On Demand: An Afternoon at the Opera: Undergraduate Opera Scenes

Emerging Artist Series

Join the UNCSA Undergraduate Opera Workshop as they present two one-act operas in the style of a 1940s Radio Show. 

John Duke’s “Captain Lovelock” is a tale of a wealthy, elderly widow who wishes to marry a young army officer. Her daughters conspire with a marriage broker to show the old woman the folly of her plan. 

Also on the program is Offenbach’s “Monsieur and Madame Denis” in a new translation by Steven LaCosse, stage director and artistic director of the A.J. Fletcher Opera Institute. The story is about a niece who is kidnapped from boarding school by her fiancé, a spicy maid who saves the day, and a puffed up sergeant in pursuit of the abducted niece.


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March 28, 2021