Any financial aid refund (financial aid in excess of institutional charges), other than PLUS Loans, is disbursed to the student. PLUS loan proceeds are refunded to the parents unless prior arrangements with the financial aid office are made, in order for the student to receive the check.

Credit balances or refunds less than $10 will not be refunded.

Receiving a Refund

Log in and register in TouchNet® payment portal to have your refund deposited directly into your account electronically. Funds will be available approximately seven calendar days from the first day of classes, provided the student is registered and attending classes.

If you do not sign up for electronic refunds a check will be mailed to your permanent address. 

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Refunds Following Withdrawal from the University

Attendance is counted from the first day of required attendance in a term. Fractions of a week count as a full week. No refunds will be made following the fourth week. Exceptions to the policy may be reviewed by the Tuition and Fees Appeals Committee. Refunds of less than $10 will not be issued. Rates are adjusted as follows:

Through 1st week: 90%
Through 2nd week: 80%
Through 3rd week: 60%
Through 4th week: 40%
After 4th week: 0%
Note: Refund adjustments do not apply to summer school.

UNCSA will prorate institutional charges for Federal Title IV aid recipients based on the percentage of the term completed, calculated by dividing the number of calendar days the student attended in the term by the total number of calendar days in the term. Title IV financial aid recipients will be charged for a percentage of the term equal to the percentage of aid they “earned”. After completing more than 60 percent of the term as calculated above, the student will have “earned” 100 percent of his/her institutional charges, as well as his/her Title IV financial aid.

If a student withdraws or cancels registration before the first day of classes, no financial aid will be disbursed, and the student will be responsible for any charges he/she may owe.

Suspension or Unofficial Withdrawal
Students who are suspended for disciplinary reasons or who do not formally withdraw are not eligible for a refund of tuition or fees.