Exploring workplace difficulties through a different lens

James Webb telescope in spaceThe James Webb telescope began sending images of the cosmos back to earth this summer. Because of the Webb telescope, we can see farther into distant galaxies than we ever have before. We can also see intergalactic space with greater clarity.

Sometimes we need new "telescopes" to empower our vision and understanding of our communities of work and learning. We also sometimes need to look deeper and farther than we have before in order to improve our perspective.

As the new academic year begins, I invite you to consider the UNCSA Ombuds Office as a place where you can explore your professional goals and challenges through a different lens. The Ombuds Office welcomes all staff and faculty who seek a confidential and neutral conversation partner for exploring difficulties they are facing in their work. You can learn more about the Ombuds Office.
Most fascinating to me are the dazzling images of the cosmos being captured by the Webb telescope. The universe is full of beauty and depth that we are glimpsing for the first time. My hope for the 2022-2023 academic year is to join UNCSA faculty and staff on their journeys to explore and discover anew beauty and depth in their workplace relationships and their vocational aspirations.
Let's connect and explore together! You can reach me by email (saombuds@gmail.com) or phone (336-972-9182).

Contact: Jill Crainshaw

Aug. 5, 2022

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