Design & Construction Projects

Design & Construction Projects

To learn more about these and other UNC design and construction projects, refer to the UNC System Capital & Construction website.

Capital Improvement Project Request form

Ongoing Projects

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Phase 1 and roof, water intrusion, building envelope repairs. RFQ for Construction Manager at Risk pre-construction services for the Stevens Center Renovation Phase 1 and Water Intrusion, Building Envelope, HVAC and Fire Suppression project. Response deadline is Friday, June 24, 2022 at 5 p.m.

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Current Status: Interviews for a design team have begun 

Roof replacement for Performance Place, Workplace and Workplace V buildings.

Current Status: Designers short-listed. Interviews underway.

Roof replacement, building envelope repairs, HVAC, and fire suppression upgrades.

Current Status: Designers short-listed. Interviews underway.

The Visual Arts Studio in Workplace will upgrade the rest rooms to single-occupancy, handicapped-accessible restrooms. This project will be bid in early 2022 for a summer 2022 construction start.

Current Status:  Bids came in above expectations. Project should still begin in summer 2022.

The campus has several parking lots that are in poor condition and pose safety and convenience issues. The campus will be repairing or replacing lots as funding allows. New signage, striping, wheel stops, and pot hole improvements will be completed over time.

Funding: Parking Fund

Designer: Currently none, however, there may be an opportunity to expand and improve conditions at de Mille Theater, the Chapel Street entrance, and other areas that may require engineering services.


Upcoming Projects

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Replacement of windows in Gray Building. Successfully bid. Will be completed summer 2022 if windows arrive in a timely manner.

Summer 2022 project. Repaving of Kenan Drive that will start near the Campus Police Department and will continue past Hanes Commons. Will address numerous below-grade issues. Sewer line replacement and repaving.

Replacing dated electrical equipment.

Renovating a building used for prop storage and converting into classroom space.

Project will address studio needs and concerns. Scope varies in each studio. After successful bid, schedule will be coordinated with the School of Drama. Bids in summer 2022.

Much-needed renovation of Administration office areas. After successful bid, schedule will be coordinated with the School of Drama. Project planned to bid and start summer 2022.

Fix leaking windows and replace exterior rotten wood. Repair EFIS and repaint the building. Designer selected. Project scheduled for summer 2022.

Replacing HVAC equipment. Designer selected. After successful bid, schedule will be coordinated with end users. Bids in summer 2022.

Replacement of two dimmers in ACE Exhibition Complex; replacing existing incandescent can lights with LED can lights that dim to zero.


Recently Completed Projects

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As part of the Housing Master Plan  Study by RJA (PDF) and the Residential Hall Study by RAMSA (PPT), the University has undertaken its largest project to date. Construction is well underway on a 458 bed four- and five-story hall. The building will be ready for occupancy in Spring 2022.

Total Project Cost: $46,000,000

Designer: LS3P Architects
Contractor: Metcon Construction

Estimated Timeline:

  • Fall 2019 UNCSA  design process
  • June 2020 construction begins
  • Completion Dec 30, 2021
  • Ready for occupancy in 2022

Current Status:  Complete

New Residence Hall: ARtist Village Project

Renovations to Freedman and Catawba theatres. Significant improvements to Freedman and Catawba Theaters, air conditioning, and modern performance lighting, sound, audiovisual give venues new life. The building is expected to be available for use in August 2021.

Funding: NC Connect Bond Project $2,900,000 and Private Donor $5,000,000; Campus Funding: $1,400,000.

Total Project Cost: $8,760,000

Designer: Vines Architecture
Contractor: Bar Construction and Beco Electric

Current Status:

The Sculpture Studio will have a dust collection system installed during the 2021 summer, which will enhance the air quality in the building. The system handles a large volume of air, and the HVAC and ductwork are correspondingly large. 

Current Status: Complete

Bid awarded and project to start in May 2021.

This is a 90-day project and the completion will be towards the end of August 2021.

Current Status:  Complete

Dance Studio A will have a new HVAC system installed. Construction will start at the end of June, when the studio is not in use. It is scheduled to be complete for occupancy at the start of classes in fall 2021.

Current Status:  Complete

The D&P roof was rebuilt over the course of May and June in 2021.

Current Status: Complete and building is occupied.

The project turned an unused, dated, and poorly functioning building into a campus showpiece. In re-purposing the former library, UNCSA gained new space to accommodate various multipurpose and seminar rooms; rehearsal spaces; a recording studio; Drama and Dance faculty offices and conference rooms; a campus event space for meetings and receptions; and university administration, including offices for the chancellor, provost, chief of staff and general counsel.

Renovation Project

Funding: NC Connect Bond Project $8,000,000.
Total Project Cost: $8,500,000

Designer: Szostak Design
Davie Construction of Advance, general contractor

Est. Timeline:

  • Contract Execution         December 2018
  • Construction Start          March 2019
  • Construction Finish        July 15, 2020

Current Status: Completed on time and within budget.