Impact Report

Impact Report

This year, our artists—students, alumni, and faculty—shared their talents in countless ways, from Grammy-winning recordings and Tony-winning musicals to music lessons for elementary-school students. We saw the establishment of cutting-edge initiatives that will propel each of our arts conservatories forwar, and embarked on crucial renovations that will prepare our campus for the future.


We are grateful for every donor who chose to make UNCSA a philanthropic priority. A full list of donors who gave between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019, can be found below. We invite you to learn more about ways to support our extraordinary university as we work to power creative industry and provide world-class artistic training to our remarkable students.

Watch the economic impact of the arts featuring UNCSA.

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Individual Donors


Estate of Alex C. Ewing
Mr. Thomas S. Kenan


Mrs. Patricia Brown, ’01 and Dr. Malcolm M. Brown
Mr. Robert L. Strickland* and Mrs. Elizabeth Strickland


Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Eisenberg
Estate of Rebecca Barrow
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Hauser
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wigodsky


Mr. David Broughton and Dr. Charlotte Broughton
Mr. and Mrs. F. Hudnall Christopher, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Cawood
Dr. Matthew S. Cullinan and Ms. Anna Reilly
Ms. Jean C. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. McDara P. Folan III
Mr. and Mrs. F. Borden Hanes, Jr.
Dr. Katherine L. Immerman, '73 and Dr. Anthony Melaragno
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Juran
Mr. Mark E. Land, '78
Mr. Donald C. Little
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mann
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. John B. McKinnon
Estate of Charles M. Mull
The Honorable William B. and Peggy Reingold
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Sutton, Jr.
Mrs. Adrian R. Tiemann
Mr. Michael D. Tiemann and Dr. Amy P. Tiemann
Mr. Howard Upchurch, Jr. and Mr. John Hoemann
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wilson III
Mr. Ralph H. Womble and Mrs. Ashley Edwards


Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Booke
Mr. Joseph M. Bryan, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burress III
Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Chaden
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Chapman
Ms. Pat Shore Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Daniels, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Driscoll
Ms. Mia Celano and Mr. Noel L. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Dupire
Estate of John A. Sneden, Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Flow
Mr. Paul N. Fulton, Jr. and Mrs. Nan V. Crawford
Mrs. Jane K. Gehring and Mr. John E. Gehring
Mrs. Cynthia S. Graham, '87 and The Honorable William T. Graham, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Sam L. Grogg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Gunter
Mrs. Charlotte M. Hanes
Ms. Anne Herndon and Mr. Joseph Frisina
Mrs. Katherine B. Hoyt
Mr. Richard E. Johe* and Mrs. Sharon D. Johe
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic R. Kahl
Mr. Joseph P. Logan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Lord III
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Mathews
Dr. and Mrs. John D. McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parnell
Mr. Joel M. Leander and Mr. Perry Patterson
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Presson, Jr.
Ms. Lorraine A. Raphael, '75 and Mr. John M. Hemmer
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Ruffin, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sellitti
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Shaw, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slade
Dr. Charles V. Taft
Mr. and Mrs. Myles C. Thompson
Dr. Stephen R. Turner
Mr. Robert E. Warner, '84
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick N. Williams
Ms. Patricia J. Wilmot


Anonymous (2)
Mr. Thomas R. Adams
Dr. Leslie Banner
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Berlin
Ms. Suri Bieler, '71 and Mr. Eliot Brodsky
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brenner
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Buttermann
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Daggett
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Davis IV
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Earthman
Mr. Geoffrey N. Edge, '97 and Mrs. Erin E. Edge, '97
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Egnatz
Mrs. Sally Fanjoy
Mr. Thomas M. Fort, Jr., '97 and Mrs. Valerie Fort
Faculty Emeritus Mollie Murray and Faculty Emeritus Robert L. Francesconi
Mr. and Mrs. John Giannuzzi
Mrs. Catherine M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey J. Kierstead
Dr. and Mrs. Keith R. Kooken
Mr. Bob Langworthy
Mr. Richard C. Leander
Ms. Amy L. Leander
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Madden
Ms. Corey B. Madden, '79
Faculty Emeritus and Mrs. Richard H. Miller
Dr. Michael J. Morykwas
Dr. William N. Osborne
Mr. William G. Pfefferkorn and Dr. Jane M. Pfefferkorn
Mr. Graydon Pleasants, Jr. and Ms. Margaret Scales
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin S. Willis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Womble, Jr.


Anonymous (4)
Mr. and Mrs. John Appel
Ms. Margaret W. Armfield
Mr. Stephen D. Arnold and Ms. Laurie Bauman
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Babcock
The Reverend and Mrs. Douglass M. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bain
Mr. Charles Ballish Regueiro, '96 and Mrs. Melania Ballish
Ms. Gertrude Balzer
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Barnett
Ms. Sarah B. Barnhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Winston E. Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Beach
Dr. and Mrs. Lee Beall
Mr. and Mrs. F. James Becher
Mr. Frank L. Benedetti and Mr. Thomas G. Trowbridge
Faculty Emeritus Diane R. Berg
Faculty Emeritus Robert M. Beseda
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Bettis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Black, Jr.
Dr. Richard C. Blanks
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Blumenthal
Ms. Sheila B. Brame
Ms. Frances E. Brenner
Mr. and Mrs. J. William Broadway
Dr. Jonathan H. Burdette and Dr. Shona E. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Burnette
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O. Burrows
Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Campbell, Jr.
Faculty Emeritus Marilyn Cardwell and Mr. David Cardwell
Mr. Dudley Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Carroll
Dr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Chandler, Jr.
Mr. D. Elwood Clinard, Jr.
Faculty Emeritus Norman Coates and Mrs. Annie Bruskiewitz-Coates
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cone, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Mark Conger
Mr. and Mrs. Thorns Craven
Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Crawford III, ‘97
Ms. Lila J. Cruikshank
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Curlett, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Davis II
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Davis III
Dr. and Ms. Stephen M. Day
Mrs. Martha S. De Laurentiis
Mr. and Mrs. James J. DeCristo
Mr. and Mrs. Drew M. Dixon
Mr. and Dr. Douglas Dodds
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Donahue
Ms. Jeanne Doornbos, ’71 and Mr. Michael D. Maher
Mr. Shayne T. Doty, '79
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Dudley
Ms. Patricia Dulin
Dr. Charles Dunham
Ms. Katherine Dunn
Mrs. Phyllis H. Dunning
Mr. John M. Ehle, Jr.* and Mrs. Rosemary Harris Ehle
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Elliott
Dr. and Mrs. David J. English
Ms. Hannah G. Falk, '19
Mr. Richard E. Falvo
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Farinsky
Ms. Ella Fawley
Dean W. M. Ferrell and Ms. Leah Lavin
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Fine
Mr. Roy B. Fitch, Jr.
Mr. John E. Fitzgerald and Mr. Robert C. Hunter
Ms. Anna S. Folwell
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Ford
Mrs. Daniel Forest
Mrs. Gene G. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Fox
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Frankel
Dean Emeritus Gerald A. Freedman
The Honorable Linda D. Garrou and Mr. John L. W. Garrou
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gates
Ms. Georgyn E. Geetlein-Fest, '69
Mr. Boyd L. George
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Griggs
Dr. Mary K. Grissett, '92 and Mr. Stephen E. Grissett
Mr. A. R. Guenthner and Mrs. Nancy H. Guenthner*
Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. Gwyn
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Gyves
Mr. Paul B. Harper and Mrs. Virginia B. Von Haven
Mrs. Sarah T. Harris
Ms. Charlotte H. Harrison, '12
Mr. Joshua Hatcher, '95
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Henderson
Josephine Hennelly
Ms. Veronica X. Herbert, '11
Drs. David and Deirdre Herrington
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hinton
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. David Holden
Mrs. Mary R. Hord
Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson H. House
Ms. Jerri Irby
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Irvin
Ms. Susan L. Jannetta, '73
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome E. Jennings
Ms. Joia M. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Johnsrude
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher N. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Karr
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Kenan
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey J. Kierstead
Mr. Alan T. Kirby
Mr. Daniel Kirk-Foster, '88
Mr. Isaac T. Klein, '06
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Kurtz
Mr. and Mrs. J. Gilmour Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Laxton
Mrs. Gretchen E. Leff, '92 and Mr. Christopher Leff
Mr. Edward J. Lewis III and Dr. Scott R. Palmer
Mr. Daniel A. Liebman, '73
Mr. Jeff Lindsay and Mr. Terry Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lloyd
Ms. Jennifer B. Lyon, '03
Miss Adelaide E. Lummis, '15
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Machamer
Ms. Lois M. Madden
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Major
Mr. Joshua S. Mark, '91 and Mrs. Heidi N. Mark, '91
Mr. Stanley K. McAfee III, '79 and Mrs. Lisa L. McAfee
Dr. Trent W. McCain, Sr. and Dr. Darla H. McCain
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McKim
Mr. Tom Spleth and Ms. Jean W. McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. R. Hayes McNeill, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Meade
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Mercer, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Merlo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Merritt
Mr. Michael S. Meskill, '96 and Mrs. Laurel H. Meskill, '96
Ms. Tamara Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Millhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Milligan
Mr. McLean Mitchell
Ms. Susan L. Melville and Mr. Charles R. Monroe
Mr. Richard D. Moore and Dr. Mary L. Moore
Mr. Andrew L. Morris, '00
Mr. George W. C. Mountcastle*
Dr. and Mrs. David P. Nelson
Count and Countess Christoph Nostitz
Mr. and Mrs. Royden Ogden III
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Partin, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Pence-Sokoloff
Dr. Kara J. Pepper, '95
Col. (Ret.) Andrew M. Perkins and Dr. Mary T. Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Pleasants, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Gary G. Poehling
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Powers
Mrs. Susan E. Price, '66 and Mr. Walter M. Price
Mr. J. Timothy Prout
Faculty Emeritus Elaine D. Pruitt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pulitzer, Jr.
Mrs. Deborah L. Pyatt, '76 and Mr. Tim Pyatt
Ms. Andrea K. Pyle, '95
Ms. Anne Rainey Rokahr
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Rattray
Mr. Jim Ray, '82 and Ms. Natalie M. Jensen
Mr. Thomas Rhoads and Ms. Rosa Scarcelli
Mr. Joseph J. Rick
Ms. Sarah P. Rivers, '90*
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Robertson, Jr.
Mr. JT Rogers '90 and Ms. Rebecca Ashley '90
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Ross
Mr. Olle and Dr. Emily Rostlund
Mr. David F. Rowe*
Mrs. Martha Rowe
Dr. Mike and Debbie Rubin
Mr. Dalton D. Ruffin*
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rugaber
Mrs. Susan Ruskin and Mr. Tom H. Ramirez
Mr. Michael S. Ryden
Dr. Kenneth M. Sadler and Dr. Brenda A. Latham-Sadler
Ms. Alison L. Sawyer, '85
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Scott III
Mrs. Selma C. Scott-Cramer
Mr. Joshua R. Selander, '06
Mr. Tod Serfass and Ms. Margaret Couch
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Sessions
Mr. and Mrs. E. Taylor Shipley, Jr.
Sandra and Wayne Shugart
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Simmons
Ms. Helen Simoneau, '02
Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Sommerkamp
Mrs. Estella E. Surratt
Stephen and Kathleen Tatter
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Tribby
Ms. Mary M. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Tuttle
Faculty Emeritus and Mrs. William D. Van Hoven
Mr. Andrew H. Veach
Mr. Cailen E. Waddell, '04
Ms. Susan B. Wall
Assistant Dean Greg C. Walter
Mr. Robert L. Walter
Ms. Amy L. Werner and Dr. Michael K. Cundall, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. White
Mr. Fredrick R. Wicker, Jr.
Mr. Samm-Art Williams
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. Thomas G. Wilson and Ms. Caroline Munroe
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Wilson III
Mr. G. C. Windham and Ms. Drew H. McNeill
Mr. and Mrs. H. Vernon Winters
Dr. and Mrs. Wallace C. Wu
Dr. Jonathan Yao
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Yekovich
Mrs. Carolyn A. Yokley


Mr. and Mrs. Russ Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anton
Mr. Edward Barrett
Mr. Thomas A. Beck, '73
Mr. and Mrs. Evan R. Bell
Ms. Monica L. Bell, '16
Ms. Ida Bieler, '68
Mr. V. Mark Biggam '77
Mr. Timothy C. Blackburn and Ms. Jessica A. Richard
Mr. Michael M. Brake, '95 and Ms. Jennifer Judelle-Brake, '97
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Brand
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. Brett
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Brown
Ms. Rebecca F. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Brunstetter
Mr. and Mrs. Alton E. Bryant III
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Caldwell
Mr. Ward W. Caldwell
Dr. Meredith W. Carlone and Mr. Michael V. Carlone
Ms. Marla K. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Cissna
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Cooper
Professor Rob D. Eastman-Mullins, '05 and Mrs. Andrea Eastman-Mullins
Mr. Broadus J. Embler II
Dr. Julia R. Fielding and Dr. Keith P. Mankin
Dr. and Mrs. Jack D. Fleer
Assistant Dean Dale Girard and Ms. Janine Hawley
Ms. Jennifer Gubernath
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hatchell
Mr. and Mrs. R.D.J. Henihan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Holtkamp
Mr. and Mrs. J. Phillip Horne
Dr. Renata Jackson
Mr. Russ W. Jolly, '84
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Kay, Jr.
Ms. Pamela L. Knourek, '91
Mr. Matthew L. Lauria, '07 and Mrs. Michelle Lauria
Ms. Melinda J. Lawrence-Wiesler, '70
Mrs. and Mr. Jody K. Lohman
Mr. and Ms. Jerry W. Lotich
Mr. Ernest J. Lunsford
Mr. William G. Magnussen, '07
Mr. Stephen Marshall and Dr. Anna E. Waller
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Marvelli
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus R. McBride
Mrs. Lynnette P. McCollum, '81 and Mr. Kevin McCollum
Dr. and Mrs. David L. McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. McNair
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Merrell
Ms. Sandra N. Miller, '68 and Mr. Wayne Olson
Dr. and Mrs. Dixon M. Moody
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. David Naismith
Ms. Susan Nickell
Mr. and Mrs. Otis B. Northington
Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Connor
Mr. Samuel G. Ogden, '11
Mr. David L. Olson and Ms. Siobhan Olson
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Petronzio
Mr. Matthew A. Petrosky, '00
Ms. Elizabeth M. Pohl
Mr. and Mrs. William Pruett
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Ragland
Ms. Meredith Reynolds
Ms. Ashley A. Rigg, '14 and Mr. Jeff Rigg
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rivera
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Roach
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Roberts
Mr. Stephen Rogers
Mrs. Jeanne Ruddy Keen, '88 and Mr. Victor Keen
Dr. Kenn Saruwatari and Mrs. Barbara Kitashima
Mr. Davison D. Scandrett, '02
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Schneider
Mr. Richard W. Sickles
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Siebert
Mr. James Smith and Ms. Aimee Wilson
Mrs. Patty Smith
Ms. Lois Spritzer, '86 and Mr. Craig M. Coopersmith
Ms. Cydney S. Spohn, '85
Mr. and Mrs. David Steiner
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Sykes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Thorne
Ms. Donna T. Torreyson
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Valentino, Sr.
Mr. Christopher J. Waild, '05
Miss Heather Watts
Ms. Virginia R. Weiler
Mr. Joseph P. Whalen and Ms. Karen Ramshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Wood
Mr. Hok Yau and Ms. Yingping Zou
Dean Scott Zigler and Mrs. Korin M. Zigler
Mr. Robert R. Zimmerman and Mrs. Susan C. Alberts


Ms. Miriam Albert
Mr. and Mrs. James Alcott
Mr. and Ms. Jason Amsden
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Anders
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Baker
Mr. David A. Ball and Ms. Susan Pochapsky
Ms. Amanda Jones Barnard
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas S. Barone
Ms. Carole Barrett
Ms. Tamara H. Baysinger
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Bellanger
Mr. and Mrs. William Berger
Mr. Marc Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Bohnert
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Bouldin, Jr.
Mr. Nicholas B. Bragg
Mr. Joseph O. Brunjes, '98 and Mrs. Johanna R. Brunjes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buie
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bullock
Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Burt
Mr. and Mrs. Doug M. Caldwell
Mr. John D. Chapman, '74
Ms. Barbara Clapham
Professor Millard F. Coffin
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Colenda III
Mr. James C. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. O. Roane Cross, Jr.
Ms. Brenda J. Daniels and Mr. Jefferson F. Dalby
Dr. and Mrs. Harlan B. Daubert
Mr. and Mrs. A. Kenneth Davis, Jr.
Ms. Diane De Cristo Miller
Ms. Lise Deguire
Mr. and Mrs. Sandlin Douglas
Mr. Chad Downard and Dr. Martina Downard
Mr. and Mrs. C. Stephen Dula
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ebeling
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Farrar
Dr. Lee K. Finklea
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Gartland III
Dr. Stephan B. Lowe and Ms. Naila Gazale-Lowe
Ms. Emmalie C. George, '15
Mr. Laurence W. Glazener, '68
Mrs. Mary Anne P. Goldberg, '77 and Mr. Mark Goldberg
Ms. Martha E. Golden
Mr. and Mrs. E. Wilson Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Grosswald
Mr. Seth Haberman and Ms. Jennifer Ash
Dr. Simin Hall and Mr. Keith Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Allen K. Harker
Mr. David L. Harrison
Mrs. Eunice S. Heilig
Mr. A. Alex Helsabeck
Mr. Benjamin A. Frick and Ms. Edna Hernandez
Ms. Barbara A. Hinnant
Mrs. Amanda C. Hort, '01 and Mr. Robert Hort
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hosey
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Hunt
Mrs. Judith H. Iannuzzi, '88 and Dr. Nicholas P. Iannuzzi
Ms. Joia M. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin N. Jones
Dr. David and Mrs. Shawna Jones
Mr. and Mrs. R. Griff Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kellmanson
Mrs. Viiu C. Spangler Khare, '88 and Mr. Sam Khare
Mrs. Jeanette C. Kimmel
Mrs. Susan R. Knowlson, '98
Mr. Robert Kramer
Mr. John P. Langs, '96
Mr. James J. LaRocco, '73 and Mrs. Sharon D. Moss
LaRocco, '73
Mr. Evan D. LaVack
Mr. Jolyon I. Leggett, '96 and Mrs. Paula K. Leggett
Professor Kjersten J. Lester-Moratzka, '96 and Dr. James G. Lester
Ms. Cynthia E. Livingston, '71
Dr. Stephan B. Lowe and Ms. Naila Gazale-Lowe
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Lubin
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Lummis
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Lundy
Mr. Paul G. Maley, '83
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Maloy, Jr.
Mr. Robert A. Mantegna, '09
Ms. Amanda McBride
Mr. and Mrs. Mathew H. Merritt
Professor and Dr. Alexander F. Motten
Mrs. Patricia A. Mueller, '95 and Mr. John C. Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Mueller
Mr. Jeremy L. Murray and Mr. Charles R. Watkins
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Neal
Mr. Donald J. Oberpriller, '89
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. O'Donoghue
Drs. John D. and Dominique P. Patrick
Ms. Linda I. Penney
Mr. and Mrs. F. Matthew Petronzio
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Quinlivan
Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Rader
Ms. Joyce A. Reehling, '71 and Mr. Anthony Elms
Ms. Denise Roberts Hurlin
Mr. Michael A. Rouse, '88
Mr. and Mrs. C. Guy Rudisill III
Ms. Katharina Sayag
Mr. William Schroeder and Ms. Jennifer Hoffecker
Ms. Paula J. Schwanenflugel and Mr. William B. Whitman
Ms. Klea M. Scott, '97
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shelby
Ms. Betty B. Shils
Ms. Faye W. Simmons
Dr. Thomas E. Simpson
Ms. Lauren Sinclair
Mr. and Mrs. David Sinclair
Mr. Frank Smith and Mr. Reade Taylor
Mrs. Mary M. Smoak
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Stack
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Steele, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sullivan
Dr. and Mrs. W. Mark Suttle
Dean Emeritus Joseph Tilford and Ms. Deborah Wentworth
Mr. Scott T. Tilley, '79 and Mrs. Susan D. Tilley
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Urmston
Mr. Paul H. Valoris, '79 and Mrs. Chi-Yun F. Valoris
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Von Ahn
Mr. Timothy J. Wagner, '80 and Mrs. Frances Wagner
Ms. Cynthia Weinstein
Dr. Dean R. Wilcox and Ms. Sherry L. Lyon
Dr. and Mrs. Joe H. Woody 


Mr. John Addis
Ms. Martha K. Albertson
Mr. Kenneth W. Alcorn, '79 and Dr. Beth Atkinson
Dr. Marilyn S. Taylor and Mr. James Allbritten
Mrs. Kristen P. Allen
Mr. Robert Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Alspach
Mr. Mando E. Alvarado, '01 and Ms. Sarena Kennedy
Ms. Lauren Alzamita
Mrs. Shirley A. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Alf Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Anthony
Mr. Erik J. Rasmussen and Ms. Susan Appt
Mr. and Mrs. William Arena
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Atteberry
Mr. M. Alex Aucoin '09
Ms. Eleanor L. Bach, '04
Mr. Jonathan B. Bach, '19
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Bach
Ms. Sandra L. Baker, '85
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Baldwin III
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ballard
Mr. Isaac J. Banks, '15
Mr. James Barefoot and Ms. Wendy Miller
Mr. Alpheus R. Bartholow
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bassett IV
Mrs. Angela Beauman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Belk
Mr. and Mrs. S. David Bell, Jr.
Mr. Holly A. B. Belshaw, '18
Dr. Justin Benavidez
Mrs. Ann Bennett-Phillips
Mr. Thomas Bernard
Mr. Joseph Blankinship VI, '14
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Bloomfield
Mr. Michael Boatman and Ms. Myrna Forney
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Bohannon
Professor and Mrs. Dennis G. Booth
Mr. Iverson A. Whisnant, Jr., '74 and Ms. Barbara M.
Ms. Frances E. Brenner
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Brewer
Dr. and Mrs. Fred G. Bromberg
Mr. Matthew C. Brookshire, '98
Mr. and Mrs. Kieran Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Brown
Ms. Katharine Buffaloe Harris, '75 and Mr. James C. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Bullard
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bumgarner
Ms. Tamara Burchette
SC and GA Burkitt
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Burroughs
Mr. Jason J. Buzas, '69
Ms. Karen Byrd
Mr. James F. Calciano and Ms. Marcie Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Calhoun
Ms. Jamie Call Blankinship, '81 and The Reverend Joseph
J. Blankinship V
Ms. Mary-Mitchell Campbell, '92
Dr. Jefferson T. Campbell, '98
Mrs. Rosalie Cangiano
Mr. Charles R. Cardinaux and Ms. Gray W. Wilson
Ms. Eugenie W. Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Carragee
Mr. Brian D. Carter, '98 and Mrs. Laura C. Carter, '96
Ms. Velia Castillo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cavender
Ms. Lucy J. Chapman, '69
Mr. John T. Cheek, '70 and Mrs. Lee Y. Cheek
Mrs. Michelle A. Chico
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Chittick
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clements
Mr. George Clutts
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Cockrell
Ms. Pamela Cole
Ms. Margaret H. Collins, '78 and Mr. Ray Collins
Mr. Norman Gayford and Ms. Mary Conable
Mr. and Mrs. Harle Cone
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Coppa
Mrs. Luzia Costa
Mr. Sean R. Cox, '98
Mr. Patrick E. Craig, '97
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Crandell
Mr. Albert R. Crawford III, '97 and Mrs. Kerry A. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Crockford
Ms. Donna B. Culbreth, '69
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Currin
Mr. Jonathan C. Dahm Robertson, '15
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle L. Dallape
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Dardes
Ms. Cynthia A. Darlow, '70 and Mr. Richard Ferrone
Mrs. Allison Davis
Mr. Roger L. Davis, '76
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Dawson, Jr.
Mr. Jeremy M. Day, '01
Ms. Mary E. Deal
Ms. Harriet Deal
Mr. Dave Dewaele and Ms. Marleny Ocampo
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Dib
Ms. Rebecca L. Nussbaum, '97 and Dr. Lawrence M.
Mrs. Patricia A. Dixon, '80 and Mr. W. L. Dixon, Jr.
The Reverend Susan Dobyns and Mr. Hugh W. Jernigan,
Mr. Thomas J. Donoghue, '98 and Mrs. Erin M. Donoghue,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Werber
Ms. Alejandra Dore
Mrs. Carolyn Dorff, '93 and Robin Dorff
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Dossinger
Mr. Robin R. Dreyer, '86 and Mrs. Tammy M. Hitchcock, '75
Mr. and Mrs. William Dunlop
Mr. Thomas L. Eaton, Jr., '72 and Mrs. Beata Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Benedikt Egersdoerfer
Mr. and Mrs. Raven Ellis III
Mrs. Jarrod V. Ellis, '96 and Mrs. Lilyan V. Ellis, '96
Mrs. Suzan D. Elster
Mrs. Sally B. Emery, '69 and Mr. Horace Emery
Ms. Linda Emfinger
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Endicott
Ms. Tina Euler
Ms. Mary Everett
Mr. Timothy Everhart
Dr. and Mrs. J. Murray Fadial
Ms. Lily M. Fairbanks, '09
Mr. and Mrs. William Fairbanks
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Falk
Ms. Sarah Falls
Mrs. Amy S. Feinberg, '75 and Dr. Andrew G. Feinberg
Mr. Tyler N. Felix
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Fetter
Dr. Brian C. Fidali, '07
Dr. Sandi Fields
Mr. William E. Files, '02
Ms. Katherine M. Finklea, '00
Ms. Joye Fleming
Mrs. Mary Kathryn Flynt, '04
Mr. Edward G. Fowler, Jr., '70
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Frank
Mr. Rodney L. Franklin, '75 and Mrs. Carol Franklin
Mr. David B. Freedman
Mr. John W. Freer, Jr., '83 and Mrs. Rhoda Griffis Freer, '83
Mr. and Mrs. Duane A. Fuller
Ms. Cheryl L. Fuller, '80
Mr. Benjamin E. Furey and Faculty Emeritus Mary Irwin Furey
Ms. Kacie M. Gagnon, '12
Dr. Elizabeth R. Gamble and Mr. Peter R. Lichstein
Mr. James E. Gardner, '70 and Mrs. Susan W. Gardner, '72
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garey
Ms. Kathryn W. Garner
Mr. Harold R. Garrison
Ms. Rachael Garrity
Ms. Joyce H. Gerbe
Mrs. Terri Giordano
Assistant Dean Dale A. Girard and Ms. Janine Hawley
Mrs. Linda Gitter
Dr. Dulaney Glen and Mrs. Wendy W. Glen
Ms. Deborah Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Goldsmith
Mrs. Kerri P. Gonen, '88 and Mr. Yaron Gonen
Ms. Elizabeth Goodall, '91
Mr. John W. Googe
Mr. and Mrs. Bryon J. Gordon
Mr. Richard L. Grandage, '69
Dr. Jeffrey M. Gredlein
Dr. Judy A. Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Griffin
Mr. R G. Grusmark, '93 and Mrs. Carrie Grusmark
Mr. Rodney Hains
Mr. Peter Hairston
Ms. Jane L. Hallstrom, '68 and Mr. Frank Hallstrom
Mr. Gus D. Halper, '14
Mr. Jonathan D. Halsey, '01
Ms. Sherrie Hamlin-Robinson
Mrs. Carol H. Harding
Mrs. Mary Gwyn H. Harper-Addison, '69 and Mr. James
W. Addison
Mr. Matthew C. Harris, '94
Mr. Karl A. Harris
Ms. Amy Harris
Ms. Nancy V. Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. George Harrison IV
Dr. Steven D. Hart, '86 and Mrs. Veronique G. Hart, '83
Mr. and Mrs. John Hashimoto
Ms. Sarah H. Haught, '05
Ms. Joanne Hawks
Mrs. Cherie Heinz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heller
Mr. and Mrs. John Hendrick
Mr. C. Roger Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hill
Ms. Alix C. Hitchcock, '66 and Mr. Marshall E. Tyler
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hollan, III
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Holland
Ms. Janet S. Holland, '85 and Mr. John Holland
Ms. Ginger Holt
Mr. William Hooker and Ms. Jeana Myers
Mr. Mathew T. Horvat, '12
Mr. Michael B. Hoven, '06
Ms. Deirdre Howley
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hubbard
Ms. Stephanie A. Hudson, '94
Mrs. Frances L. Huffman
Ms. Clare A. Hungiville
Ms. Elwanda D. Ingram
Ms. Juliane Inverson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Inverson
Mr. David R. Iverson, '14
Mr. and Mrs. Mukul Jain
Ms. Mary E. James
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jarrett
Ms. Abigail M. Jennings, '86 and Mr. Randolph Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. J. Barry Johnson
Ms. Kathleen Johnson
Ms. Lee C. Jones
Dr. Raymond C. Jones
Ms. Caroline A. Jones, '72 and Mr. Peter L. Galison
Mr. Daryl E. Jones and Dr. Suzanne E. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Kantor
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kelley
Mr. Sean T. Kent, '96 and Ms. Katrina Kent, '98
Mrs. Andrea D. Kepple
Ms. Penelope Kilpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar O. Kinnier III
Ms. Lori A. Klinger, '79
Mr. David Knesel
Ms. Rebecca Knudsen
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Knudson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Kosowski
Ms. Joyce Koster
Mrs. Pamela N. Kott
Dr. and Ms. Allen Lalor
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Lancaster
Faculty Emeritus Jill D. Lane
Dr. and Mrs. Edward E. Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Chung-Suk Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lee
Mr. Charles Leffler
Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Leggett
Ms. Ruby Lerner
Dr. and Mrs. Barry Leshin
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Leve
Ms. Lisa Levine
Mr. Lance B. Lewman, '82 and Ms. Kristan K. Lewman, '81
Mr. Matthew C. Ligon
Mr. and Mrs. Craig H. Linger
Ms. Dina S. Lipton, '84 and Mr. Jeffrey M. Downer
Dr. and Mrs. David Little
Mr. and Mrs. W. Randolph Loftis, Jr.
Ms. Charlyn Logan-Stuart and Mr. James B. Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Love
Ms. Helen A. Luif
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mageau
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Maier
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mann
Mr. and Mrs. W. Marty Marion
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marlowe
Ms. Claudia H. Martin, '72
Mr. Thomas Massella, Jr., '83 and Mrs. Elizabeth Massella
Mr. Christopher W. Mattern and
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Mayers
Mr. John E. McConnell, Jr., '89
Mr. Kenneth E. McCullough, '87 and Faculty Emeritus Susan M. McCullough, '70
Ms. Mamie McIndoe
Ms. Marilyn R. McIntyre, '72
Ms. Rebecca McLain, '70
Mr. Darrin P. McMurry, '81
Mrs. Rebecca Y. McQuilling, '80
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan F. Meter
Dr. and Mrs. J. Rodney Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Milam
Ms. Rosemary V. Millar, Ph.D.
Ms. Barbara Minzenberg
Mr. Ross Minzenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Mitchell
Ms. Bethanie M. Monroe, '93
Ms. Anna C. Montgomerie, '91 and Mr. Jeffrey Montgomerie
Mr. Michael B. Moran, '01 and Mrs. Patty Moran
Mr. Joshua W. Morgan, '09
Mr. J. Griffin Morgan and Ms. Maureen Geraghty
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Morris
Dr. and Mrs. Eberhard Mueller-Heubach
Ms. Gillian E. Murphy, '96 and Mr. Ethan Stiefel
Mr. Kim M. Shipley and Mr. Michael T. Murphy
Dr. Lynne Norris Murray
Ms. Myra D. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Nardella
The Reverend and Mrs. J. Robert Nations
The Reverend and Mrs. Bob Nations
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Negus
Mr. Isaac J. Banks, '15 and Ms. Lucille Neiman
Mrs. Sherry Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Nelson
Mr. Denny Newell
Ms. Phyllis H. Newsome
Mr. John H. Newton, '74 and Mrs. Mary L. Newton
Mr. and Mrs. David Nichols
Mr. John Nicolson
Ms. Lois M. Nora, M.D.
Ms. Molly Norcross
Ms. Molly North
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley F. O'Brien
Ms. Janice O'Dell
Ms. Brenda Odum
Ms. Gisele R. Oerter, '78
Mr. Ryan J. O'Gara, '00 and Mrs. Meaghan O'Gara
Dr. and Mrs. J. Raymond Oliver, Jr.
Mr. Jaime Ortiz-Lopez and Ms. Virginia M. Ortiz
Ms. Barbara Ostdiek
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Ott
Ms. Katherine D. Otterbourg
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Paris
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Park
Ms. Natalie J. Parker, '13
Mr. and Ms. Kim Parker
Dr. Anne Parkhurst
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. James Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Milton E. Peddycord
Mr. W. Gaston Penry, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Matias Perel
Ms. Allison C. Perkins and Mr. Clifford L. Dossel
Mr. Robb F. Perry, Jr., '77
Ms. Barbara Philleo
Mr. John H. Philligin III, '07
Ms. Gina A. Phillips
Mr. Erik C. Plath, '11
Mr. Justin L. Poindexter, '06 and Ms. Sasha Papernick
Professor Dale and Mrs. Susan Pollock
Professor and Mrs. Dale M. Pollock
Mr. Harry M. Poster, '11
Mr. Bill Potter, '84 and Mrs. Deborah C. Potter
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Pounds
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Pranikoff
Ms. Claire H. Pruett, '19
Ms. Theodosia C. Pulitzer, '97
Mrs. Cindy Putnam
Mrs. June R. Putt
Ms. Emily Ragsdale
Mr. David Rambo and Mr. Ted Heyck
Mr. Tareake D. Ramos, '17
Mr. and Mrs. John Ramsey
Mr. Matt W. Ransom V, '97 and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Ransom, '92
Dr. Julie B. Ravnan, Ph.D., '80 and Mr. Michael Ebinger
Mr. Stan Taylor and Ms. Mary V. Remishofsky
Ms. Ruth Rendleman, '70
Mrs. Patricia Reynolds
Mrs. Mattie M. Rhodes, '69 and Mr. T. Milton Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rich
Ms. Lauria M. Riley, '69 and Mr. George Riley
Mr. and Mrs. M. Eric Rimes
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Robins
Mr. Richard Robinson
Mr. Lawrence G. Robinson
Ms. Katie M. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. C. Christopher Rodie
Mrs. Sarah B. Rogers, '76 and Mr. Randy J. Rogers
Ms. Stephane Rogers
Ms. Kelly Rose
Mr. William A. Balbuena and Ms. Michelle A. Rosenow
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Roy
Mrs. Avon Ruffin
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Alexandar Saban
Ms. Sabrina Sacks Mann
Mr. Wilmer D. Sanders
Mr. and Ms. John Scarcelli
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Schoenberger
Ms. Allison R. Schumacher, '82 and Mr. Robert Schumacher
Ms. Julie J. Scott, '74
Ms. Victoria N. Scott
Ms. Sarah Seidensticker
Mr. Truman T. Semans
Mr. Tony J. Shaff, '01
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Sheehan
Mr. Glenn Sherman
Mr. Kim M. Shipley, '83
Mrs. Pamela P. Short
Mr. Ronald J. Short
Mr. and Mrs. Erik J. Sigel
Mrs. Linda Silva
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart R. Silver
Mr. Jack Sims, '68
Mr. and Mrs. Al Bunch
Dr. Rebecca T. Slifkin, '71 and Mr. Rich Rosen
Ms. Brenda Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Smart
Mr. John C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Smith, Jr.
Ms. Jennifer S. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Smith
Mr. David R. Snider
Dr. R. D. Spillman
Ms. Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin
Ms. Marty B. Spry
Mr. Richard W. Starbuck
Mrs. Rhenda Steele
Ms. Paula Stober
Mr. Jeffrey Worth and Mrs. Susan G. Stockton Worth
Dr. Jennifer K. Stoddard
Ms. Jennifer C. Strickland, '12
Mrs. and Ms. Susan Strum
Mr. Michael B. Surratt, '67
Ms. Kate Sutton-Johnson, '02
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Swenberg
Ms. Kelly E. Swindell, '07
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Szeliga
Mr. Brian C. Thomas, '13
Ms. Sarah T. Thompson
Ms. Marla Tobey
Mr. Alan S. Toy, '71 and Ms. Theresa Karanik
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Trull
Ms. Nancy Tuohy
Ms. Angela D. Tuttle
Ms. Alix C. Hitchcock and Mr. Marshall E. Tyler
Mr. Dirk R. Van Pernis, '03
Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Vandiver, Jr.
Mrs. Lee H. Vason, '68 and Mr. Wayne Vason
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie L. Vaughn
Mr. Stefan VogelMrs. Niti Wade
Ms. Rebecca M. Wakefield, '76 and Mr. Murray Johnson
Ms. Katie C. Wakeford, '87 and Mr. Gregg Cusick
Ms. Rebecca L. Walden, '05
Ms. Jessie H. Walker, '84 and Mr. David Banner
Mrs. and Mrs. Justin M. Waller
Mr. Kenneth Warner
Dr. Velma G. Watts, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Stacy Weaver, Jr.
Mr. Douglas Webster and Ms. Elizabeth A. Byrd, '82
Ms. Wendy Weeks
Mr. Jeffrey Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Weinswig
The Reverend and Mrs. Nelson A. Weller
Mr. and Mrs. P. Everett Wells III
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wetzel
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrod Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher White
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. White
Mrs. Rachel E. White-Ball, '94
Ms. Susan A. Whitney
Mr. Michael W. Wiesman, '70 and Mrs. Margie P. Wiesman, '70
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Wiggins
Mr. Tom S. Williams
Mr. Kenneth L. Wilmot, Jr., '91 and Mrs. Monika P. Wilmot, '02
Mr. David L. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. Ronald D. Wilson
Mrs. Jane M. Wilson, '67 and Dr. Victor M. Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Winkelman
Ms. Karen K. Witt
Ms. Mary E. Witt, '75
Mr. Michel E. Wolf, '97
Ms. Pamela D. Wolfman, '84 and Dr. Neil Wolfman
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wood
Mr. Billy Woodall and Ms. Geitza Posada
Ms. Jennifer L. Woodson, '00
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin F. Wright, Jr.
Ms. Hannah K. Yau, '19
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Yow
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Zambor
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Zellinger
Mr. Xianjun Zhou and Ms. Chen Xiang
Mr. Marc A. Zuckerman, '12 and Ms. Louise De Laender


Mrs. Erica L. Adkins, '87 and Mr. Anthony E. Adkins
Mr. John-William Affourtit
Miss Kathryn I. Ailion, '16
Ms. Patricia Ailstock
Ms. Helen M. Akinc
Mr. Charles D. Albano, '92
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Alcala
Ms. Heath Aldridge and Dr. Kyle E. Black
Mr. William Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Alexander
Mr. Robert Alexander
Ms. Leslie Alexiadis
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Allemeier
Ms. Tiffany L. Allgood, '03
Ms. Nancy Allred
Ms. Mary M. Anderson, '92
Ms. Linda Anderson
Mr. Alan Andrews and Mrs. Lynne Fuller-Andrews
Mr. Shane S. Andries, '07 and Mrs. Bethany Andries
Mr. Aminata Sougou and Mrs. Mame C. Anta-Sougou
Ms. Debra Anton
Ms. Martha Apple
Ms. Alyssa Armenta
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Austria
Mr. Kenneth Averett-Clark, '89
Ms. Amanda Baab
Ms. Tonya Babb
Ms. Lynn Baber, '81 and Mr. Jeffrey Parker
Mr. Spencer K. Badesch, '08
Mr. and Professor Andrew Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Rick S. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Rajaram B. Baliga
Ms. Janiece Ballard
Mrs. Susan R. Ballinger, '72
Mr. and Mrs. Garnet O. Balwah
Mr. James Banks
Mr. Edwin R. Barbash, '07
Mr. John M. Barrows
Mr. and Mrs. Roberts B. Bass
Mr. Ken W. Batchelor, '76
Ms. Donna Baumann
Mr. John T. Baumbach, '00 and Ms. Heather L.
Baumbach, '00
Ms. Paula Beasley
Ms. Shanna D. Beauchamp Hill, '06
Mr. Scott M. Beckwith, '10
Ms. Mary C. Behan
Mr. Jordan E. Bell, '18
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Belshaw
Mr. Matthew P. Benjamin, '87
Mr. and Mrs. Graham F. Bennett
Ms. Lisa Bennett
Mr. Kevin Benson and Mr. Steve Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bentley
Mr. James Beres
Dr. Karen E. Beres and Mr. Lance Drege
Mr. James C. Berrier and Ms. Suzanne B. Breedlove
Professor Holland B. Berson, '12
Ms. Kathleen E. Bethel
Ms. Mary Ann Bills
Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Bishop
Ms. Heath Aldridge and Dr. Kyle E. Black, Jr.
Ms. Marta K. Blades
Ms. Oenita L. Blair, '76
Mrs. Eileen J. Blancato
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Blancato
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Blanco
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Bloomfield
Ms. Liron Blumenthal
Ms. Jordan K. F. Boatman, '18
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bogner
Mr. Timothy D. Bohon
Mr. Jason C. Bolen, '02
Ms. Carole Borden
Mr. and Mrs. Tore Borhaug
Mrs. Jennifer S. Borish, '93 and Mr. Jon Borish
Ms. Brett A. Buckwalter, '85 and Ms. Robin A. Borts, '84
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander F. Borys
Ms. Mary R. Bouchard
Mr. Dylan C. Bougis, '18
Mr. Vincent C. Bowhers
Ms. Wilba P. Brady
Mr. Thomas P. Brady, '86
Ms. Mary Branch
Ms. Kaye S. Brandon
Dr. Ranelle Brew
Ms. Susan Brittain
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Brookby
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Brown
Mr. Paul G. Brown, '69 and Mrs. Susan M. Loevenguth
Mr. and Mrs. Kelsey Brown
Ms. Brent A. Bruin, '12
Mr. Chandler V. Bryant
Ms. Martha W. Buck, '67
Mr. Howard Burnett
Mrs. Jean M. Burroughs
Ms. Leslie Burson
Mr. Robert W. Byerly, '18
Mr. Javier Calderon
Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Callahan
Mr. and Ms. Brandon Callaway
Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell
Mr. David Cantrell
Ms. Roberta A. Caplan, '67
Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Carbrey
Mr. Charles W. Cardinaux, '02
Ms. Angela Carlson
Ms. Diane M. Carricker, '74
Ms. Jessica Carter
Ms. Patricia D. Casey, '77 and Mr. Leon C. Thomas, Jr.
Mr. Moises Castano
Dr. Arthur T. Cavano III, '74
Ms. Patricia Cesari
Ms. Corinne Challenger
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Chapin
Ms. Jane Chapman
Mr. John W. Chapman, '05 and Mrs. Julie Chapman
Ms. Amelia Bell R. C. Chen, '17
Ms. Robin J. Christian-McNair
Mr. Robert E. Chumbley, '71
Ms. Hannah K. Church, '17
Mr. Vincent R. Cimmino and Ms. Regina Cybulski
Miss Meghan A. Cirillo, '12
Mr. Ira J. Citron
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Clark
Mr. Coleman R. Clark
Ms. Janet D. Claxton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Clements
Dr. Tadeu Coelho
Mr. Larry B. Coffey
Mr. David M. Cole and Dr. Donna G. Anderson-Cole
Interim Chancellor and Mrs. Brian Cole
Ms. Maria V. Collins
Mr. Nickolaus G. Colon, '15
Mr. Bedford Combs
Mr. Robert Conn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Connors
Ms. Bonnie S. Cook
Ms. Elizabeth Cook, '87
Mr. and Mrs. Kimberly O. Cook
Faculty Emeritus Dona and Mr. Arthur Cooper
Ms. Hallie S. Cooper, '11
Ms. Heidi L. M. Copeland
Mr. Nicholas A. Correa, '13
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cosgrove
Mrs. Rachel Cossette
Mr. Mark Couzens
Mr. and Mrs. Terry F. Coyle
Ms. Therese Coyne
Mrs. Wanda T. Creen, '81
Mrs. Elizabeth N. Crocker, '77
Mr. Bert Croezen
Mr. Norman Cromwell
Ms. Murphy Cross, '71
Mrs. Amy L. Crum, '97 and Mr. Jim Crum
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Culbreth
Mr. Kenneth Cumming
Ms. Natalie Cenovia C. Cummins, '84 and Ms. Marilyn
Mrs. Linda Cundiff
Mr. Thomas G. Cunningham
Ms. Suzanne Daes-Pratt, '69
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dana
Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Danelson
Dr. Robert M. Daniel, '68 and Mrs. Kathleen A. Daniel
Ms. Mary Dashiell, '74
Ms. Cassandra Davis
Ms. Inez Davis
Mr. William W. Davis
Mr. Gregg Fisher and Ms. Mary Davis
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dawson
Ms. Joan S. Dawson
Ms. Mary-Clare Day
Mr. Blyth W. Daylong, '94
Mr. and Mrs. Amelito De Jesus
Ms. Mary Deakle
Ms. Amanda B. Deal
Ms. Ruth E. Delzell, '90
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Dennis, Jr.
Ms. Kellie Dentler
Mr. Andrew G. Denton, '13
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Denton
Mr. and Mrs. John Devanney
Mr. and Mrs. Nello Di Norcia
Ms. Kathryn J. Dia, '81 and Mr. Januario P. Dia
Mr. Ronald Digby-New and Ms. Tiffany Drafz
Mrs. Julia Anne P. DiPiazza, '67 and Mr. Joseph DiPiazza
Mr. Jonathan H. Dockery, '02
Mrs. Chelsea M. Doerfer, '13 and Mr. William Doerfer
Mr. Olin F. Dukes and Ms. Bonnie J. Doerr
Ms. Kelly Donnellan, '00
Ms. Crista W. Douthit
Ms. Elizabeth P. Downing
Mrs. Sandra B. Dreis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DuBose
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dubuisson
Ms. Allison Duncan
Dr. and Mrs. David Dundee
Ms. N. Elizabeth Dunlop
Miss Lauren E. Dunlop, '19
Mr. S Worth Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Dunn
Ms. Pamela M. Durban, '04
Ms. Kim P. Durham
Mr. Andrew J. Dyer, '12
Mr. Abdon J. Eagan, '18
Mr. Richard Earl
Mrs. Susan T. Edge
Dr. and Mrs. C. Drew Edwards
Mr. Ed Eklund
Ms. Helene Elbein
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Eller
Mr. Roger Richardson and Ms. P. Lynn Ellis
Mr. William M. Ellis, '85 and Mrs. Jocelyn Ellis
Mr. Richard Ellis, '78 and Mrs. Robin Blackburn
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ellis
Mrs. Trean Ellis
Ms. Priscilla W. Ender
Mrs. Elaine E. Ephraim
Master Sargeant Anne M. Epperly, '96
Ms. Hilde Errico
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Eshelman
Estate of Mr. Robert M. Overstreet
Mr. Julian E. Eubank III, '72 and Mrs. Annette Eubank
Mr. and Mrs. John Evans
Mr. Jonathan J. Everett, '18
Mr. Alexander C. Ewing, Jr. and Mrs. Winnifred A.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Exum
Ms. Nancy Eyre
Mr. and Mrs. Curt R. Eyster
Mr. William M. Fagen, '97
Mrs. Sharon Fausch
Mrs. Carolyn H. Fay
Mr. and Ms. J. Stevens Felder
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Felts
Mr. Robert Ferrarin
Mr. Justin Ferrell
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Finamore
Mr. Brian T. Finney, '86
Ms. Carolyn D. Fisch
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Fisk
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Flanders
Mr. Joseph M. Flanders, '10
Mrs. Deborah B. Flanigan
Mrs. Christine K. Flory
Ms. Shirley B. Fly
Mr. Josha Foldy
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus R. Forman
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Forsman
Ms. Susan D. Foushee
Mrs. Monica L. Francisco, '00 and Mr. Charles D. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Francisco
Ms. Samantha Frank
Mr. Ian Frederick
Mr. Chris W. French, '09
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gardea
Mr. Benjamin F. Garner, '10
Mr. and Mrs. R. Matt Garrett
Mr. Nick Gawlik
Mr. Stephen R. Geiger, '74 and Ms. Sarah D. Tauber, '87
Mr. and Mrs. Michel Gill
Ms. Gianna B. Gimenez
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Gittelman
Ms. Suzanne Glassgow
Ms. Laura Glick
Ms. Viviana Gonzalez
Ms. Celia L. Gonzalez
Ms. Ashley Gonzalez
Ms. Teresa Gonzalez
Mr. Joseph M. Good III, '74 and Mrs. Ann Good
Mrs. Anna Gordon
Mr. Clint Gorman
Faculty Emeritus Frank P. Smith, Jr., '69 and Mrs. Noel
Ms. Mary Graham
Mr. Gregory L. Kerns, '83 and Mrs. Deneen Z. Graham Kerns, '96
Ms. Marilyn Granger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Graves
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Graves
Ms. Joyce Gray
Ms. Greta M. Gray and Mr. Thomas B. Denegre III
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Greaney
Mr. and Mrs. Coy R. Green
Ms. Nicole D. Green, '91
Mrs. Cindy Greenberg
Ms. Emily R. Grissing, '14
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Grissing, Jr.
Mr. Ned Gross
Ms. Karen Guggisberg
Mr. Paul Haag
Mr. Jonathan C. Hadley, '86
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Hahn
Ms. Nadine D. Hall
Ms. Carol M. Hall
Mr. Seth B. Hall, '18
Mrs. Kathryn E. Halpern, '11 and Mr. Mark Halpern
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Halsey
Ms. Meredith K. Hannah, '13
Ms. Leslie Hannon
Mrs. Heather M. Hanselman, '03
Ms. Lizabeth Hansen
Mr. Hugh M. Hardyman, '92 and Ms. Susan Shils
Mr. William Harmon
Mr. Alan J. Townsend and Mrs. Teven A. Harmon-Townsend
Ms. Elizabeth H. H. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Harrison
Ms. Joy Harrity
Ms. Carol G. Hart
Ms. Michelle Hartle
Dr. Lisa A. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Rupert A. Harwell
Ms. Gaye Hawks
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Hayse
Ms. Alexandra Heddinger, '86 and Mr. Marc Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Hedgpeth
Ms. Dene Hellman
Mrs. Josephine K. Hennelly
Ms. Jan Herboth
Ms. Vanessa A. Hernandez, '10
Ms. Sally A. Hesse-Nice, '85
Ms. Mary M. Hicks, '69
Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Hiersteiner
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hill
Ms. Alissa Hilman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Hines
Mr. Michael Hobby and Ms. Kathy Orms
Ms. Nicole R. Hodges, '07
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hodgin
Mr. Benjamin J. Hoff, '16 and Mrs. Erin Hoff
Mr. William Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Holden III
Mrs. Angela H. Holder-Pearman, '76 and Mr. Roger
Mrs. Bridget Hollomon
Miss Renee Holtkamp
Ms. Diane Hopkins
Ms. Rosalie H. Horton
Ms. Carol A. Housel-Kenney, '15
Mr. Jingfang Huang and Ms. Amy Q. He
Mr. Edwin Molina and Ms. Eliza Hueda
Ms. Epiphany M. Huffman
Mr. Robert L. Stern and Ms. Brenda E. Humphrey
Mr. Brad Hunnicutt
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hunter
Ms. MaryKirk Huske
Mr. Jerry L. Goodson and Ms. Brenda H. Hutchins
Ms. Susan Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Hyland
Mr. Bob Icard
Mr. Robert Ihrie, Jr. and Ms. Maureen Ihrie
Mr. Steven Lubliner and Ms. Kristin Ikola
Mrs. Kathe Ingle
Ms. Ellen Inverso
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Isaac
Mr. and Mrs. Traver Stewart
Mr. Alexander M. Isley, '80 and Ms. Veronica Isley
Mr. Bill R. Israel
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jackson
Ms. Melinda Jacobs
Dr. Adrian Laxton and Dr. Brandi Jacques
Ms. Susan Jaffe
Mrs. Terri C. James, '75 and Mr. Luther G. James
Ms. Michelle E. Jarvis, '13
Ms. Jeanne Jennings, '69
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jester
Mr. Quinten J. Gordon, '08 and Ms. Katherine Johnson
Mr. Theodore Johnson
Ms. Joan M. Johnson
Ms. Monica L. Francisco and Mr. Charles D. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Jones
Mr. Kevin Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Jones
Mr. Scott Juchno
Ms. Jane C. Kamiab
Mrs. Julie Kamoroff
Ms. Phyllis Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Karl W. Kapp
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Karr
Ms. Kimberly Katon
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Keener, M.D.
Dean Michael J. Kelley, '87
Mr. and Mrs. James Kelley
Ms. Anne Kent
Mr. Johnny Kerr
Ms. Angela Kessler
Ms. Rebecca Key
Mrs. Louisa P. Klein
Mrs. Mary Elen R. Knott
Ms. Corynn N. Kolberg and Mr. Anthony Kilar
Ms. Kelly Kontos
Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Koonin
Mr. Nathan V. Krochmal, '14
Mrs. Lidiya V. Krochmal, '14
Ms. Katherine Kron
Ms. Cynthia Laboe
Mr. and Mrs. David Lacy
Ms. Laurel Laden
Mr. Dane LaFontsee, '66 and Mrs. Dana LaFontsee
Mr. Jean-Baptiste Lagnie and Ms. Aleksandra Sivash
Ms. Laurie A. Lail
Ms. Aina Lakis
Ms. Beth Lane
Ms. Nancy Lang
Ms. Sue Ann Langfitt
Ms. Danielle A. Langlois, '99
Dr. Barbara B. Lankton
Ms. KayRon V. Lantz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. LaVallee
Mr. Aaron A. LaVallee, '10
Mrs. Donna C. Layng
Mr. Loic Le Hir De Fallois and Ms. Claire Grimonprez
Ms. Dane LeAnna, '17
Mrs. Carol Lebrenz
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Leckie III
Ms. Sandra K. LeCrone
Ms. Ginine Ledbetter
Ms. Molly Leinbach
Mr. Charles Leonard
Ms. Emma Levine
Mr. John G. Lewis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Lewis
Mr. Gang Li and Ms. Yuwen Xia
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Liberty
Ms. Catherine R. Linebarger, '07
Ms. Elienn W. Linvile
Ms. Carrie M. Lipchin, '89
Mr. Shaobin Zhu and Ms. Yamei Liu
Ms. Eva M. Lively and Ms. Beth D. Blackmore
Ms. Margot Lobree
Ms. Hannah N. Locke, '10
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan C. Lockett
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Loftin
Ms. June Logan
Ms. Martha Logan
Mrs. Heath H. London, '69 and Mr. Robert S. London
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Feldman
Mr. Eugene C. Lorendo, '69 and Ms. Lynn Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Loupe
Mr. Edward J. Loupe, '17
Dr. Tarasa Lovick, Ph.D.
Mr. Jon Lowder
Mrs. Martha K. Lowery
Ms. Sara G. Lozo, '18
Ms. Corrine Luthy
Mr. Angus MacLachlan, '80 and Ms. Jennifer Snowhite
Ms. Lyndsay Madden
Mr. and Mrs. John Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. Luther R. Manus, Jr.
Mrs. Marie B. Marritt
Mr. Lawrence W. Marshall, '69 and Mrs. Sylvia Marshall
Mrs. Elizabeth Martin
Mr. Charles A. Martin, '68 and Mrs. Laura J. Smith-Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martinson
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Mason
Mrs. Melanie Masud
Ms. Catherine Matheney
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Matranga
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Matz
Mrs. Sara B. Maughan, '98 and Mr. Chris Maughan
Mrs. Florence Mauney
Ms. Madeline A. Maxwell, '75
Ms. Kristine May
Mr. Kenneth Mayer and Ms. Chrisine Brault
Ms. Daria Mazaeva
Mr. and Mrs. Brett McAnulty
Mr. Trent W. McCain, Jr., '17
Mrs. Allison B. McConaughey, '87 and Mr. Warner W. McConaughey
Ms. Marianne McCoy
Ms. Marissa McCullough
Mr. Patrick R. McCurry, '95 and Mrs. Susan McCurry
Ms. Byah D. McGee
Mr. John O. McGuire, '97
Ms. Carrie McIndoe
Mr. Jeffrey McIntosh
Ms. Heidi E. McIver, '09
Ms. Gail T. McKinnon
Ms. Brandi L. McKinnon
Mr. and Mrs. George F. McKnight
Mr. Seth N. McKnight, '06
Ms. Kathryn A. McLain
Ms. Madison McLain, '19
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. McLaughlin, Jr.
Ms. Mary McLaughlin
Mr. Timothy McNamara
Mr. and Mrs. Vance B. McVay
Mr. and Mrs. Arran McWhirter
Ms. Maureen Mena
Ms. Sally A. Merriman, '89
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Merten
Miss Genia Michaela, '91
Mr. and Mrs. Judson J. Milam
Mr. Johnny A. Milani III, '09
Ms. Julia Miley
Ms. Katherine A. Miller
Ms. Jean R. Miller
Ms. Rachel L. Miller, '19
Mr. Thomas K. Miller, '05
Mr. W. Lee Miller
Mr. Joseph R. Mills
Dr. and Mrs. Grover R. Mims
Ms. Terri Mitchell
Ms. Lynne M. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Mixon
Mr. Emmett A. Moberly-Lachance
Mrs. Loredana Moccia
Ms. Celeste Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis T. Montgomery, Jr.
Mr. Dana E. Mooney, '81
Ms. Megan A. Moose, '98
Mr. and Mrs. John Moose
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Moreau
Mr. Donald R. Morris and Ms. Melanie Mooney
Ms. Ann Morris
Mrs. Rachel E. Morse, '09 and Mr. Scott Morse
Ms. Deanna Moss
Faculty Emeritus Lynda Moss
Dr. R. Bruce Moss '71
Mr. and Mrs. David K. Moye
Mrs. Melinda B. Mueller, '96 and Mr. Peter Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Mullaney
Mr. and Mrs. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Murphy
Ms. Edith Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. F. Bradford Myers, Jr.
Mr. Ralph J. Neiweem, Jr., '69 and Ms. Claire Aebersold
Mr. Stuart C. Nelson, '02
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk A. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Tibor Nemeth III
Mr. Anton E. Ness, '70
Mr. and Ms. Richard Nettles
Reverend Jim Newsom
Mr. John L. Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Nicolas
Ms. Sonja Nielsen
Mrs. Shirley W. Noffsinger
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Norman
Mr. John M. Noyes, '92
Mr. Nelson J. Nutt, Jr.
Mr. Eric Nutt
Mrs. Robin O’Neal
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Odell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Okey
Ms. Sharon M. Olson
Ms. Rebecca Omlor
Mr. Spence O'Neill
Dr. and Mrs. Paul N. Orser
Ms. Susan Osborne
Ms. Jasmine A. Osborne, '10
Mr. Charles D. Osborne, Jr., '12
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Ownby
Mr. Jeff Palis
Mrs. Linda Palmer
Mr. Stuart T. Park, '04
Ms. Karen Parke
Mr. Rhondle M. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Parks
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Parks
Ms. Robyne M. Parrish, '05 and Mr. Matt Lamb
Mr. William J. Parrish, '70 and Mrs. Pamela C. Parrish, '73
Mr. Ryan D. Pater, '13
Mr. Steve Patton
Ms. Alexandra M. Pawlus, '17
Ms. Laura Depta D. Peal, '90 and Mr. Stan Peal
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Pechanek
Ms. Carloyn C. Peddycord
Mr. Richard A. Pender
Mr. Daniel G. Perry, '87
Mr. Francis G. Perry, '73 and Ms. Yvonne Perry, '74
Ms. Barbara Peters
Mr. Bradley W. Peterson, '09
Ms. Laura Phail
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Philligin, Jr.
Mrs. Josephine O. Phillips
Ms. Aimee L. Phillips, '18
Ms. Sarah Pierce-Rubio
Ms. Holly K. Pierson, '06
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pingel
Faculty Emeritus Mark P. Pirolo
Ms. Elnora C. Piscopo
Mrs. Laura F. Pitts
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Plitt
Mr. Jack E. Ploszaj, '16
Dr. and Mrs. O. D. Polk
Dr. Nancy C. Polk
Ms. Joan N. Poole
Mr. Ryan Popma
Dr. Nora M. Post, '68
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Poston
Mr. Wesley J. Taylor, '08 and Mr. Isaac C. Powell, '17
Ms. Kathryn Premo
Ms. Marie J. Preske, '16
Ms. Paula E. Pressley
Mr. Jeffrey H. Price and Mrs. Lisa C. Tillis
Mrs. Tammy Priest
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Probst
Ms. Christen Pruett
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Pruett
Ms. Karen Puckett
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Quin
Mr. David E. Raderman and Ms. Rose A. Smiley
Mr. Daniel S. Raderman, '13
Ms. Sherri S. Raeford
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rahman
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Ramlo
Ms. Doris Ramos
Mr. William Steinmetz and Ms. Elizabeth L. Ransom
Ms. Glennette F. Ranson
Ms. Sarah Rawz
Ms. Amy Ray
Ms. T. Lynn Ray
Ms. Emily A. Rayl, '16
Mr. Paul Razza
Mr. James Reagan
Ms. Alexa V. Reass, '12
Mrs. Carla K. Reid, '86 and Mr. Randy Reid
Mr. Sean M. Reish, '95 and Mrs. Megan Reish
Mrs. Susan Reiss
Dr. Shereen G. Remez, '66
Ms. Joaquin Reyes
Mr. Jacob J. Rice III, '75 and Ms. Kimmary A. Williams
Mr. Roger A. Richardson and Ms. P. L. Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Richardson
Ms. Ramona S. Richmond
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Richter, Sr.
Dr. Robert A. Riehle, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Riggins
Ms. Elaine Riley
Ms. Bobbi B. Rivers
Ms. Lisa Robinson
Mrs. Jacqueline R. Robinson-Sinkiewicz, '12
Mr. Robert P. Rocco
Ms. Jessica Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. David Roggenkamp
Ms. Kristine Rollins
Mr. Jason T. Romney, '04 and Mrs. Jennifer Romney
Mr. Jarrod A. Ronhovde, '94
Mr. Gary Rosenbaum
Ms. Kimberly M. Ross, '11
Ms. Arlene Rouse
Dr. Billy W. Royal and Ms. Nancy L. Earl
Mr. Michael S. Ryden
Dr. Olivia M. Sabee, '03
Ms. Ellen Sackett
Mr. Ethan K. Saiewitz
Mr. Mike Saine
Ms. Nancy C. Salmon, '70 and Mr. David C. Webster
Ms. Sallie D. Sanders, '88
Mrs. Anita Sanford
Mr. I. Maxwell Savage '19
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Savage
Ms. Jane Ladage and Ms. Judith Sawyer
Mr. Phillip L. Saylor
Dr. Julia L. Scandrett
Mr. Marcus B. Schaefer and Mrs. Claudia F. Zorn-Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Schiavone
Mr. Christopher M. Schilder, '08
Ms. Robin L. Schneider, '87 and Mr. John M. Schneider
Ms. Caroline R. Schreiber, '13
Ms. Elisabeth Schulmeister-Antona
Ms. Keely Schultz
Ms. Kathleen Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Scott
Dr. John Scott
Mrs. Judy N. Scurry
Dr. Kathy Seid-Eriksson
Mrs. Corlis L. Sellers-Drummond
Mr. Jeremy Serkin and Dr. Maria Serkin
Mr. Drew Setchfield
Mrs. Susan Sexton
Ms. Karla Shanahan
Ms. Kelli Sheffield
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sheldon
Ms. Martha F. Sheppard, '14
Mr. Steven L. Sherrill, '71
Mr. Richard L. Shrum, '90
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass B. Sidney
Ms. Jordan G. Simmons, '00
Mr. Thomas S. Simpson, '88 and Mrs. Sherri L. Simpson
Mr. Howard G. Skillington, Jr.
The Honorable Carrie F. Vickery, '03 and Mr. Phillip
Mr. Brian F. Small and Ms. Virginia L. Welford
Mr. and Mrs. Riddick Smiley
Ms. Rose A. Smiley
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Smith
Mr. Luke J. Smith, '11
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
Miss Marie Smith, '17
Ms. Emily Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin R. Snipes III
Mr. Daniel G. Snyder, '69 and Mrs. Brenda Snyder
Ms. Jane Sobie
Mr. Neil Soffer, '19
Mr. and Mrs. Art Solomon
Mr. Gerald V. Solomon, Jr., '73 and Mrs. Denise Solomon
Mrs. Margaret R. Sosnik
Mr. Justin Sosnowski
Ms. Nadia Southerland
Ms. Jennifer Southwell
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Spach
Ms. Rosalie Spaniel
Ms. Beth Spear
Mrs. Gwen V. Spear-Jones, '70 and Mr. Michael W. Spear-Jones
Dr. Alex D. Speedie, '12 and Mrs. Linda W. Speedie
Mr. Alan Spiewak
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Spindel
Ms. Barbara J. Spivack
Mr. Trenton W. Spivey, '18
Mr. and Mrs. J. Timothy Spratt
Mr. Max D. Stampa-Brown, '14
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Stanbery
Ms. Savannah Stanbery
Mr. and Mrs. James Stanfill
Ms. Jamie Stanton
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney G. Stauffer
Ms. Wanda L. Steele, '75
Ms. Sarah J. Steinhardt, '74
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel T. Stella
Ms. Elisabeth C. Stephens
Ms. Sharon Stevenson
Mr. T. Alan Stewart '87
Ms. Sharon R. Storm
Mrs. Carol E. Strittmatter
Ms. Rebecca L. Sullins
Mr. and Mrs. Tom L. Summer
Mrs. Judith H. Swain
T. T. Swain
Mr. Bland M. Wade, Jr., '80 and Ms. Amy E. Swift, '92
Ms. L'Tonya Tallet
Ms. Angela Talton
Ms. Danielle E. Tarmey and Mr. Joseph R. Mills
Ms. Sarah D. Tauber, '87 and Mr. Stephen R. Geiger, '74
Ms. Jean T. Taylor
Mr. Adam Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. David Teague
Ms. Kay L. Teeter
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Teichman
Mrs. Jessica E. Telfer, '08 and Mr. Adam Telfer
Mrs. Patricia D. Casey and Mr. Carey Thomas
Ms. Tabitha Thomas
Ms. Kerrie Thomas
Mr. Ding Thomas Komissarov
Ms. Susan Thomas-Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomason
Maestro Dennis Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Thompson
Mr. Richard Tobaben
Mr. Preston Toney
Mr. Maha Torabi
Mr. Keith Guarino and Ms. Felicia Touchstone
Mr. and Mrs. Roxie W. Towns
Dr. Elizabeth J. Towns and Mr. Mark D. Robinson
Ms. Hayley A. Treider, '09
Mr. Seth H. Truby, '92 and Ms. Angela Truby
Ms. Gaye T. Upchurch, '05
Mr. Richard W. Upchurch
Ms. Melissa Upton and Mr. Kris Julio, '13
Mr. Roland S. Valentine, '76 and Mrs. Debbie Valentine
Mr. David A. Valentino, Jr., '14
Mr. William M. Valles, '16
Ms. Mary Katherine K. Vandiver, '96
Ms. Brenda VanLunen
Ms. Kim Vargus
Mrs. Melissa N. Vartanian-Mikaelian, '02
Dr. and Mrs. Chad M. Wagner
Mr. Wake Wagner
Ms. Ellen L. Waldrep
Mr. and Mrs. Barrett L. Walker, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Walker
Mr. Charles Walker and Ms. Betty Cagle
Mr. Mark T. Walton
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ward
Mr. Ben Ward
Mr. Dylan P. Ward, '15
Mrs. Teresa M. Ware, '69 and Mr. Lewis B. Ware
Mr. Lewis B. Ware and Mrs. Teresa M. Ware
Mrs. Nancy S. Watkins
Ms. Jorja L. Waybrant
Ms. Jennifer N. Webb, '11
Mrs. Gina Webster
Ms. Angela Weddle
Ms. Debra Weigl
Ms. Elizabeth Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wells
Mr. and Mrs. George Werkmeister
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Werner
Ms. Lynne Wester
Ms. Rebecca S. Wheeler
Mr. Samuel R. White, '17
Ms. Kimberly Whiteman
Ms. Dianne H. Whitlock
Ms. Katharine Whitmore
Mr. Gabe Whitnack
Mrs. Benedita Wilkerson
Mr. John P. Williams, '71 and Mrs. P.J. Williams
Mr. Terry Williams
Mr. Jonah B. Williger
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher P. Wilson
Ms. Tasia Wilson
Ms. Delaney G. Wing, '11
Ms. Lisa L. Wishon
Ms. Susan Wittmann
Ms. Ann Louise Wolf, '11
Mr. and Mrs. A. Daniel Wolff III
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. William Z. Wood, Jr.
Ms. Diane Wood
Miss Adrian M. Wyatt, '06
Dr. Antoinette Wymer and Dr. Michael Sollenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Yau
Ms. Ellie Yearns
Ms. Mary Yodzis
Mr. Daniel W. Yoerges, '09
Ms. Linda G. Yoquelet
Ms. Jayne F. Young, '71
Mr. Eugene Yow
Mr. Gregory Zachmann
Mr. Jason Zellers
Miss Teresa C. Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Larry Zimmerman
Miss Michele C. Zimmerman
Mr. Steve R. Zorn

*Gifts made in memoriam

Corporations and Foundations


William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust
William R. Kenan, Jr. Fund for the Arts


James G. Hanes Memorial Fund
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation
Reynolds American Foundation
Winston-Salem Foundation


Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mary Duke Biddle Foundation
Randleigh Foundation Trust
Wells Fargo


Arts and Science Council of Charlotte/Mecklenberg County
Inmar, Inc.
Lucifer Lighting Company
National Christian Foundation
NC Shakespeare Festival
Novant Health Community Engagement
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation
Semans Art Fund, Inc.
Strickland Family Foundation
Triangle Community Foundation
Twin City Garden Club
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center


Alderman Company
Allegacy Federal Credit Union
Ardmore Baptist Church
Cemala Foundation, Inc.
Falcon Charitable
Fleshman-Pratt Foundation
Jephson Educational Trusts
Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton, LLP
Morris and Gertrude Brenner Foundation
North Carolina Community Foundation
RAI Services Company
Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation
Understood Connections
Wake Forest University
Wells Fargo Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP


21st Century Fox
Alex.Brown, a Division of Raymond James
American International Group, Inc.
Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Blanco Tackabery Combs & Matamoros PA
Chicago Community Foundation
Columbia Arts Academy
Custom Window Treatments
Delta Airlines Foundation
Dickson Foundation
Eclectic-Encore Properties, Inc.
Entertainment Partners
Event Strategy Group
Hanesbrands, Inc.
Hayden-Harman Foundation
IBM International Foundation
John Witt Chapman, Inc.
Lexington School of Music
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Music Academy Success
North Carolina State Employees Combined Campaign
Out At The Movies
Presser Foundation
Redgates Foundation
Rugaber Family Fund
Schwab Charitable Fund
Temple Emmanuel
Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts
Trouvaille Homes Inc.
University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Walt Disney Company


Encore Circle - UNCSA’s Planned Giving Society

Encore Circle

Mr. and Mrs. John Appel
Mr. Kenneth Aubert
Dr. Leslie Banner
Ms. Sarah B. Barnhardt
Mr. Samuel M. Baugham, ‘68
Mr. Frank L. Benedetti and Mr. Thomas G. Trowbridge
Dr. Janne E. Bowen-Williams, M.D., '69
Mr. Jeffrey N. Bullock, '83
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Carroll
Mr. Lee Carter III and Mr. Greg L. Bradley
Mr. M. Campbell Cawood
Dr. Richard L. Cox and Dr. James O. May
Ms. Jean C. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Davis III
Ms. Lucy C. Davis, '68 and Mr. Fred B. Emmerson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Davis II
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Donahue
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Driscoll
Mrs. Phyllis H. Dunning
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Falvo
Mr. Paul Fulton, Jr. and Mrs. Nan Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fowlkes
Mr. Richard K. Gardner, 79 and Mrs. Carolyn Andrews
Ms. Margo P. Garrett-Kavalovski, '71
Ms. Georgyn E. Geetlein-Fest, '69
Mrs. Jane K. Gehring and Mr. John E. Gehring
Dr. and Mrs. Paul P. Gwyn
Mrs. Charlotte M. Hanes
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene R. Heise
Ms. Barbara S. Heltibridle
Mr. David W. Henderson
Mr. John R. Hobert
Mrs. Katherine B. Hoyt
Mrs. Catherine M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Juran
Mr. Joseph P. Logan
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Martin
Ms. Amanda McBride
Dr. & Mrs.  John D. McConnell
Ms. Sylvia L. Messick
Ms. Tamara Michael
Professor and Mrs. Richard H. Miller
Mr. Reginald L. Moye, ‘98
Mr. & Mrs. D. Samuel Neill
Mr. Peter Olson, '74 and Ms. Karen Burns
Ms. Gina A. Phillips
Dr. Jane M. Pfeffercorn and Mr. William G. Pfeffercorn
Faculty Emeritus Mark P. Pirolo
Mr. J. T. Prout
Ms. Anne Rainey Rokahr
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore A. Rossi
Mrs. Selma C. Scott-Cramer
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Sessions
Dr. R. Daniel Spillman
Ms. Christine R. Spizzo-Serrano ‘71
Ms. Sharon R. Storm
Mrs. Virginia C. Underhill
Mrs. Lee H. Vason, '68
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Wallenhaupt
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Watson
Mr. Jason W. Weeks, '02
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Wilson
Ms. Mary E. Witt, '75
Mr. Ralph H. Womble and Mrs. Ashley Edwards
Mr. Kurt H. Yahjian, ‘71

Past Impact Reports

If you have any questions about your gifts or corrections to any of the listed names, please contact Tim Young, Donor Relations and Communications Manager, at or 336-631-1203.