
Mr. and Mrs. David Lacy
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Laidlaw
Mr. and Mrs. Dean F. Lail
Dr. and Ms. Allen Lalor
Ms. Elizabeth LaMonica
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Lancaster
Ms. Danielle A. Langlois, '99
Mr. Evan D. LaVack
Ms. Melinda J. Lawrence-Wiesler, '70
Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Lecamu, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Leggett
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Lewis
Mr. Lance B. Lewman, '82 and Ms. Kristan K. Lewman, '81
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Liberty
Ms. Deborah Light
Mr. and Mrs. Nick D. Limouris
Dr. Anne H. Lincoln-Ogren, '03
Mr. and Mrs. Craig H. Linger
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Littrell
Ms. Cynthia E. Livingston, '71
Ms. Gilana M. Lobel, '05
Ms. Bonnie Logan
Ms. Martha Logan
Ms. Charlyn Logan-Stuart and Mr. James B. Stuart
Ms. Martha Logemann
Ms. Caroline Long
Mr. D. J. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Lott
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Lummis
Mr. Brian M. Mahnke, '12
Mr. Paul G. Maley, '83
Mrs. Doreen P. Maller, '80 and Mr. Steven Maller
Dr. and Mrs. Tanios J. Ma'Luf
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley W. Mandel
Mr. Robert A. Mantegna, '09Mr. Brian Manuel
Mr. and Mrs. W. Marty Marion
Mr. Christopher R. Martin, '86 and Mrs. Laura M. Martin
Ms. Claudia H. Martin, '72
Mrs. Elizabeth Martin
Mr. Edwin H. Martinat III, '08
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Marvelli
Mr. R. Clifton Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Osborne Mauck
Mr. and Mrs. W. Vaughn McCall, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford E. McCormick
Mr. Robert C. McDougle, '70 and Mrs. Cathy G. McDougle
Mr. and Mrs. Martin McEnroe
Ms. Byah D. McGee
Ms. Emily A. McGillicuddy, '10
Ms. G. Gretchen McGinty '96
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mcgrath
Ms. Marilyn R. McIntyre, '72
Mr. and Mrs. John McLain
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. McManus
Mr. Douglas McMillan
Mr. Darrin P. McMurry, '81
Ms. Annie McQuire
Ms. Riva Meade
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Meagher
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Medlin
Leigh and Stephen Meigs
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan F. Meter
Mr. Russell Metheny
Ms. Cecilia A. Milbrandt, '18
Ms. Rosemary V. Millar, Ph.D.
Dr. Kathryn Mitchener
Ms. Bethanie M. Monroe, '93
Dr. Anna Monroe
Ms. Lydia Moore
Ms. Tania Moore
Mrs. Nikki Morachnick
Mr. J. Griffin Morgan and Ms. Maureen Geraghty
Mr. Joshua W. Morgan, '09
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Morgan
Ms. Deanna Moss
Dr. R. Bruce Moss '71
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Motten
Ms. Donna Moyer
Ms. Angie Murphy
Mr. Kim M. Shipley and Mr. Michael T. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Myers
Mr. William Nace
Mr. and Mrs. David Naismith
Mr. and Mrs. James Nanton
The Reverend and Mrs. J. Robert Nations
Mrs. Margaret Norfleet Neff
Mr. Ralph J. Neiweem, Jr., '69 and Ms. Claire Aebersold
Mrs. Sherry Nelson
Ms. Celeste Nettles
Mr. Jason Neves
Ms. Phyllis H. Newsome
Ms. Jana Newsome
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Newton, Jr.
Mr. John Nicolson
Ms. Sonja Nielsen
Ms. Peggy Noakes
Ms. Cindy Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nolin
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Norman
Ms. Dorothy Northup
Mr. M. T. O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley F. O'Brien
Ms. Katie O'Connell
Ms. Gisele R. Oerter, '78
Drs. John M. and Pamela A. Oliver
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Olsen
Mrs. Robin P. O'Neal
Ms. Virginia M. Ortiz and Mr. Jaime Ortiz-Lopez
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Osteen
Mrs. Susan V. Overman
Ms. Marcy Ownby
Mr. A. Wilson Pace
Ms. Diane Paquet-White
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Park
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Parker
Ms. Natalie J. Parker, '13
Dr. Anne Parkhurst
Mr. T. Christopher Parnell '89
Ms. Ines Patron
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson
Mrs. Dorothy H. Patterson, '99
Professor Norman E. Pendergraft
Mr. W. Gaston Penry, Jr.
Ms. Rebecca K. Perrenod, '05
Mr. Daniel G. Perry, '87
Ms. Erin E. Peters, '05
Mr. Kenneth A. Pettigrew, '13
Mr. Paul L. Pfefferkorn
Ms. Barbara Philleo
Ms. Tara Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Pisapia
Mr. Erik C. Plath, '11
Mr. Byron K. Plexico, '80 and Mrs. Ginger D. Plexico
Mr. Scott D. Poitras, '96
Mr. Harry M. Poster, '11
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Poster
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Potter
Ms. Kelley C. Potter, '02
Mr. Jorge Prado
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Pranikoff
Ms. Marion Pratnicki
Colonel and Mrs. John L. Rafferty
Mr. Mark Rake and Ms. Leza Raffel
Mr. Matt W. Ransom V, '97 and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Ransom, '92
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Raper, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Renegar
Douglas R. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Jason W. Richard
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Riddle
Ms. Yvonne Rizk
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Roberts
Mrs. Deana Robinson
Ms. Sharon H. Robinson Laredo, '68 and Mr. Jaime Laredo
Mr. Robert P. Rocco
Mr. and Mrs. C. Christopher Rodie
Ms. Michelle L. Roehm
Ms. Stephane Rogers
Mrs. Sarah B. Rogers, '76 and Mr. Randy J. Rogers
Ms. Patricia Romanchock
Mr. Leonard Roscoe
Mrs. Kathy A. Rosen Foernzler, '75 and Mr. Ernest C. Foernzler
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Roy
Ms. Mary Rumley
Mr. Alton C. Franklin and Ms. Carolyn A. Sakowski
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Sale
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Sanchez
Mr. Wilmer D. Sanders
Mrs. Anita Sanford
Miss Mary Carol Sapp
Mr. and Mrs. Joel C. Schanker
Mrs. Mary Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Schneider
Ms. Robin L. Schneider, '87 and Mr. John M. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Schoenberger
Ms. Caroline R. Schreiber, '13
Ms. Judy Schuster
Mr. Leland Schwantes, Jr. '69 and Mrs. Anne C. Schwantes
Mr. James F. Calciano and Ms. Marcie Schwartz
Ms. Lorna L. Scott, '79
Ms. Allison Scott
Mrs. Corlis L. Sellers-Drummond
Dr. Jeremy Reiskind and Mr. Sherwood Shaffer
Ms. Sarah Shannon
Ms. Summer D. Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Sheppard
Mr. John C. Shoenfelt, '97
Mr. Ronald J. Short
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Shute
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Siebert
Mr. Mark Siler and Mrs. Kiran Sigmon
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart R. Silver
Ms. Emily E. Simoness, '07 and Mr. Michael Chernus
Mr. W. Jackson Sims III '68
Ms. Sylvia Sinclair
Ms. Ann E. Skillington
Mr. Allan P. Sloan, Jr.
Ms. Brenda Sloan
Ms. Beverly Smith and Ms. Traci L. Roscoe
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Smith III
Mrs. Mary M. Smoak
Mr. Robert Snider
Mr. David R. Snider
Mr. and Mrs. Art Solomon
Mrs. Shannon Soots
Ms. Tierney M. Sorensen, '18
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Spach
Mrs. Viiu C. Spangler Khare, '88 and Mr. Sam Khare
Mr. R. Arthur Spaugh
Mrs. Gwen V. Spear-Jones, '70 and Mr. Michael W. Spear-Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Christian A. Speas
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. David Spievack
Dr. R. Daniel Spillman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stack
Ms. Judy Stallings
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Starbuck
Ms. Wanda Starke
Mr. Kirk Starks
Mr. Forrest Staton
Mrs. Rhenda Steele
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Stewart
Ms. Jennifer Stockton, '91 and Mr. Richard Hough
Mr. Jeffrey Worth and Mrs. Susan G. Stockton Worth
Mr. and Ms. Jay Strum
Ms. Lisa Sturz
Mr. Sean Sullivan and Ms. Elizabeth Johnson-Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Sullivan
Dr. and Mrs. W. Mark Suttle
Ms. Melissa Sweasey
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Swenberg
Ms. Kelly E. Swindell, '07
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Tarlton, Jr.
Mrs. Cynthia Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Taylor II
Ms. Lillian Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Tillson
Mr. Robert W. Tippit, Jr.
Ms. Donna T. Torreyson
Ms. Jamie C. Trout, '94
Ms. Elizabeth E. Truelove, '84
Ms. Kerri Turner
Mr. Doug Tuttrup
Mr. Charles Underwood
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Van Dyke
Mr. David F. Van Pelt, '90 and Mrs. Jennifer Clark
Mr. Charles K. Veenstra
Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Vendice
Professor D. Lauren Vilchik
Mrs. Dorothea Viola
Dr. and Mrs. Chad M. Wagner
Ms. Rebecca M. Wakefield, '76 and Mr. Murray Johnson
Ms. Katie C. Wakeford, '87 and Mr. Gregg Cusick
Mr. Charles Walker and Ms. Betty Cagle
Ms. Mary Wall
Mrs. and Mrs. Justin M. Waller
Ms. Mary C. Walsh
Mr. Hans W. Wanders
Mr. and Mrs. L. Stacy Weaver, Jr.
Mrs. Gina Webster
The Reverend and Mrs. Nelson A. Weller
Mr. and Mrs. Warren F. West, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Weyant
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Whitaker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrod Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. John G. White
Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher White
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. White
Mrs. Rachel E. White-Ball, '94
Mr. Michael W. Wiesman, '70 and Mrs. Margie P. Wiesman, '70
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilen
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Wiley
Mrs. P.J. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. George Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Williams
Mr. Kenneth L. Wilmot, Jr., '91 and Mrs. Monika P. Wilmot, '02
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Wilson
Mr. G. C. Windham and Ms. Drew H. McNeill
Ms. Kimberly Winesette
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Winkelman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Winquist
Mr. and Mrs. A. Daniel Wolff III
Ms. Diane Wood
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wood
Ms. Barbara F. Wood
Ms. Evelyn Worf
Mr. and Mrs. Abner Wright
Ms. Judy Wunsch and Ms. Margaret L. Scott
Mr. Renzhu Xu and Ms. Zheng Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Zades
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Zambor
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zellinger


Ms. Roya L. Abab, '11
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Abbott, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abelman
Ms. Kimberly Abernethy
Mr. Timothy W. Adams, '82
Ms. Rachel Adams
Ms. Tina Adkins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Adlin
Ms. Vivian Aganbi
Ms. Janna Ajam
Mr. Robert R. Zimmerman and Mrs. Susan C. Alberts
Ms. Martha K. Albertson
Ms. Hannah K. Albertson
Ms. Heath Aldridge and Dr. Kyle E. Black
Mr. William Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Alexander
Ms. Carol Allen
Ms. Lanica Allison
Mr. and Mrs. Dax Allred
Ms. Melonie Almengual
Mr. Talal A. Al-Muhanna, '87
Mr. Harry J. Althaus
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Altic
Mrs. Emily Altman
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Anderson
Mr. Mark Anderson
Mrs. Diane L. Anderson
Mr. Morgan Anderson
Ms. Linda Anderson
Ms. Roberta Anderson
Ms. Ashley Anderson
Mr. Ernesto Andrade
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Andrews
Mr. Shane S. Andries, '07 and Mrs. Bethany Andries
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Andrus
Mr. David Chamblee, Jr. and Ms. Deisha Angel
Ms. Charlotte L. Angermeier
Ms. Pamela J. Annas
Ms. Katherine Ansley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Anthony
Ms. Rose Apelskog
Mr. Erik J. Rasmussen and Ms. Susan Appt
Ms. Alyssa Armenta
Ms. Deborah Arnold
Mrs. Shira L. Arnold, '01 and Mr. Joseph B. Arnold
Ms. Lara Arredondo
Ms. Janice Arthur
Mrs. Erin A. Asbury, '03
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Attayek
Ms. Amelia C. Atteberry
Ms. Colleen Atwood
Mr. Mark A. Aucoin, '09
Ms. Emily N. Aurand
Mr. Kenneth Averett-Clark, '89
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Ayers
Mr. Jim Babel
Mr. Jonathan B. Bach
Dr. David Bach
Ms. Stacy Bachmann
Ms. Sofia F. C. G. Baeta
Mr. Mack M. Bailey, '83 and Ms. Rachel Levy
Ms. Diana Bailey
Ms. Elizabeth K. Bailey
Mr. Christopher D. Baine, '06 and Mrs. Lindsey Baine
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Baker
Ms. Mary Baker
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Baldwin III
Mr. Gary Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Rajaram B. Baliga
Mrs. Susan R. Ballinger, '72
Mr. and Mrs. Garnet O. Balwah
Ms. Janis P. Banister
Ms. Rebecca L. Barbee
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Barber
Mr. James Barefoot and Ms. Wendy Miller
Ms. Heather Barksdale
Mr. Luz Gaspar Barrientos
Ms. Alexandra M. Barry
Ms. Sarah Barskevicius
Mr. and Ms. Roberts A. Bass
Mr. Ken W. Batchelor, '76
Mr. and Mrs. James Batchler
Mr. Bradly Battle
Ms. Melissa Batts
Dr. and Mrs. Randall Bay
Ms. Elizabeth Beals
Ms. Paula Beasley
Professor and Mrs. John R. Beck
Ms. Amanda Beck
Mr. Erin Beck
Ms. Pam Becker and Mr. William L. McCord, III
Mr. Patrick Beebe
Diane Behar
Mrs. Heather Belk
Mr. David Bell
Ms. Holly A. B. Belshaw, '18
Mr. Terry Belton
Ms. Nancy Benckert
Mrs. Peter Benda
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Beneze
Mr. Abraham Bengio, '18
Mrs. Ann Bennett-Phillips
Mr. Thomas Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bentley
Mr. James C. Berrier and Ms. Suzanne B. Breedlove
Professor Holland B. Berson, '12
Mr. and Mrs. Lothar W. Biegert
Mr. Vincent M. Biggam, '77
Ms. Mary Ann Bills
Ms. Ashley Birkins
Ms. Patricia Birnbaum
James B. Black
Mr. Timothy C. Blackburn and Ms. Jessica A. Richard
Ms. Teresa Blackburn
Ms. Sonya Blackburn
Ms. Dieatra M. Blackburn, '12
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Blackwelder
Ms. Bonnie R. Blackwell
Ms. Marta K. Blades
Ms. Shannon Blakley
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Blanco
Mr. Geoffrey L. Bland, '76
Mr. Christopher Blankenship
Mr. Eric Blanks
Ms. Donice Blanton
Mrs. Rebecca L. Blenz, '86
Ms. Lorrie Blevins
Ms. Kali Blevins
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Bloomfield
Mrs. Julia Blythe
Mr. Michael Boatman and Ms. Myrna Forney
Ms. Courtney Boccardy
Ms. Ashley Bodford
Mr. Alexander W. Bodine, '15
Mr. Robert Boemio
Ms. Kathy Bogenberger
Ms. Stacia B. Bohnert
Mr. Jason C. Bolen, '02
Mr. Javontre T. Booker
Ms. Jean Borden
Mr. Brett W. Buckwalter, '85 and Ms. Robin A. Borts, '84
Ms. Amber Bowen
Mr. John V. Bowhers, '12
Ms. Amy Bowman
Ms. Peggy Brackett
Ms. Becky Bradham
Ms. Wilba P. Brady
Ms. Kaye S. Brandon
Ms. Katherine Braswell
Ms. Carolyn Brickey
Mr. Paul A. Brintley II, '18
Mrs. Cynthia P. Broadwell, '74 and Mr. Allen Y. Broadwell
Ms. Tamara Brognano
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Brookby
Ms. Amy Brookshire
Ms. Kristin Brouwer Grohman
Ms. Isabel Brown
Mr. Paul G. Brown, '69 and Mrs. Susan M. Loevenguth
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Brown
Ms. Marge Brown
Ms. Gayle Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Penn Broyhill
Mr. Philip Broyles
Mr. Justin M. Brueggeman
Mr. Theodore J. Brunetti, '83
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert K. Brunner
Mr. Keith T. Bryant and Mrs. Melissa D. Vickers
Mr. Buhbay
Ms. Ashley Bullock
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bullock
Mr. John L. Burke, '68
Mr. Andrew S. Burke, '01
Mr. Coty Burke
Ms. Kelly Burkett
Mr. Malik A. Burnett, '18
Mrs. Jean M. Burroughs
Ms. Rae Bush
Ms. Marilyn Button
Mr. Michael Cable
Mrs. Rebecca Cafarelli
Mr. Javier F. Calderon, '70
Ms. Doris Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Callahan
Ms. Maxie Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Callaway
Mr. Greg Campana
Ms. Sherri M. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Campbell
Dr. Jefferson T. Campbell, '98
Ms. Leslie Campbell
Ms. Grace Campbellshera
Ms. Debra Cano
Ms. Joni M. Cantrell
Mr. David Cantrell
Ms. Roberta A. Caplan, '67
Mr. James Cappelari
Ms. Diane Capretta
Mr. Charles W. Cardinaux, '02
Ms. Laura Carlevatti
Ms. Kelley Carlisle
Mr. and Mrs. Felix B. Carlos
Ms. Sandra C. Carlson
Ms. Hannah Carmichael
Mr. Dudley Carpenter
Ms. Eugenie W. Carr
Ms. Laura Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Carragee
Mr. Eben Carroll
Mr. Randy A. Carswell, '87
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Carter, Jr.
The Honorable Charles Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie J. Carter
Mr. Wesley Carter
Mrs. Philicia Carter-Blue
Ms. Shannon Casey
Mrs. Melanie Casteel
Ms. Martha E. Catchings, '98
Mr. Patrick Cato
Mr. Arthur T. Cavano III, '74
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Cavell
Ms. Jennifer Cearley
Ms. Ann Chace
Mr. Wesley Chapman
Ms. Lucy J. Chapman, '69
Ms. Erin Charles
Ms. Vibha Chaswal
Ms. Emily P. Chatham, '83
Ms. Geneva Cheek
Mr. and Mrs. David Cheek
Mr. Wen H. Chen
Ms. Amelia Bell R. C. Chen, '17
Ms. Rebecca Chesson
Ms. Melissa Childers
Mr. Malik E. Childs
Ms. Robin J. Christian-McNair
Mr. C. Christopher, Jr.
Brandi Church
Ms. Olivia Church
Ms. Hannah K. Church, '17
Ms. Patti Church
Mr. Vincent R. Cimmino and Ms. Regina Cybulski
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Cissna
Mr. Brandt C. Clark, '74
Ms. Melissa Clark
Mrs. Sarah Clausen
Ms. Jennifer Clay
Mr. Chad Cleveland
Mr. Brent Clevenger
Ms. Catheryn A. M. Clifford, '17
Ms. Joanne Clinch
Mr. Hal W. Cline, '82
Dr. Judith A. Cloud, '75
Ms. Valerie Cobler
Mr. Jonathan Cochrane
Mr. Larry B. Coffey
Ms. Jennifer Cohen
Ms. Martha Coil
Ms. Jennifer Coil
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cole
Dean and Mrs. Brian Cole
Ms. Amy L. Coleman, '75
Mr. Dwaine Coley
Ms. Margaret H. Collins, '78 and Mr. Ray Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Collins
Ms. Maria V. Collins
Mr. Nickolaus G. Colon, '15
Mr. Bedford Combs
Ms. Magdala Compere
Ms. Suzanne Conklin
Ms. Andrea Conley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Connors
Ms. Lindsay B. Conrad
Mr. Shane Conti
Ms. Jolinda Conway
Ms. Kimberly Cook
Ms. Bonnie S. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Kimberly O. Cook
Dr. and Mrs. Leland J. Cook
Ms. Devinne A. Cook, '18
Ms. Carmen C. Cook
Ms. Vikki Cook
Mr. Joan Cooney
Ms. Andrea J. Corbett
Ms. Cynthia Corcia
Ms. Fanchon L. Cordell
Ms. Sara Coronel
Ms. Lori Cortez
Ms. Dagmar Cosby
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Costello
Ms. Heather Covert
Mr. and Mrs. A. Brent Cowan
Ms. Maura B. Cowan, '17
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Cox
Ms. Emilee E. Cox, '14
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Coyle
Ms. Ella D. Coyne, '18
Ms. Bonnie Crabtree
Ms. Jodie Cranfill
Ms. Jennifer Craver
Mr. Christopher W. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. William Credle
Mrs. Wanda T. Creen, '81
Ms. Tricia Crews
Ms. Karen Criminger
Ms. Juliana Cristina
Mrs. Elizabeth N. Crocker, '77
Ms. Murphy Cross, '71
Mr. William Crouse
Mr. and Mrs. Randy A. Cruell
Ms. Courtney Culbert
Ms. Lou Cullen
Ms. Emma E. Cumpston
Mr. Thomas G. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Currin
Mr. Corey Cuthrell
Ms. Courtney Cutillo
Ms. Elaina C. Da Fonte
Mr. Carlos Da Fonte
Mr. Gene A. DaCosta and Ms. Sheenah L. Hislop
Ms. Anna Daggett
Mr. and Mrs. Guowen Dai
Mr. and Mrs. William Dale III
Ms. Lane A. Dallape
Ms. Candace Dally
Ms. Linda Danford
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Daniel
Ms. Jonna E. Daniel
Dr. Robert M. Daniel, '68 and Mrs. Kathleen A. Daniel
Ms. Ashlyn K. Daniel
Ms. Lucy C. Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon J. Daniels
Mr. Nicholas E. Dardes
Mr. Keith Dasch
Mr. David Dash
Ms. Gina Daugherty
Mr. William J. Davidson, '99 and Mrs. Christine M. Davidson, '99
Ms. Roseann Davis
Mr. and Mrs. A. Kenneth Davis, Jr.
Ms. Christina Davis
Ms. Donna Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Davis, Sr.
Mr. Alex Davis
Ms. Susan Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis, Jr.
Ms. Megan Davis
Ms. Taylor N. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dawson
Ms. Joan S. Dawson
Ms. Nancy Dawson
Ms. Mary-Clare Day
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Day, Jr.
Mr. Blyth W. Daylong, '94
Mr. and Mrs. Amelito De Jesus
Ms. Heather Deadwyler
Ms. Ashley Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Degnan
Ms. Lise Deguire
Mrs. Nancy K. Della Rovere, '71 and Mr. Richard Della Rovere
Ms. Sophia A. Dendy
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Dennis, Jr.
Ms. Kellie Dentler
Mr. and Mrs. James L. DePorre
Ms. Averi C. Desmarais
Ms. Alisha Detroye
Mrs. Ruth Deudney
Ms. Kathryn J. Dia, '81 and Mr. Januario P. Dia
Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel R. Diamond
Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Diaz
Mr. and Mrs. William DiBella
Mrs. Diane Dickerson
Ms. Martha A. Dillon, '18
Mr. Donald Dilworth and Ms. Elizabeth Wood
Dr. Jingzhong Ding, Ph.D. and Ms. Yongmei Liu
Ms. Brandi Dirusso
Ms. Jane Distler
Ms. Bernadette Dobkins
The Reverend Susan Dobyns and Mr. Hugh W. Jernigan, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Dodds
Ms. Dorothy K. Dodds
Ms. Kathleen Doehring
Mrs. Chelsea M. Doerfer, '13 and Mr. William Doerfer
Mr. Olin F. Dukes and Ms. Bonnie J. Doerr
Ms. Theresa Dolan
Ms. Jennifer Domingo
Ms. Bethany Donnell
Ms. Kelly Donnellan, '00
Ms. Amanda Dooley
Ms. Kayla Dorinson
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dossinger
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dougherty
Dr. and Mrs. Farrel Douglas
Ms. Char-Lay S. Douglas, '14 and Mrs. Christina Douglas
Dr. Lue Douthit
Ms. Crista W. Douthit
Ms. Heidi Dove
Ms. Constance Downs
Ms. Lauretta D. Doyle, '70 and Mr. Barry M. Frechette
Mrs. Sandra B. Dreis
Mr. Chase Drinnon
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DuBose
Ms. Candace Dufour
Mr. Corey M. Dundee, '09 and Dr. Chandel M. Dundee
Ms. Bernice Dunlap
Ms. N. Elizabeth Dunlop
Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Dunn
Ms. Trieste K. Dunn, '04
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Dunn
Mr. Alan Dunn
Ms. Pamela M. Durban, '04
Ms. Kellly Eanes
Mr. Eric Eason
Mr. Thomas L. Eaton, Jr., '72 and Mrs. Beata Eaton
Mrs. Mary-Ellen G. Eberly, '97 and Mr. Robert Eberly III
Mrs. Susan T. Edge
Mr. Ulrich Eichenauer
Ms. Svea C. Eklof-Grey, '70 and Mr. Michael Grey
Mr. Ed Eklund
Ms. Merritt Eller
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Eller
Ms. Susan C. Ellingson
Mr. Roger Richardson and Ms. P. Lynn Ellis
Mr. William M. Ellis, '85 and Mrs. Jocelyn Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ellis
Mr. Brian Emlinger
Ms. Priscilla W. Ender
Ms. Sydney A. Endicott
Mr. David Knight and Ms. Mary L. England
Mr. Eris Engle
Ms. Elizabeth K. Engstrom
Dr. Susan I. Enscore, '74 and Mr. Don Davis
Mr. Jason Epley
Mr. J. C. Epting
Dr. Rick M. Erickson and Dr. Megan Erickson
Ms. Hilde Errico
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Ervin
Mr. William Eskridge
Ms. Tabatha Essex
Mr. Jason K. Estrada, '16 and Mr. Steve Mowry
Ms. Renate Evans
Ms. Tanya Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. John Evans
Mrs. Emily Evans
Ms. Sharon Everhardt
Ms. Staci Everhart
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Ewald
Mr. and Mrs. Ford C. Ewaldsen
Mr. and Mrs. Curt R. Eyster
Mr. Michael Fahey
Mr. Jing Fan and Ms. Xuepeng Xie
Mrs. Paula Faub
Mr. James M. Faw and Ms. Rebecca Harris
Mrs. Carolyn H. Fay
Mr. David C. Rodwell and Ms. Lynn Felder
Mr. Carlo Feliciani Ojeda
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Feller
Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Felton III
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Felts
Ms. Christine Feracco
Mr. Robert Ferrarin
Mr. and Mrs. William Fester
Mr. Andy Fickman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Finamore
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Fine
Ms. Elizabeth S. Finfgeld, '18
Ms. Iris Finkelstein
Mr. John P. Finklea, '79
Mr. Jon Firebaugh
Ms. Erin E. Fisher, '04
Mr. Adam Fisk
Mr. Benjamin R. Fisk
Mr. Riley M. Fitchpatrick
Ms. Kathleen Fitzgerald, '71
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fitzgerald
Ms. Eileen Fitzgerald
Ms. Betty Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Flanders
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Flanigan
Mr. Andrew Flick
Ms. Karla Flora
Mrs. Christine K. Flory
Mrs. Wanda L. Floyd-Rawls, '75 and Mr. Kenneth Rawls
Ms. Shirley B. Fly
Ms. Melissa Flynt
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Foley
Ms. Michelle Folkman
Ms. Emily Forrest
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Forsman
Ms. Jennifer B. Fowler, '87
Mr. Kevin France
Ms. Kelly Franco
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Freeman
Mr. Christopher W. French, '09
Mr. and Mrs. Lane S. Freund
Ms. Anna K. Freund
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Merkel
Ms. Justine Frost
Michael J. Frost
Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard Fry
Ms. Brenda Fuller
Mr. Richard S. Fullerton, '69 and Mrs. Susan G. Fullerton
Ms. Henrietta R. Fulton
Mr. William R. Funderburk IV, '96
Ms. Christine Furto
Ms. Laura Fusaiotti
Dr. Allison M. Gagnon
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Gallagher
Ms. Carole P. Gallup
Ms. Laura Gambie
Mr. Peter R. Lichstein and Dr. Elizabeth R. Gamble
Ms. Denise Gann
Mr. Louis J. Garcia and Ms. Susan P. Landis
Ms. Olivia G. Garcia, '18
Mr. Francisco T. Garcia, '18
Ms. Kathryn W. Garner
Ms. Tiffany Garner
Mr. Donald M. Garner, '88
Mr. David Garrett
Mr. Frank B. Garrett, '94
Ms. Gail Garrison
Mr. Nick Gawlik
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gayford
Ms. Yue Ge
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gehring
Ms. Polly Geisler
Ms. Alicia Gentry
Ms. Patricia George
Mr. Jeffrey S. George
Mr. Seth Gerringer
Mrs. Kathryn Gesse
Mr. Joseph Gettys
Ms. Donna Gilbert
Ms. Elizabeth M. Gilchrist
Ms. Judith Ginn
Interim Dean and Mrs. Dale A. Girard
Ms. Grace E. Gittelman, '16
Mrs. Linda Gitter
Ms. Lee Glenn
Ms. Jennifer Glymph
Mr. Nicolas D. Gonzalez, '10 and Ms. Jennifer B. Ford, '12
Mr. Peter Gonzalez
Mrs. Regina Good
Ms. Vanessa Goode
Mr. Jacob Gordon
Mr. Robert Gosse
Mr. and Mrs. David Gow, Sr.
Ms. Andrea Goyan, '85
Mr. Frank P. Smith, Jr., '69 and Mrs. Noel Grady-Smith
Ms. Valaila Graham
Ms. Debra Grant
Ms. Kristin E. Grapes, Ph.D.
Ms. Toni Graves
Ms. Monica Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Graves
Ms. Greta M. Gray and Mr. Thomas B. Denegre III
Ms. Erin Gray
Ms. Nicole D. Green, '91 and Ms. Catherine Green
Ms. Dawn Greene-Rogers
Dr. Becky H. Greer
Ms. Courtney Greer
Ms. Elizabeth C. Greer, '94
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Griffin
Ms. Carrie Griffith
Ms. Taryn R. Griggs, '99
Mr. Mark M. Grinnell
Ms. Linda Groce
Ms. Kristie Grohman
Ms. Teresa Grossi
Mr. Alec Grossman
Ms. Holly Grout
Ms. Heather Gryder
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Guenthner
Ms. Karen Guggisberg
Mr. Kyle P. Guglielmo, '10
Mr. Timothy S. Guinee, '18 and Ms. Daisy Foote
Ms. Janis Gunnoe
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Gyves
Mr. Paul Haag
Ms. Susan Haas
Ms. Grace Hackney
Ms. Tiffany Hagan
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Hahn
Ms. Natalie Hall
Mr. Steven F. Hall, '80 and Ms. Adrienne McKeown
Ms. Sonya Hall
Ms. Carol M. Hall
Mr. Phillip Hall
Ms. Roxanne Hall
Mrs. Kimberley A. Hall Campbell, '81
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Halsey
Ms. Alicia Hamblen
Ms. Paula Hamilton
Mr. Gregory M. Hamilton, '18
Ms. Claire Hammond
Ms. Kelly Hammonds
The Honorable and Mrs. Edward F. Hanes, Jr.
Mr. Terry Hanna
Ms. Sherry Hanna
Ms. Christine Hannah
Ms. Meredith K. Hannah, '13
Ms. Jennifer Hanson
Ms. Joanna Hanson
Mr. Ricky Haraway
Ms. Brittany Hardy
Mr. William Harmon
Mr. Alan J. Townsend and Mrs. Teven A. Harmon-Townsend
Ms. Emilee A. Harney, '18
Mr. Kevin P. Harper
Mr. David Harrelson
Ms. Julie Harrington
Mrs. Katharine Buffaloe Harris, '75 and Mr. James C. Harris
Mrs. Elizabeth Harris
Ms. Jennifer G. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Harrison
Ms. Marie Harrison
Dr. Steven D. Hart, '86 and Mrs. Veronique G. Hart, '83
Ms. Carol G. Hart
Ms. Pamela Hartigan
Ms. Michelle Hartle
Ms. Beverly Hartman
Ms. Amy W. Hartsough, '08
Ms. Marci Harvey
Mr. Fred R. Harwell, Jr. and Ms. Joslin Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hawkains
Ms. Ann Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Hawkins
Ms. Dannielle Hawks
Ms. Brenda Hawks
Mr. Seth Hayden
Mr. Mark Hayes
Ms. Katherine Haymore
Ms. Brooke Head '11 and Mr. Jason Head
Ms. Shana Heilbron
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Heinlein
Ms. Paula Henao
Mr. David W. Henderson
Ms. Rebecca Hendrickson
Mr. Perry Henson
Ms. Kimberly Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Herron
Ms. Laura Hickes
Ms. Mary M. Hicks, '69
Mr. Kenneth Hill
Ms. Pamela Hill
Mr. Walter Hill
Ms. Erika Hill
Mrs. Cindy Hill
Mr. Eric Hill
Mr. Sydney Hinkle
Ms. Megan Hinkle
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hirst
Ms. Traci B. Hitchcock
Mr. Michael Hobby and Ms. Kathy Orms
Ms. Nicole R. Hodges, '07
Mr. Dylan L. Hoeffler, '07
Ms. Sylvia Hoffner
Ms. Linda Hofmann
Ms. Heather T. Hogan, '94
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hoggard III
Mrs. Cameron Holcomb
Ms. Carolyn Holcomb
Ms. Merry Holcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Holden III
Mr. Joseph Holder
Mrs. Angela H. Holder-Pearman, '76 and Mr. Roger Pearman
Ms. Cynthia Hollen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Holley III
Ms. Robin Hollis
Ms. Elizabeth M. Holsten
Ms. Debra Holt
Mr. Christopher B. Holtkamp
Ms. Brenda Hooker
Ms. Jodi M. Hoover, '96 and Mr. Mickey Fried
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Hopkin
Mr. Adam M. Horn, '90 and Mrs. Ilana Horn
Ms. Cathy Horvath
Ms. Judy Hoskins
Mr. Colin S. Hovde, '04
Ms. Melanie Hovland
Mr. Phillip Howard
Dr. Marissa Howard-Mcnatt
Mr. Keith Howell
Ms. Sylvia Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Y. Hsu
Mr. Ryan Hsu
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hubbard
Ms. Jessica Hubbard
Mr. Alex Hudson
Ms. Fatima Huff
Ms. Lisa Huffman
Ms. Dawn Hughes
Ms. Kimberly Hundley
Mr. Brian Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Huntley
Ms. Dorothy Hurt
Mr. Zach G. Husch, '06
Ms. MaryKirk Huske
Ms. Samantha Huston
Mr. Dennis Huston
Mr. Taylor Huston
Mr. Jason Hutchens
Mr. Jerry L. Goodson and Ms. Brenda H. Hutchins
Mrs. Terri Hutchins
Ms. Greer A. Hutchison
Ms. Cynthia B. Hyland
Ms. Lauren Iley-Spear
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ilika
Mr. and Mrs. Michael I. Imgrund
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ingle
Ms. Diane Ingle
Ms. JoAnn Interlandi
Mr. William Ireland
Mr. and Mrs. Domingo Isasi
Mr. Bill R. Israel
Ms. Tanya Jachimiak
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Jacobius
Reverend Tiffany Jacobs
Ms. Melinda Jacobs
Mrs. Terri  Cox C. James, '75 and Mr. Luther G. James
Ms. Susan L. Jannetta, '73
Ms. Andrea Jarrell
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Jarrett
Mr. Matthew R. H. Jellison, '10
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Jenkins
Ms. Kellie Jennings
Ms. Jeanne Jennings Tucker, '69
Mr. Julio A. Jeri
Ms. Melissa Jessup
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jester
Ms. Nicole Johnson
Mr. Theodore Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson
Mrs. Othella G. Johnson
Ms. Monica L. Francisco and Mr. Charles D. Johnson
Ms. Joan M. Johnson
Reverend Scott Johnson
Ms. Marina Johnston
Ms. Rachael Johnston
Mr. Steven Johnston
Ms. Judy Joines
Mr. Iselin Jonathan
Mr. Daryl E. Jones and Dr. Suzanne E. Jones
Ms. Megan Jones
Mr. John R. Jones and Dr. Joyce S. Jones
Ms. Madeline B. Jones and Mr. Mac Crosswell
Ms. Larona Jones
Ms. Cheryl Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Jones
Ms. LuAnn Jordan
Ms. Shelley Joyce-Vickery
Mrs. Cassandra Joyner
Mr. Nicolas Joyner
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Juchatz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jung
Mr. Arthur R. Kainz
Drs. Bert M. and Dorothy M. Kalet
Ms. Jane C. Kamiab
Mrs. Leslie E. Kamtman
Ms. Joan Kanzler
Ms. Judith Robert and Mr. Thomas Kapacinskas
Ms. Kate Kapps
Mr. Anzhi Kaszycki
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Katula
Mr. Gareth D. Kear
Ms. Sandra Kear
Ms. Terri Keepers
Ms. Albernette Keitt
Ms. Kathleen Keller
Mr. and Mrs. James Kelley
Ms. Angela L. Kelly, '79
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan P. Kelly
Dr. and Mrs. William S. Kelly
Ms. Annie New Kendall
Mr. Matthew H. Kendrick, '75 and Mrs. Karen A. Kendrick
Ms. Ruth Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Kennedy
Ms. Claudia Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kennedy
Ms. Megan Kennedy
Mr. Sean T. Kent, '96 and Ms. Katrina Kent, '98
Ms. Anne Kent
Mr. Erik Kenyon
Mr. Gregory L. Kerns, '83 and Mrs. Deneen Z. Graham-Kerns, '96
Mr. Johnny Kerr
Ms. Emily H. Kerr
Ms. Halie Kervaski
Mr. and Mrs. Shant Keskinyan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kesler
Ms. Shirley M. Kesler, '00
Ms. Angela Kessler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ketels
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Kilpatrick
Ms. Beverly Kimbro
Ms. Wenda Kincaid
Mr. Max King
Ms. Laura King
Mr. and Mrs. John Kinnane
Mr. Jeffrey Kinstler
Ms. Leeann Kirby
Ms. Karen Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Kirk
Mr. Gokhan Kisabacak
Ms. Rebecca K. Klaft, '18
Mr. Tomas A. Klane, '18
Mrs. Louisa P. Klein
Mr. Jeffrey Klepec
Ms. Linda Kniskern
Ms. Susanna K. Knowles, '16
Mr. Aaron W. Knowles, '12
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Knox
Mrs. Nachela Knox
Mr. Nathan S. Knox, '18
Ms. Gretta Kohler
Mrs. Lori A. Kolbe-Clifford, '85 and Mr. Robert Clifford
Mrs. Barbara Kolesar
Mr. John Koment
Ms. Kristen Koment
Ms. Elizabeth Koneru
Dr. and Mrs. Keith R. Kooken
Ms. Blythe J. Koster
Ms. Vickey Kottyan
Ms. Lois Koufman
Ms. Catherine Koufman
Ms. Rebecca Koza
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Kraft
Ms. Lauren Krause
Ms. Danielle Krider
Mrs. Lidiya V. Krochmal, '14
Mr. Nathan V. Krochmal, '14
Ms. Katherine Kron
Mrs. Sarah Kuhn
Mr. Eddie A. Kurtz, '04
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kushner
Kimberly Labonte
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lael
Mr. Dane LaFontsee, '66 and Mrs. Dana LaFontsee
Mr. Jean-Baptiste Lagnie and Ms. Aleksandra Sivash
Ms. Katharine H. Laidlaw and Mr. Angelo D. Adamo
Ms. Laurie A. Lail
Ms. Suzanne Lakey
Ms. Lisa W. Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Landrum
Ms. Jacqueline Lane
Ms. Alicia Lane
Mr. John P. Langs, '96
Ms. Donna Lankford
Dr. Barbara B. Lankton
Ms. Sharon Lanouette
Mr. William Latham
Mr. Daniel O. Laufer, '86
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Laurie
Mr. Aaron A. LaVallee, '10
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Lawrence
Ms. Michelle Lawson
Ms. Merri Lawson
Ms. Laura Lawton
Dr. Adrian Laxton and Dr. Brandi Jacques
Mrs. Donna C. Layng
Mr. Ryan A. Layton, '11
Ms. Kristy Le
Ms. Dane LeAnna, '17
Mrs. Geraldine Leboisne Bonardot
Mrs. Carol Lebrenz
Ms. Valerie Lecoeur
Ms. Ginine Ledbetter
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lee
Ms. Michele M. Lee
Mr. Christopher J. Lees
Ms. Amy Leggett
Mr. Donald L. Lendle and Ms. Margaret A. Harper
Ms. Patricia N. Lent and Mr. David J. Bradford
Ms. Barbara Lentz
Ms. Estela Leon
Ms. Taunya Leonard
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Leonard
Ms. Candice Leonard
Ms. Rhonda W. Leonard
Ms. Lisa A. Leonhardt, '98
Ms. Monica Leslie
Mr. Cade T. Leslie
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Lester-Niles
Ms. Denise Levan
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lewis
Mr. John G. Lewis, Jr.
Gene Lewis
Mr. Jerry Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. R. Blake Lewis III
Mr. Lance B. Lewman, '82 and Ms. Kristan K. Lewman, '81
Ms. Jia Li
Mr. Eric Lindahl
Ms. Katrina Lindquist
Ms. Catherine R. Linebarger, '07
Mr. Tom Linker
Ms. Ellen Linvile
Ms. Dina S. Lipton, '84 and Mr. Jeffrey M. Downer
Mr. Michael Lischke
Ms. Kristie Little
Ms. Denisha Little-Greene
Ms. Eva M. Lively and Ms. Beth D. Blackmore
Mr. Jeff Livesay
Ms. Margot Lobree
Ms. Regina F. Lobree
Ms. Lacey Logan
Mr. Nicholas Logan
Ms. Kay Loguirato-Huie
Mrs. Heath H. London, '69 and Mr. Robert S. London
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Londono
Ms. Carole Long
Mrs. Shannon Lopez
Ms. Ciara M. Loscombe
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Loupe
Mr. Darryl Love
Ms. Stephanie Lovell
Mr. Luke A. Lowder
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lowe
Mrs. Martha K. Lowery
Mr. Christopher Lucas
Mr. Gregory Luck
Mr. Ibrahiim A. Luckett
Mr. Raymond Lukens
Mr. G. C. Lularoe
Ms. Korina J. Lurie
Ms. Corrine Luthy
Mr. Cong Q. Tong and Ms. Lily N. Luu
Ms. Elliana J. Lynch Daniels
Ms. Abigail K. Lyons
Mr. David Lyttle
Mr. Hao Pan and Ms. Li Ma
Ms. Kristen Machado
Ms. Beleita Mack
Mrs. Melissa D. MacLeod, '99 and Mr. Ryan MacLeod
Mr. Cameron R. MacManus, '11
Ms. Gay Macon
Ms. Lyndsay Madden
Mr. and Mrs. John Maguire
Ms. Lorraine Mahler and Ms. Esther Palladino
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Maloy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Mandle
Ms. Emma M. A. Manzer
Ms. Raquel Maqueda Jimenez
Ms. Teresa D. Marcellin-Little, '83 and Mr. Denis J. Marcellin-Little
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Marchok
Ms. Peyton A. Marion, '18
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Marley
Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Marsh
Ms. Jennifer Martin
Ms. Carrington R. Martin
Mrs. Holly Martin
Ms. Pepper Martin
Ms. Paige Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martinson
Ms. Anna E. Martz
Ms. Anastsiya Maslova
Mr. Christopher R. Mathews, '18
Ms. Lisa Matthews
Ms. Katherine Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. John Matthews
Ms. Catherine Matthews
Ms. Tristen C. Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Matz
Mr. and Mrs. Osborne Mauck
Mrs. Sara B. Maughan, '98 and Mr. Chris Maughan
Mrs. Amy Mauriello
Ms. Melissa Maveus
Ms. Madeline A. Maxwell, '75
Mrs. Patricia M. May
Dr. Richard L. Cox and Dr. James O. May
Mr. James Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Mayers
Ms. Gayle Maynard
Mr. Denise McBride
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. McCarthy
Mr. Corey D. McClain
Mr. and Mrs. David Mcclary
Mr. Robert J. McClendon, '77
Mrs. Allison B. McConaughey, '87 and Mr. Warner W.
Ms. Shannon McCraw
Ms. Marissa McCullough
Mr. Patrick R. McCurry, '95 and Mrs. Susan McCurry
Ms. Heather Mccutchen
Ms. Shirley McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. James Mcdonough
Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter McDowell III
Ms. Jaime D. McGovern, '18
Mrs. Jennie M. McGowan, '82 and Mr. Michael O. McGowan
Mr. John O. McGuire, '97
Ms. Karen McHugh
Ms. Heidi E. McIver, '09
Mr. Eric McKay
Ms. Gail T. McKinnon
Mrs. Laura H. McKinny
Mr. Seth N. McKnight, '06
Mr. and Mrs. George F. McKnight
Ms. Kathryn A. McLain
Ms. Rebecca McLain, '70
Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. McLaughlin, Jr.
Ms. Mary McLaughlin
Ms. Sally R. McLeod
Ms. Tina Mclure
Dr. and Mrs. William O. McMillan, Jr.
Ms. Lena McMillian
Mr. and Mrs. Jon McNeill
Ms. Kimberly Mcquilkin
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy C. McRoy
Mr. John McSpadden
Ms. Pamela J. McWhite
Mr. Jordan Medley, '18
Ms. Donna Mellow
Ms. Susan L. Melville and Mr. Charles R. Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Memory
Dr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Meredith
Mr. Mathew J. Meredith
Ms. Judith Messura
Miss Genia Michaela, '91
Ms. Shannon Mihalko
Ms. Henson A. Milam
Mr. Johnny A. Milani III, '09
Mr. and Mrs. Troy C. Milbrandt
Ms. Julia Miley
Mr. Kenneth H. Miller, '71 and Mrs. Stacy S. Miller, '70
Mr. Martin A. Miller, '80
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Miller
Ms. Jean R. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Miller
Ms. Katherine A. Miller
Mr. Jacob P. Miller
Mr. Darren Miller
Mr. Richard S. Miller, '07 and Ms. Melissa Miller
Ms. Erin Mills
Ms. Catherine Minton
Ms. Terri Mitchell
Mr. Eamon J. Mitchell
Ms. Susan Mitchell
Mr. Robert W. Mittelstadt, '06
Ms. Helen L. Mittelstadt
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Mixon
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Monsam
Ms. Tonya Monteiro
Ms. Anna C. Montgomerie, '91 and Mr. Jeffrey Montgomerie
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis T. Montgomery, Jr.
Ms. Stefanie Moore
Mrs. Jessica Moore
Ms. Jean Moore
Ms. Kimberly Moore
Ms. Joanne Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Moore
Ms. Elizabeth Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Moranos
Ms. Amy M. Moreno Gabriela
Mr. Andrew L. Morris, '00
Ms. Kim Morris
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morris
Mr. Robbie L. E. Morris, '13
Ms. Joan Morris
Mrs. Kristan Moser
Ms. Ruth Moskop
Ms. Lynda Moss
Mr. James J. LaRocco, '73 and Mrs. Sharon D. Moss LaRocco, '73
Ms. Katherine E. Mount, '09
Ms. Beth Moye
Mrs. Melinda B. Mueller, '96 and Mr. Peter Mueller
Mr. Hassiem H. Muhammad, '18
Mr. John B. Munda, Jr., '14
Professor and Mrs. Nicholas Muni
Laura Munn
Mr. John Munroe
Mr. Rajesh Murali
Mr. Conor P. Murdock
Mr. Andrew Murphy
Ms. Jennifer Murray
Ms. Amanda Musgrove
Mr. Cole Muth
Ms. Myra D. Myers
Clara Myers
Ms. Judy Nance
Mrs. Rebecca A. Nathan
Mr. Jack Nathan
Ms. Elizabeth Nathan
The Reverend and Mrs. Bob Nations
Mr. Philip Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua B. Neelon
Ms. Brenda Negus
Ms. Carol H. Nelson
Ms. Camille Nelson
Ms. Caroline V. Nelson, '03
Mr. and Mrs. Tibor Nemeth III
Ms. Katherine M. Neumann, '17
Ms. Rita Newell
Ms. Lisa Newsome
Ms. Haley Newsome
Ms. N. Diane Newton
Ms. Angela Newton
Mr. Jordan Newton
Ms. Cindy D. Nicholson, '83
Ms. Ashli Nicks
Michelle Nicolle
Mr. Matthew C. Donnell, '99 and Ms. Alana Niehoff
Mr. Robert Niemczyk
Mr. Farr Niere
Mr. Jiansen Niu and Ms. Xingya Wang
Ms. Elizabeth Noland
Ms. Jessica Norby
Ms. Molly-Ann Nordin, '13
Ms. Stephanie S. Norman, '12
Ms. Shannon Norris
Mr. Luke Nyagwande
Ms. Rachel O’Reilly
Mr. Dan Moore and Ms. Melanie Oakley
Ms. Kelley OBrien
Ms. Jaime Obyrne
Ms. Sherri Odom
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Okey
Ms. Rebecca Omlor
Ms. Reina Onuma
Mr. Ronald W. Oppenheim and Ms. Sharon L. Vinsant
Ms. Maeve T. O'Reilly, '08
Mrs. Jennifer Orndorff
Mrs. Elizabeth L. Orr
Dr. and Mrs. Paul N. Orser
Dr. and Mrs. Paul N. Orser
Ms. Naomi Ortiz
Mr. and Mrs. Samson K. Orusa
Ms. Jill Osborn
Mr. Charles D. Osborne, Jr., '12
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Ott
Ms. Maryann Overath
Ms. Ellyn Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Padgett
Ms. Emily D. Padgett
Mr. Zacchaeus I. Page
Ms. Mary M. Paige
Ms. Lorraine Mahler and Ms. Esther Palladino
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Palmer, Jr.
Ms. Ryah Paloma, '18
Mr. Tamar Pandi
Mr. Rhondle M. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Parker
Mr. Don Parker
Ms. Melinda S. Parker, '11
Ms. Katie C. Parks
Mr. John M. Parris, '86 and Mrs. Michele R. Parris
Mr. Dylan M. Parton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parton
Mr. Franklin L. Partridge III
Mr. Michael A. Pastore, '18
Ms. Rebecca Patterson
Ms. Wanda Patterson
J A. Payne
Mrs. Angela H. Holder-Pearman, '76 and Mr. Roger Pearman
Mr. Camryn S. Pearson, '17
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Pechanek
Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Peddycord
Ms. Carloyn C. Peddycord
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pelz
Ms. Amanda L. Penn
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Penrod
Ms. Sabrina Peoples
Ms. Tiffani Pepper
Ms. Debra Pepper
Mr. Guy Percy
Mr. Daniel Pereira
Ms. Suzy Perkins '87 and Mr. Robert Baynes
Ms. Betty L. Perry
Mr. Bennett B. Perry
Mr. Francis G. Perry, '73 and Mrs. Yvonne Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Persinger
Mr. Bradley W. Peterson, '09
Ms. Gabrielle Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Petrak
Ms. Mary S. Petrie Lowen, '83
Mr. and Mrs. F. Matthew Petronzio
Ms. Laura Phail
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Philligin, Jr.
Mr. Robert D. Phillips, Jr., '74 and Mrs. Suzanne Phillips
Mary M. Phillips
Mrs. Mary Anna Phillips
Mrs. Jeanette Phillips
Frederick C. Philpott
Mr. Lawrence Picarello and Dr. Lisa Valow-Picarello
Mrs. Sarah Pierce-Rubio
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pingel
Ms. Elizabeth Pinson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pocock
Mr. Gary W. Poole, '96 and Mrs. Brady E. Poole, '98
Mr. William J. Poole and Ms. Sarah B. Cheney
Ms. Jennifer Poplawski
Ms. Amy M. Porter, '03
Ms. Mary Lynn Porter
Dr. Nora M. Post, '68
Ms. Marsha Poston
Ms. Joanna Poston
Ms. Nancy Poulos
Ms. Gale PrendergastDr. Marie J. Preske, '16
Mr. Jeffrey H. Price
Ms. Kelly Price
Ms. Denise Proctor
Ms. Claire H. Pruett
Ms. Sallie Millis Pryor
Ms. Krystyna E. Puc
Ms. Nicole Puccinelli-Ortega
Ms. Cynthia Puckett
Mr. H. David Pulliam '03
Ms. Brittany Putnam
Ms. Shannon Pylant
Mr. Kuide Qin and Mrs. ChenChen Qiu
Ms. Sara Quandt
Ms. Abigail L. Quarles
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Quin
Mr. Brian Raber
Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Rader
Ms. Deborah K. Rager
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rahman
Mr. Durrell Ramer
Mr. Atilio Ramos, Jr.
Dr. Laura Ramsay
Ms. Layna P. Rangel
Ms. Glennette F. Ranson
Ms. M. Raquel
Ms. Elisabeth Rarivoson
Ms. Carol Ray
Ms. T. Lynn Ray
Ms. Judy Redding
Mr. Jared O. Redick, '89
Ms. Jacquelyn B. Redmond, '03 and Mr. Patrick Redmond
Ms. Tiffany Reece
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Reed
Ms. Joyce A. Reehling, '71 and Mr. Anthony Elms
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reid
Ms. Delana Reinard
Ms. Blair Reins
Dr. Shereen G. Remez, '66
Ms. Pamelyn Reuss
Mr. Heather Revelle
Mrs. Patricia Reynolds
Ms. Kimberly Reynolds
Ms. Marie R. Reynolds
Mr. Terry Rhoades
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rhoads
Ms. Virginia S. Riccio
Mr. Jacob J. Rice III, '75 and Ms. Kimmary A. Williams
Mr. Scott H. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Richardson
Ms. Ramona S. Richmond
Mr. Keith Richter
Ms. Nancy Riden
Ms. Wendy Rierson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Riley
Ms. Angelica Rivera
Ms. Bobbi B. Rivers
Ms. Lillie Rizack, '83
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Robertson, Jr.
Mr. De'ron Robertson
Ms. Kelly Robertson
Ms. Quandrea Robertson
Ms. Heather Robertson
Ms. Whitney Robinette
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Robins
Ms. Katie M. Robinson
Mr. Howard Robinson
Mr. Greg Rockwell
Ms. Donna Rodgers
Ms. Lois C. Roewade
Mr. and Mrs. David Roggenkamp
Mr. Jason T. Romney, '04 and Mrs. Jennifer Romney
Ms. Traci Ronchetti
Mr. Evan P. Rooney, '12
Mr. and Mrs. John Rose
Dr. Ellen R. Rosenberg
Ms. Alexa M. Ross, '17
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ross
Ms. Gabrielle L. Roulhac, '18
Ms. Crystal Rouse
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Rouse
Mr. Christopher Royal
Dr. Billy W. Royal and Ms. Nancy L. Earl
Dr. Ramon M. Rubio
Professor and Mrs. Ronald Rudkin
Ms. Lutonya Russell-Humes
Ms. Jean Russom
Mr. and Mrs. Moufid Saba
Mr. Mike Saine
Mr. Mark A. Sallee, '95
Ms. Melissa Salmon
Ms. Nancy C. Salmon, '70 and Mr. David C. Webster
Mr. Sven Samoska
Ms. April Sanders
Mr. Lamar Sanford
Ms. Angela Santos
Ms. Whitney Sapp
Mr. David Sapp
Mr. Shamus W. Sass, '18
Mrs. Thelma P. Sasser
Ms. Gai P. Saunders
Ms. Marcia Saunders
Mr. Cary Savage and Ms. Rita Fisler
Mr. Phillip L. Saylor
Dr. Julia L. Scandrett
Mr. Marcus B. Schaefer and Mrs. Claudia F. Zorn-Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Scheel
Ms. Samantha M. Schellenberg, '18
Ms. Mary M. Schiefen, '79
Mr. Christopher M. Schilder, '08
Dr. and Mrs. Herman E. Schmid
Ms. Ellen J. Schmidt
Ms. Marcele Schneider
Mr. Kyle F. Schoenfeld, '01 and Mrs. Emilie B. Schoenfeld, '01
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Schoolman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schultz
Mr. Scott A. Schumpert, '09 and Mrs. Amanda M. Schumpert, '11
Ms. Amy Schuster
Ms. Ann Schweppe
Mrs. Julie J. Scott, '74
Ms. Sherry Scott
Mr. Earl Scott
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Scurry, Sr
Ms. Alberta Seabright
Ms. Deanna M. Seay, '89
Mr. Francis M. Seay and Mrs. Susanna Seay
Ms. Joan Sebastian
Ms. Annelise C. Senkowski, '15
Mrs. Robin E. Seppanen, '76 and Mr. Jeffrey Seppanen
Ms. Rachel G. Serafini, '18
Mr. Jeremy Serkin and Professor Maria Serkin
Mr. Luke Settles
Mr. Tony J. Shaff, '01
Ms. Lenore T. Shamey
Ms. Karla Shanahan
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Shapiro
Mr. James Sharpe
Mary Sharpe
Ms. Sarah Shaver
Ms. M. Beth Shaw
Mr. Francis J. Sheets, Jr., '82 and Ms. Kim DeCoste
Ms. Lara Shelton
Mr. Steven L. Sherrill, '71
Ms. Lori Shields
Ms. Elizabeth Shobe
Ms. Rebecca S. Shorstein, '06
Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Short
Mr. Richard L. Shrum, '90
Mr. Dmitri Shteinberg and Ms. Yulia Roubtsova
Ms. Megan Siceloff
Mr. Jonathan G. Sidden, '04
Ms. Debbie Sigmon
Mr. Gary Sims
Ms. Chastity Sink
Ms. Rita Sipkay
Ms. Rachel Sismour
Ms. Heather Sivert
Mr. Jeremy S. Skidmore, '00
Mr. Howard G. Skillington, Jr.
Mr. Kyler D. Skipper
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Slaughter
Ms. Judith Small
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
Ms. Brooke Smith
Ms. Meredith Smith
Mr. and Mrs. V. Paul Smith
Ms. Robin B. Smith, '78 and Mr. Jose Amaya-Carvajal
Ms. Harriet Smith
Ms. Barbara Smith
Ms. Melissa Smith
Mr. Miles Smith
Mr. Jonathan Smith
Miss Marie Smith, '17
Mr. Zachary T. Smith
Ms. Bernice Smith
Ms. Elizabeth A. Smyre
Ms. Carrie Snider
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin R. Snipes III
Mr. Robert Snow
Mr. Daniel G. Snyder, '69 and Mrs. Brenda Snyder
Dr. and Mrs. Bryan R. Snyder
Ms. Katherine Sobie
Ms. Deborah L. Solomon
Mr. Gerald V. Solomon, Jr., '73 and Mrs. Denise Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. H. Jay Sommerkamp
Mr. Joseph H. Song and Ms. Sun Y. Kim
Mrs. Patty Sorgius
Mrs. Margaret R. Sosnik
Dr. Anne Sourbeer Morris
Ms. Amy Sparks
Ms. Kelli Spaugh
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Speedie
Dr. Alex D. Speedie, '12
Ms. Julianne Spencer
Mr. Alan Spiewak
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Spindel
Ms. Barbara J. Spivack
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Spivey
Mr. Trenton W. Spivey, '18
Ms. Christine R. Spizzo-Serrano, '71
Mr. and Mrs. J. Timothy Spratt
Ms. Mary B. Spry
Ms. Aubrey L. St. Onge
Mr. Gregory Stanbery
Ms. Savannah Stanbery
Ms. Christine Stanfield
Ms. Jacqueline Stanton
Mr. Howard Starkey
Mr. and Mrs. Blake N. Staton
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney G. Stauffer
Ms. Kandie Stec
Mr. Joseph Steele
Ms. Wanda L. Steele, '75
Ms. Amanda Steinbicker
Mr. William Steinmetz and Ms. Lynn Ransom
Mr. James Stenersen, Jr.
Mr. Matthew A. Stephens, '12
Mr. Robert L. Stern and Ms. Brenda E. Humphrey
Mr. Irwin Stern
Ms. Sandra Stevens
Ms. Suzanne H. Stevens, '03
Ms. Noelle Stevenson
Ms. Tina Stevenson
Ms. Erika Stewart
Ms. L. Suzy Stewart
Mr. Cam'Ron N. Stewart
Ms. Sunny Stewart
Mr. Travis C. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. William Stigall
Ms. Karen Still
Susan Stinson
Mr. Kevin J. Stites
Dr. Jennifer K. Stoddard
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Stokes
Ms. Karen Stokes-Pressley
Ms. Melissa Stone
Mr. Timothy Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Bain Storch
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Dorcia Stottlemyer
Mr. Spencer R. Stradling
Ms. Khristy Stratton
Ms. Kelly Streer
Ms. Sarah Stringer
Mr. George Stubbins, Jr.
Dr. Michael S. Rothkopf and Ms. Jeanne Sturiale
Ms. Sara Sugihara, '71
Mr. James T. Sullivan, '08
Ms. Toni M. Summey, '88
Ms. Misty Surratt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Susz
Ms. Satoko Suzuki
Mr. Thomas G. Sveda, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Swisher
Ms. Grace I. Swisher, '18
Ms. Jules R. Szabo, '78
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Talbott
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Taylor
Mr. James A. Taylor, '78 and Mrs. Wendy Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Taylor
Wendy Taylor
Ms. Lauren Taylor
Mr. Donovan X. Taylor
Robert N. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. David Teague
Ms. Sarah Teague
Ms. Catherine Teague
Ms. Julia Tedder
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Teichman
Mrs. Jessica E. Telfer, '08 and Mr. Adam Telfer
Ms. Ramona H. Templin, '71 and Mr. Scott W. Templin
Ms. Myoshi Terrance
Ms. Angela Tesh
Mrs. Susanne D. Thatcher
Mr. Herve Thibert-Hamilton
Mr. Brian C. Thomas, '13
Ms. Eileen Thomas
Ms. Rebecca Thomas
Ms. Brittany L. Thomas, '18
Ms. Tabitha Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomason
Mr. and Mrs. Myles C. Thompson
Ms. Kessa R. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Thompson
Mrs. Lisa L. Thompson, '80
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Thompson
Mr. Jared N. Thompson, '10
Mr. William D. V. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Thomson
Ms. Emily Thornton
Ms. Leslie Tillman
Mr. Bruce W. Tippette, '13
Mrs. Tabitha Tisdale
Ms. Kelly Tonkin
Ms. Amanda Toomey
Mr. Louis Tortora
Mr. Alan S. Toy, '71 and Ms. Theresa Karanik
Mr. Cameron Trader
Ms. Sheila Traywick
Ms. Hayley A. Treider, '09
Mr. and Mrs. W. Kenneth Pruett
Ms. Linda Trivette
Ms. Kristina K. Troost
Ms. Maria Trowbridge
Mrs. Jean C. Trowbridge, '90 and Mr. Charles Trowbridge
Mr. James B. Trudeau, '78 and Mrs. Virginia M. Trudeau, '79
Ms. Marissa B. Truitt, '17
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Trull
Ms. Chelsea Tsiolkas
Ms. Haley Tsiolkas
Mr. Geoffrey Turner
Edward F. Turner
Ms. Abigail Tutorow
Mr. and Mrs. K. Alan Tutterow
Miss Angela D. Tuttle
Ms. Jane Tuttle
Ms. Molly Tuttle
Ms. Alix C. Hitchcock and Mr. Marshall E. Tyler
Mr. Sebnem Ucer
Mr. Fergurson Udee
Mrs. Virginia C. Underhill
Ms. Toni A. Underhill and Ms. Kandi Mason
Mr. Richard W. Upchurch
Ms. Amanda Valentine
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Valentino, Sr.
Ms. Kylene Valoris, '18
Ms. Cheryl Vance
Ms. Mary Katherine K. Vandiver, '96
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Vanooyen
Ms. Jeralyn Vanzandt
Mr. Richard Vargas
Ms. Elide Vargas
Ms. Kathaleen Vargas
Ms. Joy Varner
Mr. Ram Vedantham and Ms. Nithya Iyer
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Ventura, '04 and Mr. Michael Ventura
Ms. Suzanne Vernon
Ms. Cynthia Villagomez
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Vogel
Dr. Timothy A. Vogler
Mr. William M. Volz, Jr., '85
Ms. Eva D. Vorobiev
Ms. Barbara Vos
Mr. Garry Wadell
Ms. Maria Wagner
Mr. Jeff L. Wagner
Ms. Leah Wagoner-Wheeler
Mr. Michael P. Wakeford
Mr. and Mrs. Wright Walden
Mr. James C. Walden
Ms. Emily R. Waldo
Mr. Keith D. Waldo
Ms. Heather Waldrop
Mr. Patrick O. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett L. Walker, Jr.
Ms. Donna Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Walker
Ms. Caitlin Walker
Ms. G. Marie Wallace
Ms. Elizabeth B. Waller, '14
Ms. Anne Walter
Mrs. Eleanor Walther
Ms. Julie Walther
Mr. Robert Wanat
Ms. Elsa Wansink
Mr. Lewis B. Ware and Mrs. Teresa M. Ware
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle N. Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Wassil
Mrs. Nancy S. Watkins
Ms. Anne Watkins
Mr. William R. Watkins, Jr. and Ms. Rebecca A. Fuller
Ms. Rachel E. Watson, '12
Mr. Brent Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Wattleworth
Ms. Lori Watts
Ms. Kaye P. Watts
Ms. Elizabeth Way
Ms. Jorja L. Waybrant
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Webster
Ms. Emily Webster
Ms. Donna Weed
Ms. Heather J. Weiss, '03
Ms. Thatcher J. Welden
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Wells
Ms. Siena C. Werber, '15
Mr. and Mrs. George Werkmeister
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin C. Westwood
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wetzel
Mr. Jace A. Weyant, '18
Mr. Richard Weymouth
Ms. Rebecca S. Wheeler
Mr. Jason L. White
Ms. Carolyn White
Ms. Jacqueline A. Whitmore, '17
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitmore
Mr. Chad Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Wiles
Mr. Matthew A. Wiles
Ms. Katherine Wiley
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wiley
Ms. Marylea S. Wiley, '18
Ms. Lettie Wilhelm
Mrs. Benedita Wilkerson
Ms. Malissa Wilkins
Ms. Summer Willer
Ms. Aaron Willey
Mrs. Sonja Z. Williams, '85 and Mr. Gregory J. Williams
Mr. and Ms. Paul Williams
Ms. Christie Williams
Mr. and Ms. Nick Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Williams
Ms. Anna S. Wilmoth
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Wilson III
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Wilson
Ms. Danielle Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Wilson
Mr. Bobby Wilson
Ms. Mary Winfrey
Ms. Lori Winn
Mr. and Mrs. H. Vernon Winters
Ms. Susan Wittmann
Ms. Melissa Wittner
Mr. James Wolverton
Dr. and Mrs. Frank B. Wood
Ms. Susan Woodall
J H. Wright
Ms. Donna Wright
Mr. Josh Wright
Mr. Mark F. Wright and Ms. Peggy Gheesling
Ms. Susan Wright
Ms. Debra Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wurtz
Mr. Xu Yang and Ms. Jing Yu
Ms. Rebecca Yates
Mr. John Yeagley
Ms. Ellie Yearns
Ms. Shelby Years
Ms. Mary Yodzis
Ms. Nina G. Yokley
Ms. Linda G. Yoquelet
Ms. Kimberly York
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Young
Ms. Jayne F. Young, '71
Mr. Beigen Yu and Ms. Shuiqing Ding
Mr. Feng Yu
Mr. Daniel Zacharias
Mr. Gregory Zachmann
Ms. Angelia Zamora
Mr. Nicholas A. Zayas, '06
Ms. Joy Zenker
Ms. Jennet Zerbe
Ms. Mimi H. Y. Zhang
Ms. Xuewei Zhu
Mr. and Mrs. J. Larry Zimmerman
Ms. Carol Zinski
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Zogbi
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Zohn
Mr. Steve R. Zorn
Mr. Marc A. Zuckerman, '12 and Ms. Louise De Laender

*Gifts made in memoriam

Corporations and Foundations


John Wesley and Anna Hodgin Hanes Foundation
William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust
William R. Kenan, Jr. Fund for the Arts


Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation


Mary Duke Biddle Foundation
Semans Art Fund, Inc.
Randleigh Foundation Trust
Wells Fargo


Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County
L. David Mounts Foundation
Robert and Patricia Colby Foundation
University of North Carolina System


Arts and Science Council of Charlotte/Mecklenberg County
Lucifer Lighting Company
Richard W. Averill Foundation


Flow Foundation, Inc.
Inmar, Inc.
Linda and Isaac Stern Charitable Foundation
Lufkin Family Foundation
Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
Strickland Family Foundation
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving


Ardmore Baptist Church
Boys Arnold Trust Company
Cirque du Soleil, Inc.
Deann Dylandale Foundation
Eclectic-Encore Properties, Inc.
Fleshman-Pratt Foundation
Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Jephson Educational Trusts
Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton, LLP
Kurtz Family Foundation
National Christian Foundation
North Carolina Community Foundation
Novant Health Foundation Forsyth
Medical Center
RAI Services Company
Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation
Understood Connections
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Wells Fargo Foundation Matching Gifts
Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP
Wunder Lighting Controls


Black Bag Films
Foy Inventerprises, Inc.
James T. and Louise R. Broyhill Foundation
Presser Foundation
SunTrust Foundation Matching Gift Program


Arch W. Shaw Foundation
Dickson Foundation
Douglas County Community Foundation
Entertainment Partners
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Flying Dodo, LLC
Frank H. Kenan Chapel
Friendly Avenue Baptist Church
Global Scenic Services, Inc.
Governors Club
Hanesbrands, Inc.
Hayden-Harman Foundation
Hudson Scenic Studio, Inc.
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford, Inc.
Mary Ellen and Goff Beach Family Foundation
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
PNC Bank
Redgates Foundation
Silver Bullet Productions
Temple Emmanuel
Vulcan Materials Company

$999 and below

Albemarle Foundation
Amazon Smile Foundation
Arts-Based Elementary School
Backstage AA Group
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Brooklyn Community Foundation
Camille A. Brown & Dancers
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Community Foundation of NC East
Cunningham Family Trust
Cut Music
Delta Air Lines Foundation
EMS Management & Consultants, Inc.
ExxonMobil Foundation
Forest Garden Club
Forsyth Humane Society
Friendly Avenue Baptist Church
GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Indian River Community Foundation
Joseph Naftal Lighting Design, LLC
Lucent Lighting, Inc.
Mast General Store Matching Gifts Program
Minor Foundation, Inc.
Mount Tabor United Methodist Church
Page by Page Productions
Red Hat
Reynolds American Foundation
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Smart Mouth Productions
State Farm Companies Foundation
Teahan & Constantino LLP
The Dancer’s Workout, LLC
Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts
To The Pointe Dance Arts Academy
Triad German Club, Inc.
Vanguard Matching Gift Program
Voya Foundation Matching Gift Program
Winston Salem Foundation Employee Match Program
Worth of Winston-Salem
YourCause Corporate Employee Giving Programs


Encore Circle - UNCSA’s Planned Giving Society

Encore Circle

Mr. and Mrs. John Appel
Mr. Kenneth Aubert
Ms. Bianca L. Barbone
Mr. Samuel M. Baugham, '68
Dr. Janne E. Bowen-Williams, M.D., '69
Mr. Jeffery N. Bullock, '83
Mr. David V. Burchfield
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Carroll
Mr. Lee Carter III and Mr. Greg L. Bradley
Mr. M. Campbell Cawood
Mrs. Sophia S. Cody
Mr. Warren J. Conover, III
Ms. Martha A. Coopersmith, '69
Mr. Paul N. Fulton, Jr. and Mrs. Nan V. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis III
Ms. Lucy C. Davis, '68 and Mr. Fred B. Emmerson, Jr.
Mr & Mrs William A Davis II
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Driscoll
Mrs. Phyllis H. Dunning
Mr. Alexander C. Ewing
Mr. Carl W. Forsyth III, '02
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fowlkes
Mr. Richard K. Gardner, '79 and Mrs. Carolyn Andrews
Ms. Margo P. Garrett-Kavalovski, '71
Ms. Georgyn E. Geetlein-Fest, '69
Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. Gwyn
Mr. Carl J. Halperin, '82
Mrs. Charlotte M. Hanes
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Heise
Mr. John R. Hobert
Mrs. Catherine M. Jones
Mrs. Sonja Lindgren
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin
Dr. Richard L. Cox and Dr. James O. May
Ms. Sylvia L. Messick
Dr.and Mrs. Richard H Miller
Mr. and Mrs. D. Samuel Neill
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Newton, Jr.
Mr. Peter J. Olson, '74 and Ms. Karen Burns
Mr. William G. Pfefferkorn and Dr. Jane M. Pfefferkorn
Mr. Mark P. Pirolo
Mr. J. Timothy Prout
Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Queen
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Rossi
Mr. John S. Cramer and Mrs. Selma C. Scott-Cramer
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Sessions
Dr. R. Daniel Spillman
Ms. Christine R. Spizzo-Serrano, '71
Mrs. Virginia C. Underhill
Ms. Lee H. Vason, '68 and Mr. Wayne Vason
Ms. Susan B. Wall
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Wallenhaupt
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Watson
Mr. Jason W. Weeks, '02
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Wilson
Ms. Mary E. Witt, '75
Mr. Ralph H. Womble and Mrs. Ashley Edwards
Mr. P. C. Yelverton

Past Impact Reports

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